I am one step closer to watching all of the Best Picture nominees. This time it was Phantom Thread. A good watch, but definitely not the greatest if the bunch.


Beautiful soundtrack. A beautiful soundtrack that perfectly captures the movie’s elegance as well as its anxiety. The soundtrack is mostly piano, but considering the movie’s overall feel, it was a perfect fit. There are several graceful tunes as well as some that induce a feeling of anxiety, something which the movie was already doing an excellent job at. Jonny Greenwood really just did an excellent job on the score here, definitely deserving of the Oscar nomination it recently received. In fact, compared to the other nominees, this would have to be my favorite of the bunch (and I have listened to every one there). My favorite track ended up being “The Hem”.

Design. The setting and overall look of the movie can easily be summed up in one word: refined. Phantom Thread was just a beautiful movie to look at. The sets, the wardrobes, and even the cinematography. It was all done so gracefully, befitting of what the movie was trying to convey. It is easily apparent how much work went into presenting the movie in this way, like a slice out of history. It also helps that the soundtrack builds on this strength.


The beginning. Okay, so the movie as a whole was actually decent overall, but the beginning was just a bit odd compared to the rest of the movie. I am specifically talking about the meeting between our two main characters. It all happens so suddenly and did not feel realistic at all. I was just staring in awe at how well things worked out in a matter of minutes. It was not just that scene though. There is a scene where our main charters are driving back to eat dinner together that just felt out of place at that point in the movie. However, given that scene’s proximity to the meeting of our two characters, I cannot really say I am surprised. That whole meeting segment just did not feel natural.

Phantom Thread is a good film overall. The story was decent, but the film really shines in the soundtrack and design departments. Those aspects combined just work so well for this film. It also helps that Daniel Day-Lewis did an excellent job portraying the obsessive nature of the main character. While I do not think it is deserving of this year’s Best Picture award, I can respect its nomination.

Score: 7/10