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About My Reviews

Review Tidbits

  • All of my reviews are my own honest, original thoughts.
  • My reviews are almost always written in a first-person perspective, as if I were talking to a friend. I believe that this makes reviews more interesting to read and/or watch.
  • I use the entire rating scale when scoring a game (where 5 is average and 9’s are rare). I do not score using a rubric, but rather give what I feel the product deserves as a whole.
  • Any writeup published could possibly be altered as time goes on. Any alteration made will be noted and explained in said writeup.
  • Corrections are made to any writeup published if said writeup needs it. For example, if something is stated about a game that is incorrect.
  • I do not alter reviews as the result of updates, patches, etc. My review reflects the experience at that time. If I were to do so, then I would be spending all of my time updating reviews for games that constantly get updated.
  • Spoilers will always be avoided. Always. This may make discussion on story-focused games a bit more difficult, but I believe it is important to maintain the integrity of that first experience while also making a review accessible to those that have not played the game.
  • I avoid allowing game developers or publishers to influence my reviews/first impressions. If I think the game is bad, I will say so.
  • As of March 17th, 2014, I no longer factor a game’s price into my review of said game. I believe a review should judge the game’s quality itself and leave price considerations to the reader/viewer. This also makes my reviews more accessible for future readers/viewers.

ACTUAL Game Reviews

  • My goal with ACTUAL Game Reviews is to provide honest (sponsorship-free) reviews that are easy to watch and/or read.
  • I also make use of the ENTIRE rating scale. No more 7/10 being “average”, 5/10 should be average. 9/10 should be rare and given only to ACTUALLY good games (hence the title).
    • As of 2021, my current mean score is 5.9
  • If a video review is made and needs changing, changes will be made to the written version of the review and mentioned in the video review’s description and pinned comment.
  • I usually will beat the game prior to doing this type of review, but may review it earlier if I believe I have experienced enough of it (especially for games that have no definite end).

Quick Reviews / Game Impressions

  • Games featured in this series are either games that I did not want to do a full review for or games that simply are not fully released yet (Early Access, etc.).
  • A bit shorter than a normal review. Gives an overview of my thoughts on the game without assigning a numeric score to it, instead just a positive or negative recommendation at the end.
  • Although I do not assign numeric scores in these reviews, a positive recommendation can be seen as anything above a 5/10 and a negative being anything below and including a 5/10.

Cub Plays

  • These are short-form let’s plays / gameplay videos for games that I did not want to make a full review for.
  • Any and all sponsored content will fall under this label. I WILL NOT give such games a score or positive/negative recommendation like I do with my other posts/videos. I do not think that a “sponsored review” is ethical, hence why I keep exclusive to this series.

The Scale

I use a standard 1-10 scale, with half-points allowed. It is called the “Dangometer” and looks something like this:

Score: 2/10

Score: 5.5/10

Score: 9.5/10

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