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Tabletop Simulator (Game Review)

Tabletop Simulator, the game where I’m able to flip the table in rage when I lose at playing a card game I created.

The game in which I spent most of my time

Tabletop Simulator is basically a physics simulator specializing in the playing of board and card games. I’ve already played countless games (mostly chess) against my friends, and I can really vouch for the amount of fun had. We all had a blast playing the variety of games provided out of the box and the countless games provided by the Steam Workshop.

The game provides countless different customization options, both visual and mechanical. For instance, I’m able to disable the gravity and play checkers like I would up in space (which was quite entertaining, might I add). The table and background can also be changed. I can even have a custom table, with a custom image.

Yes, this is an in-game tablet that actually works
Yes, this is an in-game tablet that actually works

Each individual game piece can be maneuvered and modified with ease. The size, color, material, etc. The amount of customization given to the player is quite astounding. The actual controls of the game are quite simple. There’s keys that can rotate pieces and flip them (handy when dealing with cards). Decks can be shuffled and dice can be played with a simple shake of the mouse. The controls are very intuitive.

The game does feature Workshop integration, a fantastic feature especially for a game like this. With such integration, we were able to play Eels and Escalators, Uno, Sorry!, 3-man chess, etc. I’d go so far as to say that this feature is the game’s best feature, well, aside from the fact that you can flip the entire table in rage if you were to lose, which is also a key feature.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Eels and Escalators

One of the largest features I haven’t explored yet would be the fact that the game provides an “RPG kit”, so you’re able to build and play your own RPGs. There are even some on the workshop, which is quite the amazing feat for what seems to just be a simple game. One could make quite the D&D experience with such a kit.

The most glaring downside to the game would be the fact that if you don’t have friends to play the game with, there really is not a whole lot of fun to be had. Sure, you can play with some Internet stranger, but it’s nowhere near as fun as playing with your buds.

Anyone remember this game? So much fun as a kid!
Anyone remember this game? So much fun as a kid!

Overall, Tabletop Simulator is what I would consider a “must-have” game on Steam. There’s really nothing else like it and the amount of fun that can be had with friends is limitless, especially with the inclusion of Workshop support. Now, back to creating my own card game!

5- Highly k

Sakura Spirit (Game Review)

Sakura Spirit is as close to an eroge you’ll ever get on Steam. The day when H-games are allowed on Steam is not yet upon us, and while this game may not have H-scenes (sorry guys!), it is still a short, enjoyable experience nevertheless.

Emphasis on short. The game doesn’t take that long to beat, and it is very limited in terms of interactivity. But hey, this is a visual novel, after all. Oh and about that interactivity? Yeah, there’s only one choice. Even with just one choice, I still managed to enjoy the game (Sakurano Maeko best girl).


In regards to the game’s story, I can’t really say much. There’s a very basic story put in place, but most of the game leans heavily towards the fanservice side. Now, that’s not necessarily too bad, but if you’re expecting some sort of KEY-quality story, then this would not be the VN for you.

The art is fantastic, although the excessive glare on the girls’ bodies kept me wondering if they were made of plastic or not. As for music, it’s alright, nothing too spectacular.


Overall, I’d have to say that Sakura Spirit’s sole selling point is the amount of fanservice included.For a game on Steam, that’s fantastic. There aren’t many like it, if any at all. I hope this leads to more eroge-ish titles in the future. I’m still awaiting the day when I can play the uncensored version of Kanon, or maybe even Shuffle! on Steam. Anyways, be on the lookout for future Sekai Project releases.

3- Moderately k

Astebreed (First Impressions)

Astebreed is a great shmup game and is my first experience with the whole “2.5D” perspective on a game of this genre.

For being an indie title, the game brings a lot to the table in terms of quality. The music and graphics surely do not disappoint, for one (as for the voice acting, I wouldn’t know because I don’t know the difference between good and bad Japanese voice acting). The perspective changing mechanic is fantastic, and probably the biggest pro from me. Oh, and you’re piloting a mech. What more could you want?

Mechs aside, it is a shmup (shoot ’em up) game, so if you’re a fan of the genre, you should know what to expect from a game of the genre. Shmup games don’t really differ much gameplay-wise, but they each have their merits. Astebreed, overall, is a great shmup that pretty much nails everything. Not much to complain about here folks.

Croixleur Sigma (First Impressions)

To sum it up, Croixleur Sigma is basically a moe hack and slash game featuring endless hack and slash action.

From what I’ve played, the game seems incredibly repetitive, only to be played in short bursts, to maintain the fun factor. Everything else, gameplay-wise that is, is rather solid. You’re tasked with beating up all the baddies on screen, in an arena-like setting. I found the “endless” mode to be the most enjoyable, as it pits you against an endless onslaught of enemies. However, in endless mode, I usually ended up running in circles with a huge pack of enemies following close behind, never really getting too far. Oh, and the game’s camera? Probably one of the most adjustable/maneuverable cameras I’ve seen in a game, ever.

Replayability? Sure, the game’s got that, although for a game like this to be played for longer than 20-30 minutes in a single sitting… I’d rather not. Oh, and if you’re not used to hearing Japanese voices over and over, then you better get used to it, this is a Japanese game after all.

Tango Fiesta (First Impressions)

Tango Fiesta is a decent top-down shooter, best played with friends. It’s still in early access and it shows.

At the time of this writing the game is currently on it’s ninth patch. There’s still some issues that need to be smoothed out. For one, it took me quite a bit of time to get the multiplayer working, a solid ten minutes tinkering around before a friend and I could actually play.

The other issue that I noticed was how enemy’s drops can land in walls, some becoming unobtainable, which is rather annoying, but there’s so many drops on screen that it doesn’t even matter at times. Also, the “number of enemies left” count at the top of the screen is inaccurate when in multiplayer. The host’s is accurate, whereas the other connected players are not seeing the right number (I was seeing 4 and he was seeing 38).

Aside from its technical flaws, the game is fairly enjoyable, which should only get better over time (again, early access). It’s certainly not a game that sticks with you, but it’s fun for a day or two.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (First Impressions)

Fantastic RTS. Just five minutes in the game was enough for me to determine that. Even if I failed my first mission, I had a blast doing so.

Having never played a Men of War game before, I went into Assault Squad 2 with vague expectations. After a short play session, I scolded myself for never playing a Men of War title before, of which I have plenty in my Steam library. I had a fantastic time with Assault Squad 2, it’s a very well-rounded RTS. Not too complex, but not simple either. The AI actually posed a challenge, unlike some of the strategy games I’ve played as of late. I wasn’t able to try out the multiplayer portion of the game, but I can imagine a lot of fun being had there as well.

Overall, highly recommended RTS, especially for those looking for one set in WWII.

Warlock 2: The Exiled (First Impressions)

Despite my love for turn-based strategy games, I just couldn’t get into Warlock II. I never played the original (although, it’s been sitting in my Steam library for years), so I wasn’t able to compare the two.

I quickly understood the game’s concepts and went on to start rampaging the world and my rivals in my very first game. In terms of how quickly the game can be picked up, Warlock II does a great job. I did find the game to be rather easy in this regard, playing on normal, even as a beginner, didn’t really provide that much of a challenge. While I’m not saying that it wasn’t difficult, I just expected more of a challenge from the game’s AI. Warlock II is a decent game, I’m sure, but I just can’t seem to get into it like other strategy games.

Maybe it’s the fantasy theme? Whatever the reason, I’ll go back to playing Civilization.