Over a year later, WARRIORS OROCHI 4 has now received the “ultimate” treatment, as is tradition with most other Musou games. As someone that enjoyed the base game when that came out, I was interested it seeing what this ultimate upgrade would do.

So, for those that haven’t seen my original review, I’ll go ahead and sum it up before getting into the Ultimate side of things. While WARRIORS OROCHI 4 did have some issues with its AI and repetitive mission design (and let’s be honest, what Musou game doesn’t have these issues?), I did enjoy the gameplay regardless. It’s mindless, it’s fun, and the magic system was a really cool addition. And of course, the fact that there were 170 different characters to choose from was also pretty cool. It may not have done too much to shake up the traditional Musou formula, but it was a fun game regardless and one I did end up recommending.

Now, with the ultimate version, there are several new additions to note. The most notable of these would be the additional chapters to the game’s main story. These new chapters aim to expand on some of the events from the base game, particularly in the case of Odin. I can’t say that I was particularly interested in the story when playing through the base game, but it was nice to see some additional background added regardless, especially given how crazy the story gets in later chapters.

The next biggest addition would be infinity mode. This mode (unlocked after you’ve beaten the main story) adds a series of new levels to complete in order to unlock a final battle against Zeus. It adds a decent amount of content to play through, but it’s pretty much presented as a dumbed down story mode. For those looking to do some additional grinding, it’s a great addition, but otherwise it isn’t all that exciting. The same could be said for the new additions to the game’s challenge mode.

WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate (1)

Then there’s the new gameplay additions. These range from major ones like the reincarnation mechanic (allowing you to further level your high-level characters) to more minor ones like being able to swap out sacred treasures. There’s also some minor updates to the UI, including a new character select menu that makes it easier to sort through them all. These are all great additions, several of which that honestly should have been in the base game. Of course, there are more changes outside of these (like the handful of new characters), but that pretty much covers the major ones.

Given all of that, I’m gonna give the game a split recommendation. On one hand, the base game is good and these additions make it even better, but as a standalone DLC, it’s rather lackluster, especially with the premium pricing that Koei Tecmo’s given it. For newcomers to the game, it’s an obvious recommendation, but if you already own the base game, I would  recommend waiting for a sale unless if you’re really into the grinding aspect of the game. Honestly, it kind of bothers me that we had to wait over a year to get these additions, additions that should have already been in the base game to begin with and are instead being sold as an overpriced DLC.

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You can buy WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate on Steam here.

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