Full disclosure here, Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition is literally a hentai visual novel. The H-content is valued above everything else in the game and it shows. Anyone looking for anything else in this game will be sorely disappointed. I kept that in mind while reviewing the game.

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Fantastic character designs. If there is anything that Wild Romance really exceeds at, it is definitely the character designs and the overall art. Having great character designs is a must in any sort of H-game, so this is a massive plus. There may only be four characters, but each is nicely designed and fits into a particular niche, with personalities to match.

Free 18+ patch. One of the things Cherry Kiss Games does right here is making the patch for Wild Romance free to download. No extra fee required like certain other publishers. The game is horribly censored without the patch, leaving the H-scenes intact, but without the visuals. The free patch removes all of this censoring, allowing the player to read through the game as it was when released in Japan (with mosaics covering certain body parts).

Self-voicing. Pressing V at anytime while playing enables self-voicing, a text-to-speech feature. I found this addition to be hilarious, especially when used during the H-scenes. Hearing a computer read out those scenes in the most monotone voice is definitely something else. Cannot say I have ever heard of a hentai game accommodating for the blind, but I am glad to know there is at least one!

Achievements. Lots of visual novels on Steam lack achievements, so I am glad that at least the hentai ones get it right. Now all of my friends can know when I finish an H-scene, as this game gives you an achievement after every one. Wild Romance even has trading cards. Hopefully Cherry Kiss keeps up this trend with future releases. Other visual novel publishers need to up their game.

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No text window transparency option. The lack of a window behind the on-screen text can make said text hard to read at times. This is very noticeable when the background is lighter, like a character’s white clothing. White on white is rather difficult to read, even if there is a slight shadow effect applied to the text. There is no option to make this text any more readable unfortunately.

Typos. It seems that just about every English-translated VN on Steam nowadays has this issue, and Wild Romance is no exception. I noticed several typos and general grammar issues while playing through the game. Lines such as “kissing my on my head” were not all that uncommon.

Lack of voice options. I found it to be a bit annoying when a character’s spoken line would carry over into the next line rather than stopping mid-line. This only applies when a voiced line is followed by an unvoiced line. If a voiced line is followed by another voiced line, it cuts off early and plays the new line. This behavior should be configurable for the former, making it so voice lines cut off immediately after moving onto the next line.

Soundtrack. The background music played throughout Wild Romance is awful. There are like three or four tracks total, all of which sound like some generic pieces taken from an asset store. They are just that bad. I was able to set the music volume really low, so at least it is configurable.

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As a hentai visual novel, Wild Romance hits all the marks. It may have a poor story and an abysmal soundtrack, but the game certainly does not aim to excel in either of those areas. Its sole purpose is to link together the H-scenes in a somewhat coherent matter, which it does succeed in. If that is what you are looking for, then give it a shot. Otherwise, stay very far away.


You can buy Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition on Steam here.

I was provided a free review copy of the game in order to write this review. Read more about how I do my game reviews here.