Caligo is a walking simulator with great graphics and a not-so-great story. It is also a very short game, barely taking 50 minutes to complete. I am not one to complain about game length, my complaints were elsewhere.


Beautiful graphics. The graphics are easily the best part of Caligo. One can easily see the amount of work put into the graphics and my favorite experience from this game was simply admiring the aesthetic as I walked around. By extension, the level design was equally as good, both working in harmony with each other.

Caligo (1)


Poorly optimized. Although the game may be beautiful, it comes at a cost. I had to turn the graphics setting down to low just to get 60fps out of it. Even then, the fps dropped to the thirties at times. Looking at the Steam community for this game shows that this is not just me. I try to avoid just saying that a game is not optimized, as this game may be plenty playable with future graphics cards, but there needs to be low enough graphics settings for current cards to achieve that stable 60fps. As it stands, it is just unreasonably demanding.

Lackluster story. The game’s story tries to be deep and philosophical, but it simply is not able to do so in the 50 minutes it took to play through the game. It was a rather uninteresting story and felt as if it was trying to be “deep” for the sake of being “deep”. It just did not resonate with me at all and that was detrimental to my experience, as this is a walking simulator and such games rely heavily on the story.

Caligo (2)

Caligo sets the bar high and fails to meet it. The graphics are beautiful, but come at the expense of poor optimization. Tie it all together with a lackluster story that barely lasts 50 minutes and you get Caligo.

Score: 3/10

You can buy Caligo on Steam here.

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