Galcon Legends can be described with two words: “Chaotic Clickfest”, and that’s a good thing. Galcon originally released on mobile devices, but Galcon Legends is one of the few in the Galcon series to get released on Steam.


Without knowing anything about Galcon, it just looks like a stupidly simple RTS game, but it is so much more than that. I found the gameplay rather addicting and quite fun, although I beat the game in 45 minutes, I still had a fun experience nonetheless.

In Galcon Legends, you’re tasked with eliminating any enemy players in the given level. You can accomplish this by way of sending swarms of your own spaceships/cursor-looking things towards any enemy-occupied planet. Each planet has a number on it, representing how many enemy units are stationed there. Each planet generates new units depending on the size, with larger planets making units quicker. To take an enemy planet, you must send your own units to take it.


When taking a planet, you lose one unit for every unit destroyed on the planet, so in order to take a planet, you’d have to overpower them by sending more than what is already listed on the planet. Once all enemy planets are taken, the level is won. This brings me to my greatest complaint, the length of the game. It takes roughly 45 minutes to beat and that was really disappointing. For $10, the game should be a lot longer. However, there is a lot of replayability, as there are plenty of difficulty levels. I tried the highest one (Grand Admiral) and couldn’t get past the second level. That was intense.

Galcon Legends is certainly not for everyone, and it isn’t really worth the price, but if you can catch it in a sale, be sure to pick it up.

4- Pretty k