CastleMiner Z is essentially Minecraft with guns, but its gameplay is a lot more intense.


I, being used to playing Minecraft, was not prepared for the amount of hiding I would be doing CastleMiner Z. There are a ton of creepy monsters after you, and even a couple dragons. I was a bit disappointed that the game was essentially a re-skin of Minecraft. The devs did include a few unique features, but for the most part, the game was just too similar. The major difference right off the bat might have been the use of 3D models for tools and monsters, but that’s not that big of a change considering everything is still blocky anyways.

The game severely lacks in graphical settings. It doesn’t even run at 1080p. This is 2014, and that is unacceptable. Doesn’t matter what type of game it is, it should at least run at 1080p, preferably higher. The game does have a “graphics” slider, but that only changes the render distance.


The gameplay is actually quite fun, almost enough to make up for the game’s other faults. It’s intense to play, with all of the monsters around, especially at night. I found myself digging around the monsters just to avoid contact with them. You are able to craft guns, which is quite cool, especially considering their effectiveness against these monsters.

CastleMinzer Z is fun, yes, but its technical flaws severely limited the enjoyment I had whilst playing the game. Maybe if these issues were fixed, then I may have actually recommended the game.

2- Somewhat k