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CubCraft Server Rules:

1. No griefing or stealing in any way, shape, or form (except in the PVP world)
2. No PVP unless both parties agree to fight (except in PVP world)
3. No forcing another player or players into a dimension without their permission
4. No cheating, glitching, exploiting, or gaining an unfair advantage over others in any way, shape, or form by way of cheating, glitching, or exploiting.
5. Use common sense, if it seems like a bad idea, don’t do it!
6. Have fun! No need to take small disagreements and throw a fit over them!
7. No purposely lagging the server, practice lag-free designs.
8. No soliciting. Do not advertise other servers.
9. Don’t be a douche. No racism, sexism, homophobia, immaturity, trolling, excessive whining.
10. No spamming. Do not excessively use capital letters or flood the in-game chat.
11. No harassing. No spawn killing in the PVP world, no annoying other players, and do not prevent other players from playing.
12. Respect others’ space. Do not just barge in on a home without permission, unless they open up their home.
13. Respect the environment. No leaving floating trees, no random holes or towers, no random tilling of land.
14. Quarries are only allowed in the “Quarry World”, any others will be removed. You may not live in the quarry world.
15. No ugly structures near the spawn! We want a nice city, not some form of Detroit.
16. Respect other players. If they request for you to leave their home, please do so.
17. No excessive cursing in the chat.
18. Do not ask for teleports, time changes, weather changes, items spawns, etc. from admins.
19. You are responsible for your own account. We do not accept “brother/friend/cousin” excuses.
20. No threats or hateful comments may be spoken!
21. No discussion of illegal activities or subjects of an explicit sexual nature. This includes all forms of innuendo.
22. Don’t lie to the admins. We will find out, or know on the spot, and you will be punished.
23. Avoid mining in the overworld. Please use the mining world for all hand-mining needs and the quarry world for all quarries, tunnel bores, etc.
24. PVP is only allowed in the PVP world, or in designated arenas in any other dimension, so long as both parties agree to the fight.
25. If you build a nuclear reactor in the city, make sure it is near bedrock level and surrounded by at least 3 layers of reinforced stone or similar.
26. No altering the spawn building.

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