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In order to play on the CubCraft server, you must register for DropBox and install the DropBox application.

Click here to sign up for DropBox!

Once you’ve signed up for DropBox, be sure to download the DropBox application here.

Once installed, you should have a DropBox folder available. If you right click on the Dropbox icon in the lower-left corner of the screen, you can “Open Dropbox Folder”

Fill out the following form to request permission to access the “shared” folder that CubCraft is stored in. This makes the entire mod-pack “privately distributed”, which basically allows me to use any mod I want on the server (quite sneaky ‘eh?). Once you fill out the form, you will receive either a denial from the CubBot or acceptance email from cublikefoot, along with an email from Dropbox stating that you’ve been invited to a shared folder if you’ve been accepted.

If you receive a denial letter, sorry, try again in 48 hours!

If you receive an email from Dropbox inviting you to the shared folder, then accept it and allow the Dropbox application to sync the shared folder to your computer. Be sure to follow the instructions in the shared folder.

Do not edit the files in the shared folder, you may only copy them to your computer.

Did I mention donating $10+ boosts your chances greatly? *wink*

Click here to apply for CubCraft 3!

CubCraft 3 ended Feb 2014, no applicants are currently being accepted.

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