Reviews and Stuff

CubCraft 2.0.5

— Final 1.5.2 Update (1.6 is Out!) —

+ Added “Binnie’s Mods”

+ Added Computercraft

+ Added Enhanced Portals

+ Added Immibis Microblocks

+ Added RedLogic

– Removed Extra Bees

~ Enabled IC2 Uranium Compression

~ Disabled Affinity Loss on Death

~ You now lose one magic level on death

~ Ars Magica Spells now have a damage modifier of ‘1’

* Updated Applied Energistics to rv11-b

- Resized Controller Gui to be larger.
- Fixed Network Importing without power.
- Fixed Colorization of buttons.
- Fixed issue with overfilling cells by adding a new type.
- Fixed Missing Conversion matrix.
- Fixed Recipe Update Issue.
- Fixed Container Spam.
- Fixed Rendering of Illuminators on Storage Montitors.
- Fixed IO Port "On Work Done" trigger now completes if the no more items can be moved. it no longer waits for the cell to be full or empty.
- The IO Port will no longer waste enormous amounts of power to sit idle if there is a drive in it.

* Updated Atomic Science to

- Added multi-block fission reactors with increased depth
- Added ability for ICBM cement to block radiation
- Added toxic waste
- Added reactor drain for toxic waste
- Added ability to remotely have thermometer track thermal data
- Added optional shift-right-click GUI on fission reactor
- Buffed Atomic Assembler and making one redmatter last for a stack of items

* Updated Buildcraft to 3.7.1

- Changed: Reduced oil spawns in deserts. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue with wooden conductive pipes. Pipes now only request when power when it is needed somewhere in the system.
- Added: Horizontal filler pattern. (CovertJaguar)
- Added: Quartz transport and conductive pipes. Transport has half the friction of stone and won’t connect to stone or cobblestone. Conductive has 64 MJ/t capacity. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Redone mechanics for conductive pipes. No more explosions, no more power loops, no more loss over distance. Type of pipe now determines max carried power. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Buffed Automatic Crafting Table. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Support for metadata >= 16 on facade calls. (Binnie)
- Changed: Multiple engines can now connect to a single wooden pipe.
- Changed: Some tweaks to oils, oil biomes. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Combustion engines accept liquids via right-click. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Flatten pattern now less stupid. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Some filler changes. (immibis)
- Bugfix: Mining well breaks pipes when invalidated. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Wooden pipes now render power. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Markers are now less derpy. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Fixed minor AWB gui issue. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Fixed ACT eating Minium Stones. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Fixed dupe bug. (SandGrainOne)

* Updated CodeChickenCore to

* Updated Compact Solars to

* Updated Ender Storage to

* Updated Extra Bees to 1.6-pre17

Prerelease 17:
- Fixed shift clicking bug where items disappeared
- Fully implemented shift clicking and clicking using liquid containers and tanks
- Fixed crash due to ecstatic bee effect
- Fixed mutations not showing up correctly in NEI
- Fixed name change of farmed bee
Prerelease 16:
- Database further mutations show the species that you're currently on instead of 'discovered'
- Fixed squeezing of drops and propolises (#248) (#242)
- Fixed Ectoplasm texture
- Fixed crash due to water effect
- Fixed recipes using shards and fragements (#244)
- Fixed inventory slots not working (#252) (#246)
Prerelease 15:
- Fixes hive drops and configs not loading
Prerelease 14:
- Fixed math error in frames (#230)
- Some species removed, some new ones and some added. Report bees that have no mutation to get them (#200, #194)
- NOTE: Marble bees are no more. Deal with it, they were useless anyway
- Massive changes to GUI stuff under the hood. Report any bugs/missing textures
- Notification on breeding discovery
- Fixed Machines showing ridiculous values for power (#236, #225)
- Removed Advanced Templates, as I never fully added them (# 228)
- Removed bee sprites around hive until I know why errors #237, #235, #224 occurs
- Fixed Hive Crash if their metadata > 3 (#233)
- Added custom products to combs (gem shards and metal dusts) (#208)
- Fixed missing textures in GUIs (#202)

* Updated Extra Cells to 1.2.2b

- Added "preformatted" tags to storages
- More modes for ME Block Container

* Updated Extra Utilities to 0.2.4

- Fixed: Filter pipes not correctly prioritizing directions that match the item being transfered
- Tweaked: Code for Golden bags to help prevent infinite loops
- Config: new config option to allow Ender pumps to work in all dimensions
- Fixed: Server-side bug related to magnum torches
- Added: Ender-Thermal Pump
- Added: Redstone Clock
- Added: Magnum Torch
- Added: Filter Pipes
- Fixed: Transfer nodes losing their internal inventory on restart.
- Fixed: Unstable ingots being valid crafting ingredients without a count-down timer being triggered.
- Fixed: Bug with Rune of Thanatos from Thaumic Tinkerer
- Changed: Added 'Does not stack' warning to unstable ingots.
- Changed: Chandeliers now prevent mob-spawns in a 16 block radius.
- Changed: Watering can can now be used to put out fires, and if used on yourself it has a chance of 'emptying'. In addition using it on lava will cause lava to flow much faster.
- Changed: Division sigils can now spawn in temples

* Updated Forestry to

- Changed: Fertilizer can now be used as bonemeal.
- Changed: Memorizing research notes now also discovers the resulting species.
- Changed: Changed power perdition in machines to conform to new BC defaults and increased the minimum power required for input to make sure even low-energy engines can overcome the power loss.
- Changed: Species are now discovered when analyzing a specimen in tree-/bee-/flutterlyzer. (Binnie)
- Changed: Still is now meta sensitive. (Binnie)
- Changed: Worktable will now always craft the Forestry bronze recipe, unless it has been disabled in config.
- Changed: Logs now rotate according to side they are placed on, not according to view of the player.
- Bugfix: Fixed stalled biogas engines not losing heat.
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused crafting to be impossible in fabricator and worktable if there was a valid itemstack without sufficient stacksize, blocking other valid itemstacks.
- Bugfix: Fixed leaves not destroying snow when despawning.
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue which may have caused items registered multiple times in the ore dictionary to not be recognized as crafting equivalents.
- Bugfix: Putting a stack of circuit boards into electric engines or multifarms will not eat the whole stack anymore.
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused bio generators to disconnect from wires on save/reload.
- Localizations: Several updates to localizations by contributors.
- Changed: Bees requiring hellish biome should now accept all types of nether biomes.
- Bugfix: Fixed leaves only dropping fruits in orchards or on natural despawn.
- Bugfix: Fixed bottler not accepting any liquid container.
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue with naturally nocturnal bees.
- Bugfix: Fixed engines not outputting to BuildCraft's new wooden conductive pipes.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash in the apiarist's pipe gui.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash on cyclic recipes in the worktable.
- Bugfix: Fixed slightly incorrect size on the carpenter gui.
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused stacks in fabricator inventory to be eaten entirely, regardless of actually needed resources.
- Bugfix: Possibly fixed framerate issues with spectacles on SMP.
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused OP mode to handle fertilizer in MultiFarms incorrectly.
- Changed: Some additional API changes for ExtraBees.
- Bugfix: Research notes should now be able to differentiate between mutations which have the same base species, but different resultant species.
- Added: Spectacles which reveal pollinated leaves. (Crafted with two glass panes and a bronze ingot.)
- Added: Arborist's Chest.
- Added: Bee larvae, caterpillars. Caterpillars can be retrieved by hitting the trees they house in with a scoop. (Binnie)
- Added: 20n, 50n and 100n stamps intended for use as currency. Crafting is disabled by default. If crafting is enabled they use diamonds, emeralds and nether stars (in that order).
- Added: Config option to common.conf to exclude stamps from crafting by their postage value.
- Changed: Pollinated leaf blocks do not change colour anymore. Put on spectacles or an apiarist's hat to have pollinated leaf blocks highlighted.
- Changed: Papayas and dates are now recognized by orchards.
- Changed: Vindictive, Vengeful and Avenging bees can now be obtained legitimately ingame. Also unnerfed them. They are kindof deadly.
- Changed: Reduced natural butterfly spawn rate further.
- Changed: Added a significant portal time for butterflies. Should (hopefully) prevent them from flying into the nether.
- Changed: Breaking a worktable will not clear its recipe list.
- Changed: Bronze crafting recipe is now shapeless. 
- Bugfix: Fixed a potential crash in the worktable.

* Updated Greg-Tech to 3.08g:

- Added Tetrahedrite Ore and Cassiterite Ore to the Worldgen. They are both Biome dependant.
- Fixed Tool dupe by reparing exploit.
- Added Lithium based Recipe for ICBM Missile Modules, so that you don't need BC Fuel.
- Fixed Multiblock Updating Bug
- Fixed Animated Texture, by adding the forgotten animation File.
- Added Battery Alloy and made RE Battery Recipes require Plates
- Fixed some Turbine Rotors being uncraftable.
- Added Info about the 3x3 of Air you need to have in front of a Turbine to the Book.
- Added Gas and Steam Turbine with all crafting Recipes and Functionality.
- Fixed several Bugs.
- Added testable Version of the Gas Turbine.
- Fixed another Server Issue.
- Added Plate Recipes using 2 Ingots and a Hammer.
- Changed several Recipes to use Plates instead of Ingots.
- Made the Bronze Casing (both Forestry and GT) be Tier 0 instead of 1, like Brass Casing.
- Still didnt finish all of the Multiblocks. I always get new Ideas, which basically have to be implemented for the first run.
- Added the unfinished Multiblock Devices.
- Added Metal Hammers, which do exactly the same Damage as their wrenchy Counterpart, including double Golem Damage.
- Metal Hammers are now switching the acceptability of Automation for Machines (what the Rubber Hammer did previously)
- Rubber Hammers are now used to make a Machine emitting strong Redstone Signals into the selected direction.
- Both Hammer Types are now capable of turning the vanilla Redstone Lamps ON/OFF by just rightclicking.
- Fixed Autocrafting Table accepting Items with certain NBT Values.

* Updated ICBM to

* Updated Industrialcraft2 to 1.116.383-lf

- fix neighbor update npe when removing a te from the enet (for #462) — player / detail
- fix lighting issues better — player / detail
- fix overlay brightness issues — player / detail
- avoid further energy log spam, improve energy distribution efficiency — player / detail
- prevent energynet emitEnergyFrom log spam — player / detail
- Work around addons using the energy net api improperly, add more warnings for those cases — player / detail
- Add proper damagesourcing to explosives, while fixing other damagesources — RichardG867 / detail
- fix cables not updating their connectivity rendering properly after coloring — player / detail
- add it_IT and zh_CN translations — player / detail
- more robust energynet neighbor notifications — player / detail
- fix trade-o-mat npe — player / detail
- fix TileEntityTradeOMat client-dep — player / detail
- fix classcast exception — player / detail
- fix cable connectivity updating — player / detail
- render the connection to tiles which aren't added to the energy net yet as well — player / detail
- fix connectivity rendering for switch cables — player / detail
- fix rounding issue while rendering — player / detail
- reduce the amount of world renderer updates — player / detail
- add delegate support to the energy net — player / detail
- determine cable connectivity server-side — player / detail
- fix explosives — player / detail
- update translations — player / detail
- fix transformer upgrade tooltip for stacks > 1 — player / detail
- fix quantum helmet potion effect check for non-vanilla potions (for #450) — player / detail
- fix rounding issues during upgrade calculations influencing the progress — player / detail
- use chunk watch events to trigger the network data initialization — player / detail
- add the armor slots to the storage block gui — player / detail
- fix quantum suit energy use for sprinting and jumping — player / detail
- fix rubber trampoline not dropping properly (for 435) — player / detail
- Trade-O-Mat: add infinite mode button for admins — player / detail
- add de_DE translation, update ru_RU translation — player / detail
- add ejector upgrade sprites (by SirusKing) — player / detail
- implement forge block coloring api for painters, hardened cf and cables — player / detail
- add ejector upgrade recipe+en_US translation — player / detail
- update ru_RU translation — player / detail
- add ejector upgrade (no sprite yet), minor fixes — player / detail
- add ru_RU translation — player / detail
- fix luminator texture — player / detail
- miner+pump rework, 1st part — player / detail
- bump version to 1.116 — player / detail
- add macerator recipe for poisonous potato -> grin powder — player / detail

* Updated LiquidXP to 55.1.5

- Combiners will not process items with invalid enchantments on them
- Added trolling if your username is GregoriusT, disable-able with a java option
- Fixed MFR compatibility (not my fault, they gave me the wrong liquid name)

* Updated Logistics Pipes to

- Check ISided canInsertItem for isStackValidForSlot (commit: 3034a06031853c18ee1661b600fae6ae049d14df) — artforz / detail
- Rework IC2Proxy a bit, make electric managers work again (commit: 28ea3763543956323547fb697f6a3d4df96d3c97) — artforz / detail
- Check for disabled BC chute and added recipe with vanilla hopper (commit: 920d492db93c1c4ce3449317e5271895e484fb2d) — theZorro266 / detail
- Refactoring names (commit: 1a5d981500a266d86ddff05f157cd76cfd5f9794) — B.Ziemons / detail
- Update (commit: 6cb156fb9efa511b89561f4c72026a7b8f3f2bdd) — andy.t.roo / detail
- Stop sinking liquid when the GUI is open (LiquidBasicPipe). (commit: b844660d2ad4d0d3fab223204f918ac7c1cdbae9) — davboecki / detail
- Fix Liquid Satellite pipe rerequest. (commit: 797564277d98309e8b77914b6f36fa4cc3b376f4) — davboecki / detail
- Add LogisticsBlockGenericPipe to prevent the LogisticsBrokenItem from dropping. (commit: cacdff0b9de118193e34acc5fb4fd6edcfcbb4a3) — davboecki / detail
- Remove ASM line number. (commit: 075d3ee7ea90699a2bdf608c58b1138747d7d1a1) — davboecki / detail
- Allow the watchdog dump to be triggered. (commit: 31f6f451d13f5dc774404a2b5f7a3e60d2645798) — davboecki / detail
- Fix reobfuscation bug through external class. (commit: 7a943b8a7376f2de3ba229d9598880814ba8ddcc) — davboecki / detail
- Move VersionChecker to PostInit. (commit: afb0856fef6bcc058ae5c43ffb2ead6b21259788) — davboecki / detail
- Prevent LiquidContainer being inserted into chests by normal BuildCraft pipes. (Welcome ASM BuildCraft editing) (commit: df272350cb2d38218becb787eecd9e57ac688ef6) — davboecki / detail
- Start the pt-PT translation. (commit: 94fa196acf9b711a97286e9a781fa17cd820c244) — porcariadagata / detail
- Fix custom renderer being rendered in background. (commit: cd2082a8c243c48ec68568c75d4c48db352702e6) — davboecki / detail
- Remove debug code. (commit: 9f65638f6a7c6f308e9f9e3d75bb03c4956f25b6) — davboecki / detail
- Add missing add for SpecialTankHandlers. (commit: f427a40b2b1f2e6ff684881c5e2cca06e6e0789a) — davboecki / detail
- Changes to the DebugGui. (commit: 26da535e67e9286915742d607683d71b0797559d) — davboecki / detail
- Update to BuildCraft 3.7.1. (commit: 4ac7fd5b8d357c06b94a296dfb8ca3ee645926ed) — davboecki / detail
- Add null check. Fix #101. (commit: 077267b16aaf955a4f558dbc4a2960883c11c7a8) — davboecki / detail
- Remove old Bukkit compatibility code. (commit: 9f908bdfbc4c370d75ee891f6228140538a4052b) — davboecki / detail
- Change Watchdog Bukkit detection and move Watchdog init to PostInit. (commit: 0075f0719ddee724041f9dcb2c85f7d92c581a32) — davboecki / detail
- resolve crash with getNBT client side (commit: dd70c0a2103675ea4b3e9c3857f20df9c1e9a570) — andy.t.roo / detail
- Check for 0 not only for null. (commit: 254b1442023ed948418b7a5401fdd2b3eec76e4b) — davboecki / detail
- Add missing super call. (commit: ac5f7b8ed8e15f2822e7c97f59e4b462f18dbd49) — davboecki / detail
- Add check to ensure destinationId and UUID match. (commit: e5b5541b4215cd290323abbca1f624c7b879f522) — davboecki / detail
- Disable Waila API till fix. (commit: e52f4bcd943db5b6c0db319475d2886826f78021) — davboecki / detail
- Fix crafting detection. (commit: e9742a7984b2cf7b204c9df8524ec6dd83bc205f) — davboecki / detail
- Use popup for player configuration security Station. (commit: 761a6439af07d0be0880fd4bef7bea3fd62fe32d) — davboecki / detail
- Small cleanup. (commit: 05cbb858a5e5171118535daad042f6b90c7924bb) — davboecki / detail
- Use LiquidManager for Liquid Containers. (commit: d4ae934dc07113fe3e7380bf0bec8483e498d90d) — davboecki / detail
- Take care of liquid in transit. (commit: b137a42e1c7f3a3899a1817dcfa5fc74385cbd78) — davboecki / detail
- Fix LiquidContainerRendering. (commit: f3686599243649a79a679db9c7bf8661b8c192eb) — davboecki / detail
- Prevent Liquid Containers from being inserted into Chests at the destination. (commit: 9581da7359e00f16f0549320fe7a1339efe23f8c) — davboecki / detail
- Add some more Firewall debug code. (commit: 36c107ed44a8cc734cecbc4fc84449bf75d8d460) — davboecki / detail
- Fix FilteringRouter not being removed correctly. (commit: c43c1c3c02af2eaefba0ee4b961374147f2b1bf8) — davboecki / detail
- Fix NPE. (commit: 0de8f8f53fafd48fe684d5347eba1e713d1cb841) — davboecki / detail
- Add recipe for LCT. (commit: e040ba68da77114271275179dbed97b2fb3204ee) — davboecki / detail
- Try the LCT Inventory first. (commit: 2624382f9057bf289fc5572edfddca2597969950) — davboecki / detail
- Fix NPE. (commit: 00ec31a8ac1beddc18dee3994bfc5bb51d6ce287) — davboecki / detail
- Add to Semi filled slots first. (commit: f688c58963b4ab4c56f793ce15c1e83fba8b893d) — davboecki / detail
- Remove old Crafting Sign code. (commit: b36163f08caf0c6f733276e3e3f480c415ec3232) — davboecki / detail
- Readd missing method. (commit: 1ba42fdaf9bc9abb0fe8fd107d17d0afe42bd07b) — davboecki / detail
- Remove more old code. (commit: ad2517ec4013fa11e8a5ec51e9d2aa0ca6f53e68) — davboecki / detail
- Send Import to all players watching the pipe, to keep crafting signs up to date. (commit: 51e1f1df59d74bbddf468566ab82d82ae27be562) — davboecki / detail
- Fix Item in pipe rendering rotation. (commit: e51ebf577495f3b6095435b803a25bdb42bfd49f) — davboecki / detail
- Prevent the power station from using Energy from the IC2 net when it's not supposed to. (commit: a84e32a3f0fd718560605d220e01aaca884ed550) — davboecki / detail
- Show all these errors even outside DEBUG. (commit: cc1c2938616131268991347c530f85fbe924a2a1) — davboecki / detail
- Include Liquid Pipes into dev builds. (commit: ea63b645d0888187be7aa70bfbb721a12bd457af) — davboecki / detail
- Include Security Station into dev builds. (commit: ea43de9a9c4d709b576a82b3f075272a827676d7) — davboecki / detail
- Add dependencies to (commit: ffc56d658bc7078ea584d7c61a21b09d89dd12bb) — theZorro266 / detail
- A very small fix. (commit: 9f74acbb76471007525082f2ee3f16d4b8e19829) — Stuarzt / detail

* Updated MFFS to

* Updated Minecraft Forge to

* Updated MineFactory Reloaded to 2.7.0B4-1047

- Machines better utilize PowerProvider (commit: 7117255089d1e64694f30001198082684bb5d453) — skyboy026 / detail
- Required energy abstraction (commit: a6e5e14bed422f749215d40a312de54876e56389) — skyboy026 / detail
- Don't fetch pref. ores before checking if focus (commit: 4ef31ad9a09630bfcb3bc011708eaec83885a3bc) — emy / detail
- Check for null preferredOres in TELaserDrill (commit: 098d73ac0b53771c6ce2c909757a3dcf2a4cccd7) — emy / detail
- Dispense MFR liquid buckets (commit: 6b8e056bc91b99d2c04bba283e9b86746992047a) — skyboy026 / detail
- Fix needle NPE on servers (commit: 4027e99d18dad25620af5cb53f77b1cea135284e) — powercrystals / detail
- Pink slime crafting recipe (commit: 0163f557bebb2c30671561906c8dc1a01bd1fa7b) — skyboy026 / detail
- Remove pink slime crafting (commit: efa840d8a9a544a634db7d231f4cae4b73896898) — skyboy026 / detail
- Added block placer (commit: fde55ad682b569afbf5a72039f1efc86e7328179) — powercrystals / detail
- Fix breeder max power (commit: a8016f30353dc230552cbb18f1c75546a8531cc2) — powercrystals / detail
- Ruler shows distance and count for X/Y/Z (commit: 192d7f46be21936d2f0810b318fa071e8d872a3f) — powercrystals / detail
- Ore dictionary: add "cableRedNet" (commit: 716752c5f1726cc3342854e1849c59bf26ce8a08) — emy / detail
- Handle AbstractLists (commit: ab2a4dc77f4de89d0858973bd20af055958217dc) — skyboy026 / detail
- Rename plastic cup texture to match localization (commit: f5aefb4f58322bbb31c1d04dd3514af3c91c4656) — skyboy026 / detail
- PCC change: stacksEqual moved to UtilInventory (commit: 7aa2597f9243c372a9ad8d083b5199e48b461f31) — emy / detail
- Machines are limited to so much energy per tick (commit: a13163c6e3a956110ad37a34eae4623e7feda308) — skyboy026 / detail
- Don't attempt to receive energy if none is required (commit: fde11993d3a3b66b1c90000df88847bfbf01a749) — skyboy026 / detail
- Fix Slaughterhouse blacklist (commit: e62f31b70823bece4ed9b92993f09c1150b0e12e) — skyboy026 / detail
- Reduce default requested energy to 35 MJ (commit: d29d445816a5b8a5cfadacef3c810369c143209b) — skyboy026 / detail
- Use machine.getActivationEnergyMJ() instead. (commit: ac76f085129b925cef387a842f86c2539ba4873a) — skyboy026 / detail
- Let's switch it to FactoryRegistry for 1.6 (commit: 1499c7426f583aa6d50d3df3133fe96fda5bdbc4) — emy / detail
- Preferred laser ores now use lists (commit: f182a7783ae6f2025bd9a65a7ef62fc5fc5c3278) — emy / detail
- Fix double-collision conveyor/router dupe bug (commit: 0717b50f4e6449feb4fd2e1cfaab49fb9e585cc3) — emy / detail
- MFR hard-requires PCC 1.1.7 or higher (commit: ac021f83fa6c83b4a951f5840f913cbc280eb4e7) — skyboy026 / detail
- Laser drill per-work power is 4x precharger power (commit: 3914edbcacfb500debd2ae81a946683893855896) — powercrystals / detail
- Better mimic vanilla spawner's entity init (commit: 74785ea1526866e7b3024c7b5cd33f7e94ad9f4f) — skyboy026 / detail
- Fruit picker can extract IC2 resin (commit: e0bfe0634483a300eeb050d5f74ce651f09ccf95) — skyboy026 / detail
- Counters are occasionally meant to be reset. (commit: bee3782d1a7aa648f15b6d16505abd2929fdf8c7) — skyboy026 / detail
- Update ko_KR.lang (commit: 268ef32da992c69ffe2e30996d83b08b965b7fa0) — highseeker / detail
- Machines save liquid names and prefer loading from name (commit: ead9b048f84dc47adb8d9631681d818fd57f843b) — skyboy026 / detail
- Vines tick randomly (commit: 8a4905ce520667b71a45d32d2ffab1d9808d1c88) — skyboy026 / detail
- Fix a brace (commit: 2cca972019b5f48e78258ebca1b82ac926684b28) — skyboy026 / detail
- Remove unused import (commit: 446e708a45f6ef4b5fd0bf80a1e566f1cbc1d934) — powercrystals / detail
- BioReactor math changes (commit: 65e6490d46cb57ea412e890ea31929fd477e2c49) — powercrystals / detail
- Actually fix #203 (commit: d7660d89f81f7b16e7e75f709a341c5ff3dcce96) — skyboy026 / detail
- Generic item dropping for powered machines (commit: 3e4dcfc493e2cb0bb6fe08c38e3d3795b0b121e2) — skyboy026 / detail
- Include subnet:color map in RedNet API docs (commit: 23bf94181590c338d9fde8da6c192d683ce9cae4) — emy / detail
- Remove redundant 'implements' (commit: 2339910801266371798075abbf00554b2f327b24) — skyboy026 / detail
- Fix FactoryGlassPaneItemRenderer indentation (commit: 60590376108bedf7bb936c68095c2b49e812a843) — skyboy026 / detail
- Move IconOverlay to pkg minefactoryreloaded/render (commit: a76722ce4435ff334bec3245a9413041990e945a) — skyboy026 / detail
- 'entity' already EntityLiving (commit: abfacb56cc22fcdd526e4b450a4475e145fb7a2a) — skyboy026 / detail
- Remove unnecessary casts and null checks (commit: d06b3dbaacc0f4a8992f62a4056ebe5c25ffc7b1) — skyboy026 / detail
- Remove unused imports. (commit: a6177d89954fc6df0e1c792cee38f94f35345c60) — skyboy026 / detail
- Auto-Enchanter improvements. (commit: 9cd72bb6d772b291f9b867b0e14b3aa74bc3be26) — skyboy026 / detail
- Base framework for renaming machines via anvil (commit: 7ad7dea23cb08e1632ba6cb1e7016b84f4213df9) — skyboy026 / detail
- Remove dead constructors (commit: 038a19086ca1f4448fabdd9327be0f31df303d4d) — skyboy026 / detail
- Kill some warnings (commit: 63302d5f7e377ce4e50001d9becc054fe692a209) — emy / detail
- Spergy variable rename (commit: 8d73ff960e09e6b51f211ad1fedb25a11ecc858c) — emy / detail
- Conveyer @Implementable (commit: dce9e72633778b061c2f1da03129eb7212d8a0b3) — skyboy026 / detail
- Implement forge's rotateBlock (commit: 71ac9e4ca3c0920c71343e0a5de390d21fb56e56) — skyboy026 / detail
- Fix rotating PRC (commit: e5f131c629c74e608722de589c61faaca5ee518e) — skyboy026 / detail
- Precision Sledgehammer rotates blocks (commit: 44cef7f027527f22f2928216fcc43ad5dc2a5885) — skyboy026 / detail
- IToolWrench ships with MFR (commit: d073f404ce68cbbe113970ae81c161aba32c4873) — skyboy026 / detail
- Attempt to stop PRC from rotating with GUI open (commit: 9fe8bd5772a844bcb022f0bdcd3d1be8dfa93cc4) — skyboy026 / detail
- Fluids don't apply potion effects on the client (commit: d8b406d61a7711d96d9a5ec3d879fbcc1e1a6263) — skyboy026 / detail
- Add Railcraft compat (commit: be071e7aeac685068639475dcea071e5112debfa) — skyboy026 / detail
- TE Pulverizer can pulverize black/white stone (commit: 4c52bc7afe122bb718d6eeb1e121ea4ca329a002) — skyboy026 / detail
- 8 != 1 (commit: cf7d4f1d9ddc80fee83a534dca20bada8793b34d) — skyboy026 / detail
- 8 is still not 1 (commit: 102e79a70247245a0ecd0d118bc2fda68b4030d3) — skyboy026 / detail
- Add paved -> cobble (commit: 018bd9648824370f9109872a2d1f497e40692aab) — skyboy026 / detail
- Fix rendering the vertical faces (commit: 28f45e402a28ac2378404f2770ab04a3e0e0eb99) — skyboy026 / detail
- 100% connected textures (commit: 78e7326e080d65ddf19e5b2a8b6d934a4efc6b05) — skyboy026 / detail
- Forgot glass panes. (commit: d64ca5f58c5de8bd15edd2bbd2a618be4cc2fbce) — skyboy026 / detail
- Revert "Forgot glass panes." (commit: 4911e635a7a91dd8798799066ef88c31146ce5ce) — skyboy026 / detail
- Don't commit modified Build.xml this time (commit: 71a36946e72472c8ff62506d88fc850e387d285a) — skyboy026 / detail
- Fix corners, again (commit: 3a535cee1a6e98603626fc9aa9caabb22c18bb0c) — skyboy026 / detail
- Some fine tuning, renaming (commit: e5e030b2ef324dcd9563cd393a2f8c4092e7eda6) — skyboy026 / detail
- extra safe negative y handling (commit: 8d453c924ce3c17c8d905d08757acc4e5c8d14df) — skyboy026 / detail
- Zoologist sells rubber saplings (commit: a7d75eaa0dc82d9c077e1f1619849da36e9ab439) — skyboy026 / detail
- Stained glass renders 3D-ish in inventory (commit: 820cd93415b0e2b82bbee50da82b0e75429bc83a) — skyboy026 / detail
- Stained glass renders correctly in inventory (commit: 9853de882ca121fdc865cbb8b69dc24ea4285c1a) — skyboy026 / detail
- Reduce complexity; Fix corners for real. (commit: e7d4179594fa22f5bf942007f23d02bc3234b248) — skyboy026 / detail
- Fix warnings (commit: 63a0c70fe5cf57276cf250648182cf0885b1cd87) — powercrystals / detail
- Fix formatting (commit: f9f340750cd14c79e8e987723a749f1c2346f3e2) — powercrystals / detail
- Forestry 'pod' fruit harvesting, aka Papaya support. (commit: 7f067e782e990e2a720b10de7ef451bdffc8801f) — denvstheworld / detail
- Fixes #150 - meat packer "clogged" with 1mB (commit: 84eeddc4cb09f68ae353a3d90cb7793ed5140d64) — powercrystals / detail
- Removed BOP modhelper as BOP is maintaining it (commit: 28a67e1eaaa64ebf61c514bb1fbf3816ad5c4a49) — powercrystals / detail
- Fixes #187 - Clocked D-latch (commit: 79f268fa15861c25b6957677f4106eef73b73b22) — powercrystals / detail
- Fixes #191 - Analog mux (commit: f9e9d415e2919c97d5209509ab8881f4243a2097) — powercrystals / detail
- PRC preserves pin when changing I/O (commit: be08670e3950c9640bc12f2b36f54145c97d1a24) — powercrystals / detail
- Multipulse saves state like it should (commit: 249edebd82c3b0750dbe730eed5cf68d098b0414) — powercrystals / detail
- Added multipulse circuit (commit: 8efad108b2e2ade88dd3a19d2cad505f0224d8fa) — powercrystals / detail
- Update ko_KR.lang (commit: 4647cc8e51e2f20920fecbd2f7868c411472cefa) — highseeker / detail
- Fix #214 - NEI crashes (commit: bf6a2f1078d0d59b40a52837f59432169061c82d) — powercrystals / detail
- Maybe I should import that thing I'm using (commit: 9704cbda5a0baa31b04f18e38f176f0f5fcec10c) — emy / detail
- Enchantment Router saves levels setting. Fix #213 (commit: a51636f6a7da86bf1597e813509d228fff45169d) — emy / detail
- Use Ore Dict gears - Fix #212 (commit: 8c0aba0d94f66d9858389f661312ee09f5d27113) — emy / detail
- Update zh_CN.lang (commit: d877965a9c91ca75108d56c1decb2c928ae57cef) — 1196377271 / detail
- Merged den's forestry support into MFR properly (commit: 6a36452b111974215d26782e1ce01a5a3324e320) — powercrystals / detail
- Forestry Fruit harvesting. (commit: de91eb9cbf826c288fefa191188cb5b150305955) — denvstheworld / detail
- Removed pollination stuff. (commit: 0a0b5a7ad64bf3975359e3145bb527a637c37cb0) — denvstheworld / detail
- Forestry Tree Support (commit: 60aac8cf5ab807f1ab86cc8865e323c1aa8a2242) — denvstheworld / detail
- Look it was a long day, ok? (commit: 914dc32fafde594f6f083e19d5ef7cf7801d2745) — powercrystals / detail
- Fix shearing harvesters dropping bad leaves (commit: 2e4ffcc2b69ac5b90f1e9b48dbe3ba3af0b7b78e) — powercrystals / detail
- Added no-connection rednet interface (commit: 3366994f0ce1597ffcbcd8fa3eba818420ce3d60) — powercrystals / detail
- More grinder/slaughterhouse fixes (commit: c91c3638530ab1b61364d4869efcbe84d348045a) — powercrystals / detail
- Fix even more formatting (commit: f8ebeac022ced977cb2c8569930e1f183ecc3647) — powercrystals / detail
- Reducing grinder damage for testing (commit: adc8ea83b3a6a7003d84783aa1ca1c92649cb55e) — powercrystals / detail
- Fix formatting (commit: 1bcaa3fc1f6e2be61a033b19ca5e979a43cf7d2d) — powercrystals / detail
- Fix players being ground (commit: c88de575a3792f6f760e9f2ffb74ddc85f6b6d34) — powercrystals / detail
- Fix formatting (commit: 5b4d75e07113f86105d82f17165800927a20f985) — powercrystals / detail
- Added plastic cup texture (commit: 7a9270434eb76a0e7968d4dd1390029d7ebe4f77) — powercrystals / detail
- Disable old autoenchanter safemode (commit: 82a39adaad84c154b2f9de153b67a082bb9a85c7) — powercrystals / detail

* Updated Optifine to HD_U_D5

- Updated Fog:OFF not to affect lava
- Water and blindness fog
- Updated Clear Water to save block light values

* Updated Power Crystal’s Core to 1.1.8B1-121

- Removed IAirDropTarget because it's useless (commit: dae51a6eef73921f971c0470a07b9d02f802b082) — powercrystals / detail
- Move stacksEqual to UtilInventory (commit: 55d2c3d8f765296d2d4bafd13219c11e7be94258) — emy / detail

* Updated Steve’s Carts to 2.0.0.a122

Alpha 122:
- Added the Upgrade: Solar Panel and the Upgrade: Thermal Engine
Alpha 121:
- Buffed 8 of the Cart Assembler upgrades
- Buffed the Wood Cutters' durability a bit

* Updated Thaumcraft to 3.05h1

- Fixed golem xp dropping mechanics for the cases where visors weren't working as intended
- Mods that modify the recipe list should no longer break the thaumonomicon
- Fix for some harness rendering bugs
- More golem fixes
- Trying to tackle the golem jar crashes... again... and again

* Updated Thaumic Tinkerer to 1.0.6

- Changed the config option that disables the transmutator to completely remove the research as well
- Added 2 new researchable goodies

* Updated Thermal Expansion to
- Added: TE Ores now have MFR laser foci
- Bugfix: Config options properly renamed from before - sorry about that
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash with the Wrench Turtle
- Changed: Engines no longer shutdown
- Changed: Steam Engine is now 4 MJ/t max
- Changed: TE Ores are now more prevalent with MFR's laser drill

* Updated Tinkers’ Construct to
- Knapsacks drop items better!
- Fixed a bug with the detection range on Lumber Axes.
- Knapsacks drop items when unequipped
- Knapsacks drop items properly on death
- Fixed a bug where buckets of liquid metal held less than the amount to cast them
- Fixed a bug with auto-smelt and clay blocks
- Added a config to disable auto-smelt and fortune interaction
- Improved Smeltery tooltips
- Added Tooltips to the Smeltery's Gui liquids
- Casts are crafted by pouring Aluminum Brass or gold on tool parts or wood patterns.
- Fixed an improper harvest bug on broad mining tools
- Fixed a bug where mining fatigue would hang around regardless of tool
- Fixed lumber axes only appearing on one person's client
- Fixed hammers and excavators not always finding blocks
- Added a friendly warning message for GregTech exploits
- Added Ultra Hardcore config settings
- Added Golden Head
- Fixed a bug that allowed dupes and losses of liquids in casting basin/table
New Things
- Added Tier 2 tools
-- Hammer, Scythe, Cleaver, Excavator, Battleaxe, Lumber Axe
- New modifiers
-- Knockback, Reinforced, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Beheading
- Added an upgraded Tool Station to create tools with more parts
- More bricks to chisel!
- Chisels now use base speed for their in-world chiselling. This can be upgraded with redstone
- Secrets! Arrrrr
- Added Knapsacks
- Added graveyard and consecrated soil
- Metal parts are cast in the Smeltery. Ingots can still be used to repair tools
- A breif description of Oreberry bushes is available
- Tools show the correct durability instead of a percentage
- Stonebound has been changed to accomidate the higher durability tools
-- Logarithmic scale. Starts off higher, ramps off quickly. Breakeven is around 400 durability
- Ardite has been lowered to 2.0 stonebound. This will not affect current tools
- Tooltips that add themselves to the tool multiple times instead show a roman numeral. Ex: Auto-Repair III
- Inventory Tabs are now available from the vanilla inventory
- Daggers are thrown instantly
- King Slime only drops tier 1 tools
- The Smeltery respects isAir. It should work with Railcraft.
- The game will complain fiercely when ID conflicts prevent tools from being made.
- Most items are available from an item directory
- Tool recipes accept multiple inputs. Ex: pickaxes can be made from mulitple materials
- Tool recipes explicitly require all parts
- IPattern has been rewritten
- Fixed a bug where Natura sticks wouldn't make patterns
- Fixed a bug where heart overlays would persist across saves
- Fixed a bug with faucets and brownstone

* Updated TubeStuff to 55.0.3

- ACT2's will consider damage value 32767 to mean "any damage value"; fixes NEI recipe importing

* Updated Twilight Forest to 1.18.2

Changed stronghold shield to surround each room, and only be breakable from one direction
Knightly armor with some custom minor armor models
Goblin knight spear attack working, with effects, etc.
Some changes to stronghold decorations and treasure frequency
Started working on knight phantoms boss
Getting a frustrating bug, will come back to these
Drew inventory items and added code for knightly sword, pick. and axe
Added special effect for knightly sword, pick and axe
Added tooltips to the translation file
Reduced the frequency of goblin knights in the stronghold
Increased damage for block-and-chain goblin
Added recipes to combine 9 shards into a shard cluster, smelt the shard cluster into knightmetal, and make the knightly items out of knightmetal
Changed hedge block to inherit from BlockLeavesBase
Added impenetrable shield over the entrance pit
Fixed mangrove tree roots to not break the stronghold shield
Added or changed drops to armor shards for several stronghold creatures
Added enchanted books to treasure chests
Treasure chests are occasionally trapped
Added trophy pedestal to entrance that must be "unlocked" to gain access
Made upper stronghold parts more ruin-like in generation
Added code that stops dark tower generation from trying to place the urghast scenery & spawner above the world height limit
Possibly fixed java.lang.InstantiationException with fire jet tile entites
Limited wood root growth along the horizontal axis
Stopped wood roots from destroying important blocks
Added map icon for knight stronghold in the “little face” style
Added “Out of Order” sign to boss room
Added translation entry for Knight Phantom
Changed some spawn egg colors to be unique
Added dark forest strongholds with a variety of rooms and decorations
Strongholds are divided into upper and lower portions
Added Simplified Chinese (zh_CH) localization file, thanks crafteverywhere
Changed language loading to load any valid language file in the mod zip instead of just ones that are specifically programmed in
Fixed a bug in the expanded nearest feature finder
Reactivated old Thaumcraft API support

* Updated Universal Electricity Basic Components to

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