Reviews and Stuff

CubCraft 2.0.4

+ Added Bibliocraft

* Updated Applied Energistics to rv11-a

Buses now default to not being colored, unless placed on a colored buss.
Added ME Transition Plane
Transition Plane breaks any block that is placed in front of it as along as it is connected to a powered network.
Transition Plane has a small buffer internally if items broken can not fit into storage then are held until storage is available.
Transition Plane will pick up any items which come in contact with its surface.
Transition Planes can be placed in any orientation, and be wrenched.
Cables can now be placed when you are standing partially in side their block.
Used smaller packets of data where applicable.
Wireless Terminal now requires power.
Wireless Terminal now consumes power when it is opened ( about meters * 0.10 units )
Wireless Terminal now consumes power when items are moved in and out of storage ( meters * 0.10 ) * number_of_items units ( adjustable in config )
Fixed a bug where the wireless terminal could be moved while it is open.
Default config for wireless has been changed, base range is now 32, 2 blocks per booster. ( default of 64 radius )
Added new Matter Cannon.
Matter cannon is capable of storing various ammo's internally like a storage cell.
Matter cannon shoots nearly every type of nugget at sonic speeds, causing impact damage.
Matter cannon can break blocks, and hurt mobs.
Matter cannon damage is based of the mass* of the ammo.
All Electric / Powered tools can now be charged with IC2, TE, and UE or the New ME Power Relay
Holding shift now allows you to insert items into storage monitors that have conversion matrices.
Added Iron Nuggets ( if not already available )
IStorageCell API Update
Renamed ME Preformatter to ME Partition Editor
ME Partition Editor can now specify all 63 types on storage cells.
Added Certus Quartz Block ( crafted with 4 Certus Quartz Crystals to mimic Nether Quartz )
Added new ME Condenser
ME Condenser can destroy items stored on storage cells, or items that are placed in the trash slot.
Items can be destroyed by piping/exporting them directly into the ME Condenser.
You can install a storage component into the ME Condenser to have it generate either Matter Balls or Singularties.
Added new ME Power Relay
The ME Power Relay has 3 Functions:
1. Pass energy though it so networks can share energy.
2. Adds new location to power a network from. Any energy sent into a Power Relay will be evenly distributed to any attached networks.
3. Provides a way to charge AE Tools.
When a controller is receiving its power though a power relay, it appears with a blue light in the place of its power meter.
Fixed a bug where items being pushed out of an ME Interface, would not register on the Crafting Monitor.
Fixed a bug where some stored BC Energy would be lost on world load.
Added new Material Energy Cube
Several performance tweaks.
Adds Certus Quartz Block facade.
Added Matter Balls. ( small balls of condensed matter, which can be used as cheap ammo for the Matter Cannon )
All powered tools can now appear as uncharged, and charged in the creative tab.
ME Interfaces now show arrows on the sides when they are wrenched into facing a certain direction.
The Crank on the Grindstone will no longer turn when there is nothing to grind.
Trying to turn the crank on the Grindstone to many times when its empty will break the crank into 2 sticks.
Block Updates near ME Blocks should no longer cause network resets. ( changes to the network still will. )
ME Interfaces now properly drop facades placed on them when they are broken.
ME Blocks can now be dismantled by shift clicking with the wrench.
The Priority screen is now accessed via a tab in the gui.
interactions with the storage monitor must now be preformed on the lit face, and will not function from other sides.
Improved Localization for some missing items.
Now various GUIs show ghosts of what item can go in what slot. ( not visible if an item is in that slot )
The Quartz Grindstone crank is now a TESR ( and no longer ticks on servers, this fixes FPS issues. )
Add options for LP Power sharing to allow users to disable it if LP has power off.
Added Shared Power Infrastructure with LP. ( for some reason LP can only pull power from the side of the Interfaces. )
Fixed NPE when another mod uses the Quartz Grindstone
Interfaces no longer connect in their facing direction.
you can now rotate an interface back into omni-directional mode.
Pattern Encoder now supports Dragging ( only places single items )
Fixed bug with torches on certain buses.
Fixed bug with IO Port and Fuzzy Formatted Drives.
Fixed bug with ME Chests not properly updating storage when cells are changed.
Right Clicking on config button now cycles backwards.
Facades now have proper collision on Cables.
Fixed a rendering glitch with Facades and AE Blocks.
Fuzzy now uses damageable item check before testing ore dictionary.
Fixed a bug with portal gun moving ME Network Bocks.
Shift Click into Fake Slots.
Fixed Sided Inventory behavior for Pattern Encoder.
Partition Storage buses and Cells from contents.
Interfaces that cannot insert their items no longer drain enormous amounts of power.
Interfaces can now insert into other interfaces, if they are wrenched to face them.
Updated Rednet compatibility for level emitters.
Interfaces and Export buses can no longer send items into a pipe though a plug.
Added Cancel Button to Crafting Screen.
Added Support for BC's Rotated Facades.
Fixed Bug with crafting some items not registering as completed.
Fixed bug with an items in the ore dictionary potentially crafting with itself.
Fixed bug with Forestry Genetics support.
Fixed bug with ore dictionary items registering after AE not working correctly with the Grindstone.
Renamed config value for oreDensity to additionalOresPerCluster
Renamed config value for grindable ores to grindableOres
added a large number of ores to the default grindableOres configuration ( includes ones that were enabled by default such as iron and gold )
Added API Change to allow certain storage cells to be stored in other cells ( such as the matter cannon ).
Fixed a bug with IO Ports expending possible movement points without moving items.
Fixed a bug with Inserting items into pipes appearing incorrectly.
Massive Performance improvements during crafting.
Added new option for Logging, IntegrationLoging, Proxy Exceptions can be viewed by enabling this option.
Improved Support for damageable items that have subtypes. ( newer forge feature )
Fixed bug with Railcraft and Grindstone.
Added a recipe to uncraft nether quartz blocks ( not pillars / stairs - this can be disabled in config. )
Hitting Enter in the text field on the crafting request screen now issues the request.
Fixed crash with latest buildcraft ( not released yet )

* Updated CodeChickenCore to 0.8.7

* Updated CoFH Core to
-Bugfix: Fixed an issue where capes were not properly reloading.
-Changed: Packet structure has been modified.
-Changed: Reorganized structure a bit for jrockit compatibility.
-Textures: Sorry, directory rename was necessary as the jar file is really the CoFH Framework now.
-Changed: Nothing to see here. Move along. <.<

* Updated Compact Solars to

* Updated Ender Storage to

* Updated Extra Cells to 1.2.1c

ExtraCells 1.2.1c:
-Fixed Bug
-Adjustable Storage gets nbtdata on Crafting
ExtraCells 1.2.1b:
-Fixed Bug
ExtraCells 1.2.1:
-Craftable Adjustable ME Storage
ExtraCells 1.2.0:
-AppliedEnergistics 11 support
-New format (jar, cuz i use apache ant!)
-jar is now signed
-Adjustable Storage prototype available from creative menu!

* Updated Greg-Tech to 3.07i

Fixed Induction Furnace Recipe.
Fixed Iron Furnace not being registered at OreDict like I planned.
Added functional but texture lacking Nether/End/Overworld Ore Textures
Added "ready to process" Mode to the Cover which emits the Working State.
Added ability to use my Tools as Weapons to deal "some" damage. You will loose 3 durability per hit.
Fixed my Tools being enchantable using Anvil.
Fixed Charger Boxes being borked when using multiple electric Items with a large transfer limit.
Changed the Recipes for the automatic Machines to now replacing directly the outputs of the IC² Recipes.
Added a very cheap Rubber Hammer (stick + 6 Rubber like a Sign), which sets certain general Properties of Machines.
Fixed Invocation in my API.

* Updated Immibis Core to 55.1.4

* Fixed a bug related to block updates that affects RedLogic.

* Updated Industrialcraft to 1.115.348-lf

* Updated Iron Chests to

* Updated LiquidXP to 55.1.3

* Fixed combiners not applying some enchantments that can be applied with an anvil.
* Fixed some machines not dropping stored items when destroyed.
* Fixed obvious enchantment dupe bug with isolator!

* Updated Logistics Pipes to

* Updated MFFS to

Submodule update
Fixed bug with Fortron machine capacity
Fixed extra linked devices
Fixed Anti-Personnel inventory null crash
Moded zh_CN language file
Loaded the localization file for Chinese.

* Updated Minecraft Forge to

Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Added EntityLiving to Block.isLadder arguments, deperacating older version. New parameter has the possibility of being null, so modders must take care. Closes #608
 LexManos: Add air checks to BlockSand falling and Piston pushing. Please report any other issues with custom 'Air' blocks in issue #602
Build 1.5.2-
 mitchel.pyl: Fix tripwire patches for solid sides
Build 1.5.2-
 Fix server patch FML update
 Updated FML:
 MinecraftForge/FML@22738de028a9ba51d43d73857dfb8969985566f0 Attempt to properly fix deadlock if the internal server derps. It should never hang now. Damn you fast computer..
 MinecraftForge/FML@05a854cd2af53ca822ee8b249b0b3bbe44f94675 Small tweaks to the mcp data. Nothing major..
Build 1.5.2-
 cpw: Make glass panes and iron fences connect to block sides based on solidity. This does change IBlockAccess, so anything with a custom IBlockAccess may need to implement the new method.
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Forgot most important side, release script.
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Fixed changelog generation.
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Fix AIOOB exception in crash reporting if exception does not have a stack. Possible, but odd.
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Fix hoes being able to till dirt under other blocks, and made it look for air type blocks.
 LexManos: Add NPE protection to refernce to MinecraftServer.worldServer
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Fix Air block check in BlockPortal.
Build 1.5.2-
 Add NPE protection to ItemStack delegates. Closes #601
 Also cleaned up the names of said delegates, we do not have to follow MCP's crowdsourced names as they are very bad.
 Redirected damage through setItemDamage to allow items to have finder control of breaking.
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Disable ImageIO's File based cache, should speed up texturepack loading/stitching.
Build 1.5.2-
 Updated FML:
 MinecraftForge/FML@24c405665105a789a0708a7e30c8bcb96899da6b Add in an optional modid identifier for @SidedProxy. It's main use is when both scala and java @Mods reside in the same package, and you want the @SidedProxy behaviour for a specific @Mod language type. In general it should not be needed otherwise.
 MinecraftForge/FML@cd0466395a8f1af3ec44f124bf4088df2d318603 Fix sysout with trailing messages after a newline
Build 1.5.2-
 jeffreykog: RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post(ALL) is now called in GuiIngameForge
 LexManos: Fix arbitrary GUIContainer text coloring by forcing lighting to be disabled. Closes #594
 cpw: Patch village distance checking to use floats instead of ints, to avoid int wrapping
 cpw: Fix isAir check to see if a portal can light. Should fix w/Railcraft and others
 LexManos: Make changelog generation non-fatal untill we get jenkins issue figured out.
 LexManos: Add cache for ASM Event Handler bridge classes, should not need to redefine a class to invoke the same method on different instances.
 LexManos: Ignore registration of a object that is already registered. Preventing duplicate callback invocations. Thanks King_Lemming for pointing this out.
 Updated FML:
 MinecraftForge/FML@6f3da9736531153629fb4213e3b2cae776bfb50a Don't throw an exception if the scala adapter find a java proxy. I may add some distinguishers to @SidedProxy so you know which mod it's for.
 MinecraftForge/FML@59fe905695421a5be9370b0009ef794abaaf75bb Don't continue trying to send events to mods that depend on errored mods.
Build 1.5.2-
 Updated FML:
 MinecraftForge/FML@6f3da9736531153629fb4213e3b2cae776bfb50a Don't throw an exception if the scala adapter find a java proxy. I may add some distinguishers to @SidedProxy so you know which mod it's for.
 MinecraftForge/FML@59fe905695421a5be9370b0009ef794abaaf75bb Don't continue trying to send events to mods that depend on errored mods.
Build 1.5.2-
 jeffreykog: RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post(ALL) is now called in GuiIngameForge
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Ignore registration of a object that is already registered. Preventing duplicate callback invocations. Thanks King_Lemming for pointing this out.
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Add cache for ASM Event Handler bridge classes, should not need to redefine a class to invoke the same method on different instances.
Build 1.5.2-
 cpw: Fix isAir check to see if a portal can light. Should fix w/Railcraft and others
 LexManos: Make changelog generation non-fatal untill we get jenkins issue figured out.

* Updated MineFactory Reloaded to 2.7.0B1-991

* Updated NEI Plugins to

* Updated NotEnoughItems to

* Updated OmniTools to
-Bugfix: Fixed an intermittent crash on high latency servers.
-Added: OmniWrench will now work with Trapped Chests (Thanks Greg!)
-Changed: OmniWrench will now work with Greg's new awesome wrench system. (Thanks Greg!)
-Known Issue: Wrenching GT machines is not always consistent; this is actually on Greg's end as GT wrenches behave the same way.

* Updated Power Crystal’s Core to 1.1.8B1-119

#119 (Jun 16, 2013 10:31:37 PM)
Fix typo (3 != 4) (commit: 2091a009f7aa6e15f11bb828c6c0366ebaa6ac44) — skyboy026 / detail
#118 (Jun 16, 2013 8:49:15 PM)
Don't add duplicate constructor (commit: 2125ba8d668637a52d5fafe45fbeafad545f51ec) — powercrystals / detail
#117 (Jun 16, 2013 8:28:00 PM)
Consistently use '/' instead of '.' in ASM (commit: 86baf9b9297439b5d51279b9bd27b48c8c8b647c) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
#116 (Jun 16, 2013 7:40:20 PM)
Changing to beta (commit: 089f203cec9164c602f1cd1da469a7c76730aa14) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Fix various potential NPEs (commit: 90b52871730209bdc46933eeb96326da84b50666) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Fix NPE on missing localization files (commit: f212e6c5392afaf99bb617924779f8f3dd8b4e35) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Force lang file encoding to UTF-8 (commit: 1df8e71bbd9499c6671f214a254d30794df329b4) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Use MethodNode instead of MethodVisitor (commit: d1fafebc5eeeab50f66e18d6f62f3f314d1a45d5) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Make sure the new method is actually added (commit: ba24e442a603177cf81fd7d39978e43f562f1ca4) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Revert "Make sure the new method is actually added" (commit: 2ce3daa4ef7a62f476726b29b68dffa09714a21d) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Revert "Use MethodNode instead of MethodVisitor" (commit: 3a1de25f184aa5ec2a875fd9913f0b1be022b629) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Handle deobf in PCCASMTransformer (commit: e5a324b4ab6ed4d645d3786ebf55ca1abfad9134) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Add World's alt constructor on servers (commit: b916c31a6add40e4f0b99d5f47157bf4d97d8668) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Correct sided handler. (commit: 7f2bbcc28ed01edddb09b18060d625aa3bef4964) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Fix super invocations (commit: 7696a841447526eb28c8e372cd76db8c46d13b93) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
#115 (Jun 16, 2013 5:20:33 PM)
Fix field names (commit: 2f5873e9f25329e8b2cec1a8792e2c1381f66466) — powercrystals / detail
#114 (Jun 16, 2013 5:01:59 PM)
Make sure the new method is actually added (commit: 4bf8c2aa04c22f0cfa805aca89ab226b48e55019) — powercrystals / detail
#113 (Jun 16, 2013 4:56:34 PM)
Use MethodNode instead of MethodVisitor (commit: ac3205209c18baf81a078e59a80f46f3953becfc) — powercrystals / detail
#112 (Jun 15, 2013 7:49:43 PM)
Add PCCASMTransformer for MFR WorldServerProxy (commit: bd3b863f62ebee9d78ac3cc64ee353b5df8231c9) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Add comments to PCCASMTransformer (commit: c0d77a120ba2a06792349ced215437c2f6b576a6) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Use obf'd name argument instead (commit: f146493273d76ecf4189af4e05bdddf057a10e3d) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Add runtime interface implementing. (commit: d0e55cbb80c9595941a7d6fe75f8258057256889) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Enable support for circular implementations (commit: a670d19cfb430dead1d827f1b34109b23395f428) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
#111 (Jun 9, 2013 7:18:40 PM)
Force lang file encoding to UTF-8 (commit: 96507da735f5493feee3b045becb6ad64404b089) — powercrystals / detail
#110 (Jun 9, 2013 5:49:53 PM)
Fix NPE on missing localization files (commit: ab16b940efd37a9cfb5e353dc6b1b81db9f10172) — powercrystals / detail

* Updated Railcraft to
FIX: Boilers output to BC Pipes again. (oops)
FIX: Item Loaders will load from the Buffer again.
INFO: Updated IC2 API.
NEW: Added Steel smelting recipes for Shears and Iron Axe.
NEW: Added Locomotive Whistle Hotkey. Defaults to "N".
NEW: Added HasWork Gate Triggers to Coke Oven and Blast Furnace.
NEW: Turbines will now return water to an adjecent Bioler automatically.
CHANGE: Loaders can load Tickets into Locomotives now.
CHANGE: Increased idle machine power draw to be in line with BC Machines.
FIX: Fixed (Un)Loaders confusing input and output slots.
FIX: Fixed crash when Posts are disabled.
FIX: Fix Phantom Dupe.
LANG: Updated Language files.
API: Fixed some bugs in the TrackRegistry and TrackSpec error handling code: minor, self-contained, non-breaking.

* Updated Steve’s Carts to 2.0.0.a120

Added the Creative Incinerator
Added the Creative Supplies

* Updated ThaumicBees to Magic Bees 2.0.0

Enabling Retrogen of hives in case you missed them initially.
Tearing out all old mutations, rewriting from the ground up. Maybe these will be less frustrating. 
Adding subroutines to make MB species actually worthwhile to check out in the Escritoire. If you get stuck on a mutation, throw it into the table and try out the minigame!
New bee species (Too many to list. Have fun finding them!)
New hives
Added zh_CN localization by crafteverywhere
Added de_DE localization by philip98 and Vexatos
Added ru_RU localization by CrazyTechno and VeryBigBro

* Updated Thermal Expansion to
-Bugfix: Fixes an intermittent crash with the Crescent Hammer on high latency servers.
-Changed: Dispenser behavior tweaked to work with TE liquid buckets.
-Changed: Sawmill is better about cross-mod support. Mods which register recipes too late will still be missed.
-Bugfix: Fixes a liquiduct load issue with item-based liquids. Sorry about that!
-Added: Crescent Hammer now rotates Trapped Chests.
-Bugfix: Cyclic Assembler now properly attempts to recraft in all circumstances.
-Bugfix: Fixed a minor visual issue with the Tesseract GUI.
-Bugfix: Fixed a minor packet issue with Tesseracts.


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