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* Updated Ars Magica to 5.53.013

Fixed a crash bug with the imbue enchantment
Fixed strange skipping behaviour when switching to a spell book via the mouse wheel then sneaking
Fixed a crash with rendering affinity. If you have an affinity and it does not render, search for item ID conflicts.
Fixed a crash bug when casting a spell book with no spells in it
Casters can now cast again (derp)
Fixed the spell book GUI bug, all window sizes should be fine now.
Fixed a crash bug with the power system attempting to calculate power values
Fixed a bug where certain spells could not be cast from spell books/spell staves
Fixed a bug where the in game UI could overlap the spell book UI
Fixed crash bug on load with Buildcraft and Tinker's Construct
Occulus spell analysis is now paged (will not overflow)
Fixed a Calefactor dupe bug
Fixed a crash bug when Shift+Clicking custom spell scrolls into the occulus
The new UI now has some *minor* configurability (check the main config file)
Config files should fully generate on load
New UI design
Several minor graphical tweaks and improvements
Added custom icons for all buffs
Added rudimentary spawn eggs back into the mod (under AM items tab)
Added Fatigue bar
Spell Cooldowns are no more!
As you cast, you will build Fatigue
The more fatigue you have, the more mana each spell costs
Max fatigue implies a mana cost increase of 3x
Fatigue decreases slowly over time
You get a higher fatigue cap at higher levels
Imbued armor no longer treats buffs as always active.
Worldgen changed again...magic walls aren't spawned, and block breaking is disabled in the first place.
Tile entity placement should be fixed now
Tower chests now have much more loot in them
Magic walls can be broken, in case any remain
Increased Telekinesis Range
New Block: Occulus.
If given an unsigned book and quill (bottom slot), records all events during spell creation in that book
Removing the book clears its internal buffer of what it will record.
If the book remains in, it can record multiple craftings sequentially.
Must be within 8 blocks to record
If a book is placed in it that already has text, the text will be overwritten
Useful for seeing what ill effects transpired
Is lab apparatus (counts towards helping stability)
If given a spell (top slot), explains what the spell does in detail
Early version of the in-game wiki
New Spell: Moonbeam
Gets more powerful at night
Longer range based on moon phase
New Spell: Rift Storage
Opens a rift that you can access like a chest
Inventory is unique to you
Shift+Right click to close, or closes after 1 min
New Spell: Levitation
Much slower variant of flight
Not useful for travel, but good for vertical movement
Tiered spell from slowfall
Flight is now a tiered spell from levitation
Imbued helmets now proc when sneaking
Imbue with a buff won't proc if the buff is already active
Imbued armor has a cooldown, shared with the AM armor effects
Soulbound enchant has been fully implemented. You keep soulbound items on death.
Added support for the ForgeOreDictionary in Ars crafting recipes
Re-added minor damage capability to Arctic Wind

* Updated Mystcraft to

[API]Adds a function to the SymbolAPI to allow other mods to blacklist symbols
[API]Adds Achievements page to MystObjects
[API]Adds Addative API
[API]Adds bookbinder and inkmixer to MystObjects
[API]Adds IGrammarAPI to allow for registration of grammar rules for custom symbols
[API]Adds ink liquid stack to API Objects list
[API]Adds ink vial and unlinked linking book to API
[API]Adds InstabilityFactory implementation
[API]Adds IStaticColorProvider
[API]Adds portal and desk blocks to MystObjects
[API]Adds relative link property id
[API]Color object for modifier system
[API]Improves some java doc
[API]Instability as formula for block modifers
[API]Prevents identifiers with remappings from being used when registering symbols
[API]Removes symbol factory method for biome symbols
[API]Renames a few classes
[API]Restructures ILinkListener as LinkEvent system
[Balance]Adjusts some instability calculations and factors
[Balance]Fleshes out ink mixtures
[Balance]Rebalances instability from BlockDescriptor usage
[Balance]Revises the percent chances added by ink additives
[Balance]Tweaks generation rules
[Balance]Tweaks grammar rules
[Balance]Tweaks some ink effect mixtures
[Balance]Tweaks symbol rules
[BugFix]Average Terrain from biomes was too high (Flat ages will change)
[BugFix]Fixes a minor bug in the processing of audio content
[BugFix]Fixes an issue with page placement in the desk surface
[BugFix]Fixes bounds calculation errors on the writing desk gui
[BugFix]Fixes bug in notebook gui
[BugFix]Fixes bug with getting world seed when remote after being local
[BugFix]Fixes calculation for average terrain height for biomes (will now stay within the range of [32-96])
[BugFix]Fixes issue with newly created pages not stacking correctly with pages that have been loaded (shakes fist at MC save system)
[BugFix]Fixes issue with parsing negative dimension IDs for TPX
[BugFix]Fixes minor issue in Ravine code
[BugFix]Fixes Shift-Clicking page from lectern
[BugFix]Makes Descr. books send agedata when put into a stand via gui
[BugFix]Makes EntityLightningAdv inherit from EntityLightning and bypasses normal weather effect packet sending (better method that wasn't an option before)
[BugFix]Prevents Linking if allow-nether is false
[BugFix]Prevents Shift-Click descriptive book crafting
[BugFix]Removes item forms for portal and desk blocks
[Change]Binding a book requires the first page be a link panel
[Change]Biomes are now Modifiers
[Change]Biomes are now processed in reverse writing order by controllers (last in first out)
[Change]Can no longer write directly to normal books in desk
[Change]Clearing modifiers leaves a small percentage of the instability they would have had if left dangling
[Change]Inverts BlockModifiers usage from FIFO to FILO
[Change]Moves Biome Symbols and controllers in existing ages to front of symbol list
[Config]Changed config system. You will need to update your configs.
[Config]Changes biome symbol identifier pattern (uses id) and remaps biome names to symbols
[Config]Moves old-style configs to new system (core configs only)
[Crafting]Adds recipe for crafting ink using bucket (black, black, bottle, water bucket)
[Crafting]Adds the ink mixer recipe
[Feature]Adds author(s) tracking for Descriptive Book writing
[Feature]Adds FastRainbows config option (default true)
[Feature]Adds ink mixing mechanics/link panel crafting
[Feature]Adds linkpanel pages
[Feature]Adds mechanics/symbols for controlling the color of grass, water, and most foliage of ages
[Feature]Adds relative linking property
[Feature]Adds some Mystcraft Achievements
[Feature]Makes biome symbols have unique poems even if the biome names are identical
[Feature]Unlinked books can be turned into normal linking books by right click
[Feature]Unlinked Link Books are crafted from a link panel and a cover (leather)
[GUI]Adds display for authors to book GUI element
[GUI]Tank gui element w/ mouseover
[Interface]"Block" added to end of Block Modifier symbols' display text (ex. "Stone Block")
[Interface]Changes display name of pages depending on case
[Interface]Makes surface and scrollable show tooltips for link panel pages
[Interface]Moves symbol on page from tooltip to be part of display name
[Internal]Adds blacklisting for symbol registration
[Internal]Changes AgeData storage (This is to try to fix the mod interaction issues where other mods decide to break the save system)
[Internal]Changes how things check for valid inks
[Internal]Improves ink mixing matching system
[Internal]Prevents symbols being directly replaced
[Internal]Revised loader system to be more efficient/correct
[Major]Context-Free-Grammar system can generate additional symbols for ages with user-written symbols
[Major]Context-Free-Grammar system can process written symbols before generating
[Major]Context-Free-Grammar system implemented to generate symbol sequences for ages
[Major]Context-Free-Grammar system tracks orphaned symbols and attempts to expand them to fit into tree before main generation
[ModCompat]Adds pre and post PopulateChunkEvent calls to ChunkGen
[Symbols]Adds block modifiers for Crystal, Glowstone, and Nether Quartz
[Symbols]Adds block modifiers for Snow blocks and Obsidian
[Symbols]Adds Dirt block modifier
[Symbols]Makes ice and glass valid Crystal block modifiers
[Symbols]Moves crystal formations to modifier system
[Symbols]Moves Lakes and LavaLakes to Surface and Deep Lakes that take modifiers
[Visuals]Fixes render issues with pages on lecterns
[Visuals]Improves ink mixer basic colorization effects
[Visuals]Improves render of maps on lecterns
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