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CubCraft 2.0.3

~ Enabled Minecraft/IRC join messages in ForgeIRC

* Updated Applied Energistics to rv11-dev18

Fixed a bug with portal gun moving ME Network Bocks.
Shift Click into Fake Slots.
Fixed Sided Inventory behavior for Pattern Encoder.
Partition Storage buses and Cells from contents.
Interfaces that cannot insert their items no longer drain enormous amounts of power.
Interfaces can now insert into other interfaces, if they are wrenched to face them.

* Updated CodeChickenCore to

* Updated Ender Storage to

* Updated ExtraBees to 1.6-pre13

Fixed crash when Acclimatiser finished task (#220)
Fixed some issues syncing power clientside (#217)
Fixed dupe bug with hoppers and genepool (#204)
Fixed error if geneticErrorModifier was too high (#198)
Alveary blocks drop their inventory on breaking (#182)
Alveary machines are now in apiculture tab
Scroll bar in indexer will not longer disappear (#132)
Some species no longer count towards breeder total

* Updated ExtraBiomesXL to 3.13.4

Further fixes to the Itemstack API for inter mod compatibility. (By JLBShecky)
NEI/NEI_plugins/Forestry compatibility patch to ensure that NEI plugins show ferment recipies both when you view all fermenter recipes and when you view ExtraBiomesXL sapling uses. (By JLBShecky)
Now compatible with Industrial Craft 2 1.115.301 and newer. (By JLBShecky)

* Updated Extra Utilities to 0.2.3b

Version 0.2.3b
- Fixed: Crash related to Trash can not cleaning up tile entities properly
Version 0.2.3a
- Changed: Node Upgrades now work linearly, not exponentially
- Fixed: Dupe Bug
- Fixed: Custom recipes not working correctly with certain items

* Updated Forestry to

- Added: More butterflies.
- Changed: Worktable now handles damageable crafting tools (minium stone).
- Changed: Fruit pods can now be bonemealed. (Binnie)
- Changed: Catching butterflies is now actually recorded.
- Bugfix: Ensured that broken fruit leaves don't hang the game.
- Bugfix: Fixed shift-clicking into internal inventory of the worktable.
- Bugfix: Fixed papaya and date pods not dropping fruits.

* Updated ForgeIRC to 1.0.18

- Fixed a bug preventing nickserv identification after /fi reconnect command is issued
- Fixed bug where the first time you chat only to minecraft message is still sent to IRC

* Updated Greg-Tech to 3.07e

Fixed several small Bugs.
Added six new Omniwrenches, which work with IC², GT, BC, UE and vanilla Stuff.
Iron Wrench with 100 Durability (you need 10 Durability to dismantle normal Machines)
Bronze Wrench with 200 Durability (overrides the Recipe of the IC² Bronze Wrench)
Steel Wrench with 500 Durability
Tungstensteel Wrench with 5000 Durability
Electric Wrench with 15 uses (overrides IC² E-Wrench)
Advanced Wrench with 100 uses (needs Lithium Battery and Tungstensteel)
Fixed "Air" Block related Stuff in my Machines (checks for isAirBlock now). That is especially for the invisible Blocks Railcraft adds, but also for the Wrath Lamps and similar devices.
Added Teleporter. It can set the exact Target Coordinates. For interdimensional Travel you need to investigate a bit more. Also Interdimensional Travel currently has Problems with Chunk loading meaning Players have to relog after being Teleported into another Dimension. If you want it to teleport Players for free (Admins for example) rightclick it with the ultimate cheat Armor and add a Lock Upgrade if you dont want others to change it.
Fixed several other Bugs.
Added new revolutionary Wrenching behavior as explained on Page 666. No longer unbreakable Wrenches or wrongly implemented Interface usage, by just using a new Wrench registry! (And I talk about both, the IC² and the Omniwrench)
Added Charger Box. This is a low Tier Battery Box alike Block, with the exception that you have to manually put the Batteries of your choice into it for being used. Guess what Transformer Upgrades do to it.
Fixed several Bugs.

* Updated Hats to 1.3.3

* Updated Immibis Core to 55.1.3

Fixes non-fatal error with Dimensional Anchors in SSP

* Updated Iron Chests to

* Updated LiquidXP to 55.1.1

Added "destroyXPOverflow" option

* Updated Logistics Pipes to

* Updated Minefactory Reloaded to 2.6.3B1-927

* Updated Modular Powersuits to 0.7.0-534

* Updated Nether Ores to 2.1.5-76

* Updated NotEnoughItems to

* Updated NuclearControl to 1.5.1e

* Updated Portalgun to 1.5.2

* Updated Powercrystal’s Core to 1.1.8B1-109

Changing to beta (commit: dcabfc24216eafaaa231a5934009b90d2482a01f)
 Fix various potential NPEs (commit: 84b0df37ba701a33ce8155499a3ee8139784962d)

* Updated Steve’s Carts to 2.0.0.a119

Fixed a inventory side issue with the liquid manager.
Fixed so liquids in tanks are always starting with a capital letter.


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