Reviews and Stuff

CubCraft 2.0.2

+ Added ForgeIRC

+ Added Thaumic Tinkerer

~ Enabled STDOUT messages

* Updated Applied Energistics to rv11-dev10

Buses now default to not being colored, unless placed on a colored buss.
Added ME Transition Plane
Transition Plane breaks any block that is placed in front of it as along as it is connected to a powered network.
Transition Plane has a small buffer internally if items broken can not fit into storage then are held until storage is available.
Transition Plane will pick up any items which come in contact with its surface.
Transition Planes can be placed in any orientation, and be wrenched.
Cables can now be placed when you are standing partially in side their block.
Used smaller packets of data where applicable.
Wireless Terminal now requires power.
Wireless Terminal now consumes power when it is opened ( about meters * 0.10 units )
Wireless Terminal now consumes power when items are moved in and out of storage ( meters * 0.10 ) * number_of_items units ( adjustable in config )
Fixed a bug where the wireless terminal could be moved while it is open.
Default config for wireless has been changed, base range is now 32, 2 blocks per booster. ( default of 64 radius )
Added new Matter Cannon.
Matter cannon is capable of storing various ammo's internally like a storage cell.
Matter cannon shoots nearly every type of nugget at sonic speeds, causing impact damage.
Matter cannon can break blocks, and hurt mobs.
Matter cannon damage is based of the mass* of the ammo.
All Electric / Powered tools can now be charged with IC2, TE, and UE or the New ME Power Relay
Holding shift now allows you to insert items into storage monitors that have conversion matrices.
Added Iron Nuggets ( if not already available )
IStorageCell API Update
Renamed ME Preformatter to ME Partition Editor
ME Partition Editor can now specify all 63 types on storage cells.
Added Certus Quartz Block ( crafted with 4 Certus Quartz Crystals to mimic Nether Quartz )
Added new ME Condenser
ME Condenser can destroy items stored on storage cells, or items that are placed in the trash slot.
Items can be destroyed by piping/exporting them directly into the ME Condenser.
You can install a storage component ( Cell / Segment / Block / Cluster ) into the ME Condenser to have it generate either Matter Balls ( Matter Cannon Ammo ) or Singularties
Added new ME Power Relay
The ME Power Relay has 3 Functions:
1. Pass energy though it so networks can share energy.
2. Adds new location to power a network from. Any energy sent into a Power Relay will be evenly distributed to any attached networks.
3. Provides a way to charge AE Tools.
When a controller is receiving its power though a power relay, it appears with a blue light in the place of its power meter.
Fixed a bug where items being pushed out of an ME Interface, would not register on the Crafting Monitor.
Fixed a bug where some stored BC Energy would be lost on world load.
Added new Material Energy Cube
Several performance tweaks.
Adds Certus Quartz Block facade.
Added Matter Balls. ( small balls of condensed matter, which can be used as cheap ammo for the Matter Cannon )
All powered tools can now appear as uncharged, and charged in the creative tab.
ME Interfaces now show arrows on the sides when they are wrenched into facing a certain direction.
The Crank on the Grindstone will no longer turn when there is nothing to grind.
Trying to turn the crank on the Grindstone to many times when its empty will break the crank into 2 sticks.
Block Updates near ME Blocks should no longer cause network resets. ( changes to the network still will. )
ME Interfaces now properly drop facades placed on them when they are broken.
ME Blocks can now be dismantled by shift clicking with the wrench.
The Priority screen is now accessed via a tab in the gui.
interactions with the storage monitor must now be preformed on the lit face, and will not function from other sides.
Improved Localization for some missing items.
Now various GUIs show ghosts of what item can go in what slot. ( not visible if an item is in that slot )
The Quartz Grindstone crank is now a TESR ( and no longer ticks on servers, this fixes FPS issues. )
Add options for LP Power sharing to allow users to disable it if LP has power off.
Added Shared Power Infrastructure with LP. ( for some reason LP can only pull power from the side of the Interfaces. )
Fixed NPE when another mod uses the Quartz Grindstone
Interfaces no longer connect in their facing direction.
you can now rotate an interface back into omni-directional mode.
Pattern Encoder now supports Dragging ( only places single items )
Fixed bug with torches on certain buses.
Fixed bug with IO Port and Fuzzy Formatted Drives.
Fixed bug with ME Chests not properly updating storage when cells are changed.
Right Clicking on config buggson now cycles backwards.

* Updated Atomic Science to

Increased turbine slow down rate
Made some tweaking and balancing
Fixed config spam issue

* Updated Buildcraft to 3.6.0

- Added: Oil biomes! Additional changes to oil generation. (CovertJaguar)
- Added: Pump control list. Can be used to prohibit the pumping of specific liquids in specific dimensions. (immibis)
- Changed: Rewrote the Auto Crafting Table from the ground up. Now called “Auto Workbench”. 100 % compatible with vanilla hoppers. Items that cannot stack can’t be used in them anymore. They will not pull from adjacent inventories anymore, use hoppers/chutes instead. Crafting now has a time cost, the auto workbench does however not require power. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Improved oil physics to produce behaviour between water and lava. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Oil is now flammable. (viliml, Krapht, CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Stirling engine only accepts valid fuels from pipes. Combustion engines accepts liquids containers and ice.
- Bugfix: Several fixes to the laser crafting table. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Pipe wire state now persists on reload. (target-san)
- Bugfix: Removed builder crafting recipe, builder from creative inventory. (mcrobin4002, SirSengir)
- Bugfix: Disabled grass facades. (Krapht)
- Bugfix: Fixed crash on facade removal. (Flow86)
- Bugfix: Fixed addToRandomInventory. (Flow86, CovertJaguar)

* Updated CodeChickenCore to

* Updated Ender Storage to

* Updated ExtraBees to 1.6-pre11

* Updated ExtraBiomesXL to 3.13.3

Fixes for a change to the ItemStack API that has been affecting some recipes thanks to JLBShecky
IMC (Inter Mod Communication)support for Treecapacitor thanks to bspkrs

* Updated Extra Cells to 1.1.1b

ExtraCell 1.1.1b: -Useless funny GUI for SolderingStation (Will be used for costumizable Cells
ExtraCells 1.1.1: -Prototype of SolderingStation (only cratable no functionality)
ExtraCells 1.1.0b: -Fixed binary math bug (1M Cell had wrong size)
ExtraCells 1.1.0: -Fixed serious Exploit (make 16m Cells w/ 1k Cell ôO

* Updated Extra Utilities to 0.2.3

Version 0.2.3
+ Added: Liquid Transfer Nodes
+ Added: Energy Transfer Nodes
+ Added: Item Filters
+ Added: Node Speed Upgrade
+ Added: Golden Bag of Holding
+ Added: Ethereal Glass
- Changed: Tweaks to Transfer node code - now unable to transfer through unloaded chunks.
- Changed: Transfer Pipes can now be altered with Buildcraft compatible wrenches
- Fixed: Numerous minor bugs

* Updated Forestry to

- Bugfix: Fixed handling of container items (buckets) in the worktable.
- Bugfix: Fixed handling of crafting equivalency (ore dictionary) in the worktable.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash when the server could not keep up with client clicks in the worktable.
- Bugfix: Fixed a text issue which could occur on tabs.
- Added: Worktable. Remembers the last eight recipes used. Right-click on a memorized recipe to lock it.
- Added: More butterflies.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash when shift-clicking out of an escritoire.
- Bugfix: Fixed fermenter manager adding broken recipes when a certain API function was used.
- Bugfix: Added additional check to prevent an ExtraBees crash.
- Added: Escritoire to analyze butterflies, bees and saplings. If you are successful in your research, you have a chance to get hints on future mutations or other loot.
- Added: Research notes can be right clicked to memorize them. Memorizing a research note will enter the information into your apiarist's chests and other databases.
- Added: More butterflies. (3 courtesy of MysteriousAges)
- Changed: Stationary analyzer now accepts butterflies.
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue were adding other mods could cause miner backpacks to not pick up certain mod ores. (Thanks to AlgorithmX2!)
- Bugfix: Fixed rendering and network synch in stationary analyzer.
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue loading older carpenters.
- Bugfix: Fixed planks puchased from a villager placing as a different type.

* Updated Gravity Gun to 1.5.1

- Reverted respect for block placement due to more complaints about it than without it.

* Updated Greg-Tech to 3.07b

Added Supercondensators to the MetaTileEntities
Some Bugfixes.
Fixed Tesseracts ignoring Covers on themselfes (they have been letting Items and liquids go through no matter what).
Added Block Update whenever Tesseract Terminals/generators switch from running to not running (so that TE Liquiducts work properly)
Added newer MetaTileEntity Versions of AESU, IDSU and Lightning Rod.
Fixed craptons of Bugs.
Added some Assembling Recipes for things which are crafted from just 2 Components
Changed Universal Macerator to prefer the Rock Crusher Recipe of Gravel.
Added Lock upgrade to make Machines private and unpickaxeable (but not blast proof)
Fixed Tesseracts working "way too good" when being broken, causing them to drop the contents of the attached Inventory.
Fixed Energy Consumption of Tesseracts.
Fixed Steam Upgrades on Tesseracts.
Added Assembler Recipes for Tin Cans, Tin Cells and several other small things.
Added Mixer Mode for the Autocrafting Table.
Fixed Inventory Intelligence of Grinder, Blast Furnace and Chemical Reactor.
Covers are now staying on the Machines when wrenched.

* Updated Hats to 1.3.2

* Updated Hat Stand to 1.2.1

* Updated ICBM to

Increased laser designator range
Fixed config quote spam
Update subs
Changed IAATarget canTarget method to allow non-tiles
Updated subs
Updated Dark-Lib sub
Uploading models
Fixed texture render crash bug
Turret resistance fixes
Fixed flying block render crash
Fixed glitchy railgun rotation
Updated submodules
Fixed multiblock packet bug

* Updated Immibis Core to 55.1.2

* Might fix IDs not being in the config when there are conflicts

* Updated Industrialcraft2 to 1.115.341-lf

* Updated Iron Chests to

* Updated LiquidXP to 55.1.0

* Added LXP Isolator, which will take a book with multiple enchantments or an *undamaged* enchanted tool
 or armour piece, and transfer the enchantments to separate books.
 Costs a (relatively) small amount of LXP.
* Fixed sidedness of LXP Combiners.
* Untested support for sending MFR Mob Essence into machines instead of Liquid XP.
 One bucket of mob essence is worth two buckets of LXP.

* Updated Logistics Pipes to

#458 (Jun 2, 2013 1:17:09 PM)
We don't need the server side to stay alive. (commit: d511a1a8fe2b13b1db65da78b040482c1da6c0d7) — porcariadagata / detail
#457 (Jun 2, 2013 1:06:15 PM)
IInventoryProvider should only provide extractable slots (commit: 9e1728dd37345fb99b6e5cb24cb43ef945b8b006) — andy.t.roo / detail
#456 (Jun 2, 2013 2:11:16 AM)
Prevent Supplier - Provider loop for liquid Pipes. (commit: 1c9f079b265fa33de4907506a03741aa68e8cc0d) — davboecki / detail
#455 (May 30, 2013 8:28:09 PM)
Fix inventory proxy for AE and BS. (commit: d873a265850d1981c1dca14c5530595d69b23e97) — davboecki / detail
#454 (May 30, 2013 6:11:10 PM)
Add missing dummy class. (commit: d421c7ea9ae54176bb3edd4ae315ce1aaf639862) — davboecki / detail
#453 (May 30, 2013 6:06:09 PM)
Remove Override annotations. (commit: 4e6581d80d51837e57cee66681aeca8fad040749) — davboecki / detail
#452 (May 30, 2013 5:49:11 PM)
Added Liquid Supplier Mk2. (commit: 983c5cd68530664ee12af5105276c9e28e4ecccf) — davboecki / detail
Basics for ComputerCraft module access. (commit: 79d4105f71b3a84b853d4d6b1825310fad9d37d2) — davboecki / detail
#451 (May 30, 2013 4:06:14 PM)
Changed for more recent information (commit: d7342eb857d8e3af9cf178211d1612a12c32a38e) — Benedikt Ziemons / detail
Fixed bug when initializing cached inventory on AE and crates (commit: 959aaaf7f3fc4f31b0059d6032464591d8ed708b) — Benedikt Ziemons / detail
#450 (May 30, 2013 3:37:37 PM)
putting the version numbers back. (commit: a2e0a3aee21378c1449e2c7f05200eb51a2d143f) — andy.t.roo / detail
#449 (May 30, 2013 3:34:10 PM)
active requests can now be crafting or providing only (commit: ce411703df130df105ef5fe4cdc6c329154178f7) — andy.t.roo / detail
#448 (May 29, 2013 10:55:12 PM)
Update to newest BuildCraft. (commit: 148232fe8f50700dfa38ed1a7d6065602a0a9a6d) — davboecki / detail
#447 (May 28, 2013 2:08:13 PM)
Added Sneak to highlight HUD GUI. Fixed HUD TextRendering. (commit: 2efe85d09d5a711127120e2910b7dfe17b2e323e) — davboecki / detail
#446 (May 27, 2013 6:28:04 PM)
Fix NPE. (commit: c27af76ba6c900b978d2bda1d71f0b0d62c73b50) — davboecki / detail
Another NPE fix. (commit: 827965821535ab6fc5f4baeed58a52bf23bb8918) — davboecki / detail
#445 (May 27, 2013 5:01:41 PM)
Disable debug log spam. (commit: 3cb53e6e21a138c0e366f34ebe05398310e948b4) — davboecki / detail
#444 (May 27, 2013 4:58:04 PM)
Change version to 0.7.3. (commit: f45ca8c1724810204c05cc44f2543b0f35e5c257) — davboecki / detail
#443 (May 27, 2013 4:47:09 PM)
Change Mouse to getEventDWheel. (commit: a70c3f9b32a57bf41f6b9a9b9246bc81d331767d) — davboecki / detail
#442 (May 27, 2013 4:06:05 PM)
Added Crafting Byproduct Extractor Upgrade. (commit: cc0dae82473890c7cc4d210363bc820d25d97db0) — davboecki / detail
#441 (May 27, 2013 2:41:09 PM)
Fix LP on server side. (commit: f41bca74891cf2b6e5f9707f1a30cdf1bda1b2bc) — davboecki / detail
#439 (May 27, 2013 1:57:27 PM)
revert build.xml change (commit: f69763e4570c8c0ee68ae83c12631562a167c2a2) — andy.t.roo / detail
#438 (May 27, 2013 1:55:04 PM)
Items on the way count towards a full inventory (commit: c1513ec9c4ac065d3c2293fbe3fab4ea1ce2050f) — andy.t.roo / detail
#437 (May 27, 2013 12:07:11 PM)
Update to new BC and Forestry. (commit: d52ed776c40ec932f1f113049a64d793bc5b187e) — davboecki / detail
Update Forestry version. (commit: c120f0ae50724865f7146f0e59a2de73828a06b9) — davboecki / detail
Update BuildCraft version. (commit: bf4010c749e30d27b240b93b6a2dc2ab39fea501) — davboecki / detail

* Updated Minecraft Forge to

Build 1.5.2-
LexManos: Fix arbitrary GUIContainer text coloring by forcing lighting to be disabled. Closes #594

Build 1.5.2-
Updated FML:
MinecraftForge/FML@843a13c1ab1e3901160082fa63c557243fb64675 Try and clean up cycle detection output a bit
MinecraftForge/FML@82e9de8641c6a559eec711ea6d1e940d99cbc98f More tweaks to the mod sorting code
MinecraftForge/FML@ac97370f94d10beee5f021795cddda827c4411d4 Add in a pretty sorting error screen
MinecraftForge/FML@f1d68ed4c82cd28e50ec6a0befc55ff0165bfe08 Throw the sorting exception
MinecraftForge/FML@edc1fb24e2cad9badd2dd18ccccd590d77156e18 Send the "suspect list", and print the suspect versions

* Updated Minefactory Reloaded to 2.6.2B1-909

* Updated Modular Powersuits to 0.7.0-531

#531 (May 28, 2013 3:04:38 AM)
Revert bad keymanager fix (commit: b34d25d84a11971580ac7f0960143adff65bfb82) — MachineMuse / detail
#530 (May 28, 2013 2:27:10 AM)
Renamed power gauntlet to power fist (commit: 9b4df687232b0eb33a1984ace218e28f7cf622b6) — MachineMuse / detail
#529 (May 28, 2013 2:21:30 AM)
Allow conflicting keybinds to save/load (commit: 8768e4d4d90c34567a89f14e5c95ea22b4aab57f) — MachineMuse / detail
#528 (May 27, 2013 9:56:55 PM)
Update (commit: 473606d0a5576f612681f51a3d2ddc2ae068b5e4) — lfty / detail
Update (commit: 949941c2f3166d1e7ca441be48a8e8a8b4effa41) — lfty / detail
Update (commit: 2cc918ad23093176d8f8ea7238a0229d07c79a06) — lfty / detail
#527 (May 27, 2013 1:43:10 AM)
Took afterdeps back out (commit: e2d84f4765e9fbfc7801db35a0f878214bd347d5) — MachineMuse / detail
#526 (May 27, 2013 12:15:22 AM)
Change required forge version (commit: e52a13d8dc8365cd4570d351179fc9cb512f2ba9) — MachineMuse / detail

* Updated NEI Plugins to

* Updated Nether Ores to 2.1.5B1-74

#74 (Jun 2, 2013 11:56:36 AM)
Actually use the all-dimension config option (commit: ef425a093d3f3bc5e395b43cb2d47955f66940ef) — powercrystals / detail
#73 (Jun 2, 2013 11:18:27 AM)
Fix BOP nether biomes (commit: 971a8e45332a3e74ffe7480733f71dafe05f5601) — powercrystals / detail
#72 (May 29, 2013 9:13:14 PM)
Update version marker (commit: c20986c193ba2ef914ad6f90dd9ef90ba712d99c) — powercrystals / detail
#71 (May 29, 2013 8:58:00 PM)
Promoting to 2.1.4 (commit: b00cf3a1acd7b160e716fd7865d5030db5137285) — powercrystals / detail

* Updated NotEnoughItems to

* Updated Portal Gun to 1.5.2

- Reverted respect for block placement due to more complaints about it than without it.1.5.1
- Fixed mod compatibility with changing texture packs.
- Fixed shooting portals through glass/iron fences making it go through blocks.
- Fixed placing chests on portals crashing and corrupting the world.
- Fixed death.moon messages.

* Updated Railcraft to

FIX: Disabling a module that doesn't meet all its load conditions will no longer crash.
FIX: BlockBrick sanity checks its getIcon() method.
INFO: Updated to MC 1.5.2, but it should still work on 1.5.1.
NEW: Tracking Aura added to Goggles. Tracks all player movement over that last 30 minutes, even other players. Used new block ID ("block.hidden"), disabling this block will essentially disable the Tracking Aura.
NEW: Locomotives now accept Tickets and can be locked.
NEW: Added Routing Switch Motor, uses a Routing Table to automatically route Locomotives.
NEW: Added Routing Track, sets the Destination of a Locomotive.
NEW: Added Routing Detector, uses a Routing Table to match passing Locomotives.
NEW: Added Routing Table for defining Routing rules.
INFO: Routing Table in game Help page contains all the information you need to write a set of routing rules. (See also
NEW: Added hotkeys for controlling the Locomotives in a Train you are riding. Slower/Faster/Mode, Default Keys: < > M
NEW: Added config setting for Locomotive Horsepower, adjust at own risk.
NEW: Added vanilla ISidedInventory support when accessing adjacent Inventories.
NEW: Receiver Boxes, Relay Boxes, and Switch Motor GUIs have a lock button for securing the GUI.
NEW: Added custom recipes (Rotor Repair, Ticket/Routing Table cloning) to CraftGuide.
CHANGE: Removed Worldgen Biome config lists and IMCs in favor of BiomeDictionary tags. This should be more compatible out of the box and just simply work for all Biome mods.
CHANGE: Rewrote Detectors to store the sub-block ID in the Tile Entity instead of metadata. There may be bugs!
CHANGE: Solid Fueled Boiler Firebox will pull fuel from an adjacent Steam Oven if below 64 items.
CHANGE: More informative tool tips for Iron/Steel Tanks and Boilers.
CHANGE: Doubled Turbine Output to 200 EU. WARNING! This will overload any MV machines attached to the Turbine!
CHANGE: Changed Loader/Unloader recipes to use Hoppers for real this time, additionally they have Cobblestone around the outside like Droppers and Dispensers.
CHANGE: The "New Version" message now displays less frequently based on when it was last posted. (once per three days)
CHANGE: Geodes and Quarries now spawn Populate events with custom EventTypes (RAILCRAFT_GEODE, RAILCRAFT_QUARRY). This should allow better integration with things like Mystcraft.
FIX: Tank Cart Item Renderer now renders the Item in 3D in world.
FIX: Filtered Tank Cart recipes no longer consume the liquid used to craft them (this bug was introduced when Tank Carts moved to storing filter data in NBT).
FIX: Rotating Steam Ovens no longer breaks the structure.
FIX: Sound Handler now properly plays Tool hit sounds for blocks.
FIX: Fixed up first and third person item rendering a bit so it works correctly with the recent Forge changes.
FIX: Buildcraft Gate Triggers and Actions work again (oops).
FIX: Detectors provide a strong redstone signal again (oops).
FIX: Backpacks use proper wildcards, fixes issue with some items not being accepted.
FIX: Force sounds to extract to the correct folder since the MC Launcher fails at setting the working directory.
API: Added getHardness() method to ITrackInstance. As usual, any out of date APIs will spam the log with errors, but not crash.
API: Added several new interfaces related to Routing.

* Updated Steve’s Carts to 2.0.0.a118

Alpha 118
Added the Smelter.
Added the Advanced Crafter and the Advanced Smelter.
Added the Information Provider.
Added the Experience Bank.

* Updated ThamicBees to 1.4.7c

Fix for a Creative Mode search crash when the moonDialShowText config option was set to true.

* Updated Thaumcraft to 3.0.5e

- trying to tackle the golem jar crashes... again
- some localization and gui fixes

* Updated Tinkers’ Construct to
- Fixed a cross-mod bug with railcraft's invisible blocks
- Really removed Nitro creepers
- Added Heart Canisters and Jeweled Apples
- Added a boss: King Slime
- Added loot to Tinker village houses
- Added spawn eggs for Blue Slimes, King Slimes
- Fully repaired armor can be melted down
- Changed the API to be more friendly towards custom tools and modifiers
- Oreberries should be harvestable by Thaumcraft golems now
- Casting tables and basins are more sensible with other mods and automation
- Moved Nitro Creepers to Natura
- Auto-smelt now gives experience on mining
- Inconsistencies for frying pans and damage fixed
- Fixed a bug where tools didn't use durability
- Various other bugfixes

Updated TubeStuff to 55.0.2

* Redstone block renamed to Powdered Redstone Block, still available by crafting sand with a vanilla redstone block, and can be uncrafted into a vanilla redstone block

* Updated Universal Electricity Basic Components to

Fixed issue with config quotations



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