Reviews and Stuff

CubCraft 2.0.1

# Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2

+ Added Atomic Science

+ Added M3ga’s Extracells

+ Added Traincraft

– Removed BackTools

– Removed Elemental Creepers

– Removed NEI Plugins (Awaiting Update)

~ Changed Rei’s Minimap to a “Mods” folder mod

~ Enabled compression of material into storage blocks

~ Enabled smelting of storage blocks into original material

~ Enabled Rejuvination Explosives, left recipe disabled

~ Disabled Applied Energistics complex cable rendering.

~ Changed DeathCounter to show 10 names when viewing leaderboards

~ Disabled MFF chunkloading

~ Disabled Greg-Tech UE compatibility

~ Disabled a lot of Mystcraft symbols from ever being used or generated

* Updated Advanced Machines to 1.5.2

* Updated Applied Energistics to rv10.n

Fixed a few rare crashes.
Fixed bug where Items that failed to get deployed from a Export bus would not properly be re-added to storage.
Fixed a crash caused by lag.
Fixed Crash with NEI, and fixed issue with shift+clicking the question mark.
Fix for null items in IO Port.
Removed a logging call.
cache tooltips to prevent random changes, and just save the effort...
Forge Tool stuff...
quartz ore should now drop fortune based crystals for non world based breaking.
TE Pulverizer now gives a dust and a crystal.
Fixed weird NEI Crashes.
Fixed bug with items and custom damage values.
Added Mechanism API for dusts.
Quartz should now not appear registered multiple times
Removed Bogus Texture.
Fixed Power Conversion Bug.
Added Crash prevention in TESRs
Added new methods to IStorageCell API
Fixed a bug when crafting MPS Armor.
Improved Storage Bus Caching to match rv10's infrastructure.
More Robust Automated ID Generation Code.
Fixed a bug where an item conflict would result in a "Not Marked" crash.
AE will now Crash if another mod uses an AE item Slot.

* Updated Ars Magica to 5.52.003

Fixed SMP worldgen
Fixed an issue with Dimensional Doors (I think)
Fixed towergen in the nether (shouldn't go above bedrock)
Added worldgen managers per-dimension
This may affect your save, so back up before updating!
General worldgen stability improvements
5.52.002 / 1.5.2 update:

* Updated Buildcraft to 3.5.3

- Bugfix: Several fixes to behaviour of pipes. Fixed a crashbug. (CovertJaguar, Player)
- Added: Pipe plugs. (Krapht)
- Added: Config option to disable oil springs. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Some more tweaks to oil spawn. Oil lakes now also spawn in taiga biomes. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Fire is now considered a soft block. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Pipes with missing info are now deleted. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Vanilla ISided support for extraction pipes. (h/t immibis)
- Bugfix: Filler flatten pattern no longer stopped by flowers. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Possibly fixed power pipe load issues. (CovertJaguar)
# 3.5.1
- Added: Oil springs. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Several improvements to oil spawn. Oil lakes can now also spawn in other biomes. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Better API for pipe connections. (Krapht, Flow86)
- Changed: Moved block registration to FML. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Decreased packet size for pipe synch. (Krapht)
- Changed: Wrenches now also use Forge's rotation methods. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Proper blending when rendering liquids in tanks or pipes. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Several updates to fluid blocks. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Added synching of NBT data for items in pipes. (davboecki)
- Changed: Improved refinery render. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Renamed the hopper to chute. (CovertJaguar)
- Changed: Some minor optimizations to engines and their rendering. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Fixed redstone engine lockups. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Fixed gate rendering. (Krapht)
- Bugfix: Fixed NPE when destroying markers. (Prototik)
- Bugfix: Added correct particle textures for engines. (viliml)
- Bugfix: Include all metadata versions when generating facades. (Krapht)
- Bugfix: Fix pipe textures not being refreshed correctly when switching texture packs. (Krapht)
- Bugfix: Fixed several bad texture bindings in TESRs. (CovertJaguar)
- Bugfix: Iterate over all inventory slots and do not stop on first invalid slot when inserting via pipes. (Need4Speed402)
- API: IMC calls to ban oil from certain biomes or allow oil lakes in them. (CovertJaguar, h/t Aroma1997)

* Updated CodeChickenCore to

* Updated CoFH Core to
-Added: CoFHWorld now supports retroactive generation on both bedrock and resources.
-Added: New functionality in CoFHWorld - read WorldCustomGen.txt. :) Added template generation can be tweaked in World.cfg.
-Added: There can be only one...config options for mob and player head drop rates.
-Changed rendering libraries a bit.
-Port to MC 1.5.2.

* Updated Damage Indicators to
Quick fix for healthbar text colors not working.
Added the ability to set text colors for custom skins. Check the skin.cfg in the included skins to see the new settings.
A critical performance bug was fixed, slower computers should see a major difference.
Popoff Handling Thread was redesigned so that minecraft will always have priority over it.
Restructured Skin handling to be easy to code with.
Fixed some compatibility problems with various hud mods.
Added Text ordering to skins. Olds skins will be unaffected, and the new settings can be found in the 3 provided skins.
When someone is using a custom name for a mob, that name now appears in italics, as suggested by VorTr3x.
Moved texture loading to occur later, hopefully avoiding invisible inventory bugs.
Changed the way textures are loaded to be more reliable and cleaner.
Added some compatibility code to isolate my rendering from what occurs before and after.
Fixed compatibility issues with GLSL shaders mod.
Turned off caching when scanning for resources, which could error out with older Sun VM versions of Java.
Changed the config loading technique to extract the skin config using the same method used for skin textures. This should , I hope, fix this problem on Mac's.
All the portrait rendering rewritten to favor efficiency. Some compatibility code was removed as it caused slow downs and it should no longer be required, so please report bugs.
Entity health change monitoring further optimized.
The additional packet to communicate max health removed as it caused problems.
Max health is now communicated on a per-mob basis, meaning on server sided mods, the same entity type can have different max healths, and still report as expected, also, there is no longer a delay to display changed max health. This max health is suffixed to the end of the original packet, preserving backwards compatibility for servers and clients, while maintaining only a single packet.
Particle rendering rewritten to function how I originally intended it to. Now, particles only appear on top of everything if you can actually see that mob, otherwise, it will render normally, meaning blocks that aren't transparent make the pop off not visible, however, will still appear on the other side of transparent blocks. This feature can be turned off in the config, however, is always on when on a SMP server, and will stay this way(in the future, servers will be able to allow this).
Fix for class not found crash.
Added entity information caching to reduce the occurrence of incorrect entity information being displayed at the time the entity is visible.

* Updated Ender Storage to

* Updated Extra Bees to 1.6-pre9

* Updated ExtraBiomesXL to 3.13.1

Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2

* Updated Extra Utilities to 0.2.2a

Version 0.2.2a
- Fixed: Fatal Rain Muffler bug
- Changed: Spikes and Conveyors are 'harder' blocks.
- Changed: Slightly altered collision boundaries on Spikes so items shouldn't get stuck on sides.
- Changed: Text on Division Sigil to be slightly clearer
Version 0.2.2
+ Added: Spikes
+ Added: Watering Can
+ Added: Sonar Goggles
- Changed: Rendering on Unstable ingots and tools
- Fixed: Peaceful Tables/Cursed Earth not spawning non-vanilla mobs
Version 0.2.1a
- Optional update to fix a rendering bug on Transfer Nodes
Version 0.2.1
- Updated to 1.5.2
+ Added: Rain Muffler
- Changed: Conveyor block now a full block.
- Changed: Etheric sword damage depends more on targets armor.
- Changed: Transfer node, extraction rate doubled (still slightly slower than a vanilla hopper)
- Fixed: Transfer nodes not being loadable from the correct side.
- Switched to Realtime Obfuscation.

* Updated Forestry to

- Added: More butterflies.
- Updated: IC2 API.
- Changed: Only the most common butterfly species are shown in creative menu.
- Changed: Butterflies now have a minimum cooldown period between pollinations and egg laying.
- Changed: Butterflies will flee from players. Sneak to creep close enough for the scoop.
- Bugfix: Fixed the alveary sometimes dropping a seemingly invalid block when broken.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash when bees try to pollinate.
- Bugfix: Fixed butterfly rendering inside item frames.
- Updated: Localizations by crafteverywhere, VeryBigBro and mariogrip.
- Added: Lepidopterist's chest and backpack.
- Added: More butterflies.
- Changed: Butterflies now pollinate tree leaves.
- Bugfix: Butterflies are less interested in drowning themselves.
- Bugfix: Removed some orphaned debug output.
- Added: Alveary sieve to filter out pollen collected by bees. Requires woven silk as sieve material. Sieve material is destroyed and needs to be replaced when removing any pollen from the sieve.
- Added: Fertile pollen. Contains the same genetic information as saplings and can be applied directly to leaves.
- Added: Butterflies as collectible items. Forestry trees now occasionally spawn butterflies. The type of butterfly spawned depends on several factors, including biome. Butterflies do not yet serve a purpose. They are however pretty.
- Added: Flutterlyzer to take a look at the genetic traits of butterflies. You cannot breed butterflies yet though, so this serves only informational purposes. 
- Changed: Rewrote certain mutations to be compatible with biome mods. (Rural, Heroic.) (RichardG)
- Changed: Fixed some textures to reduce seams on render models.
- Bugfix: Stairs can now be placed upside down.
- Bugfix: Fixed a carpenter dupe bug.
- Added: Nether quartz to miner's backpack.
- Added: To builder's backpack: All remaining stairs, slabs, planks, fences, quartz blocks, emerald block, stone walls, candles.
- Added: To forester's backpack: Remaining logs.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash when no matching/active trade stations where found.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash when placing a vanilla hopper below a carpenter.
- Added: Use the new mail order catalogue to browse trade stations on your server. Click 'Use' and open a new letter to have the address filled in. Crafted using a stamp and a book.
- Changed: Increased the default yield on some tree species. Made high yield attainable.
- Changed: Three letters of any state or size can now be converted to a piece of paper. Use to recycle at will.
- Bugfix: Bee houses now drop their contents when broken.
- Bugfix: Fixed title display in trade station gui.
- Bugfix: Fixed letter gui being cut off at the bottom.
- Bugfix: Fixed the arborist potentially selling an invalid wood plank.
- Bugfix: Fixed recipient type being changeable on sent letters.
- Upgraded: Minecraft 1.5.2. (May work on 1.5.1, unsupported.)
- Added: OP game mode.
- Changed: Sprite for royal jelly by niel.
- Changed: Handling grafters differently to re-enable normal leaf drops. A grafter may give an additional sapling now at the usual drop rate.
- Changed: Boosted proven grafter to 150 uses.
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused planting in arboretums to become irregular.

* Updated Greg-Tech to 3.06a

Added Tesseract Support for GregTech Sensor Kits (if Nuclear Control is installed) and Digital Chests (Items now properly visible using AE through a Tesseract).
Fixed Covers being placeable on certain Facings of certain Machines.
Added Iridium Plate madefrom Iridium Ingot (it has the same Name, but its different!)
Changed tungstensteel/Iridium Reinforced Blocks to require the Assembler.
Added Tesseracts, as explained on the Page before.
Fixed clientside graphical disconnecting of Wires from my Machines.
Added "Invert Cond" Mode to most Covers to work when the Controller Cover is set to not working.
Added a few Magic Fuels.
Improved Sided Energy connections.
Added Recipes for Steelleaf, Liveroot and Ironwood, uncluding Recycling Recipes.
Fixed Centrifuge not accepting Fuel Cans as automated Input.
Fixed unwanted Stackability of my Crowbars and Screwdrivers.
Fixed the whole Sortiment of Generators
Added more Fuels for the Magic Energy Converter (Ars Magica related)
Added Redstone Signalizer Cover, which just applies a constant Redstone Signal to a Side of the attached Machine. 
Added Redstone Conductor Cover, which grabs the strongest incoming Redstone Signal of the Block and emits it.
Fixed several other Bugs.
Electrolyzer, Centrifuge and Implosion Compressor now have intelligent Filtering
Fixed Wireless Exceptions due to Nullpointers from my Wireless Hashmap.
Improved Wireless Covers by adding 5 Points where you can click them via Screwdriver to increase/decrease/justread the Frequency.
Wireless Covers only set their Frequency to the handheld Item if you click the Middle of them.
Added Config Options to turn STDOUT and STDERR off entirely.
Added a few Designs for the Compartment Block (use Screwdriver for changing it).
Fixed the UE Energy Overflow mentioned above
Disabled putting most Covers (Screen still allowed) on the Front Side of Basic Machines and the Button Panel.
Disabled putting Covers on the front of Redstone Displays and Scales at all. (it wouldn't make sense to do that anyways)
Redstone Displays, Scales and Button Panels can have diffrent Designs now.
Added Minotaur Axe Recycling to one Diamond Dust.
Fixed Recyclers skipping Progress in 87.5% of the Cases due to Output being null.
Added alternate Lead Plate Recipes for Radioactive Reactor Cells.
Fixed the Cover Restoning.
Added burn Value for those pesky wooden Doors which are accumulating in my Storages.
Made Capelist no longer Case sensitive as MC isn't case sensitive.
Fixed Wait Music Disc not being usable in my Recipes.
Removed Version Check for Client/Server Connections, as everything should be compatible with older Servers.
Removed a few unused Files, which were stuck in the zip.
Added one new Redstone Scale Block. Others to come moreless soon.
Fixed Transformer Upgrades inside Machines to emit 4 Packets like they were supposed to, instead of just one.
Added Wireless Redstone in form of Covers.
These Covers can supply Redstone either into a Machine or out of a Machine, depending on Mode.

* Updated ICBM to

Updated to MC 1.5.2
Updated to UE 1.4.0
Added AA gun turrets
Added ability to ride missiles
Added multi-threading and caching the increase explosion performance
Made turrets animate smoother
Fixed some turret packet bugs
Fixed recipe conflict with Mekanism
Integrated with Basic Components

* Updated Immibis Core to 55.1.1

* Fixed dupe bug.
* Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2.

* Updated Industrialcraft2 to 1.115.321-lf

#331 (May 24, 2013 8:47:39 PM)
fix logic inversion while migrating old slots — player / detail
#330 (May 24, 2013 12:55:28 PM)
fix energy display in guis — player / detail
#329 (May 24, 2013 3:12:49 AM)
fix shift clicking — player / detail
#328 (May 24, 2013 12:16:03 AM)
fix #407 — player / detail
#327 (May 21, 2013 11:45:15 PM)
fix previous commit — player / detail
#326 (May 21, 2013 11:43:26 PM)
don't leave empty buckets behind when smelting — player / detail
#325 (May 21, 2013 11:37:23 PM)
fix energynet functionality — player / detail
#324 (May 21, 2013 8:01:29 PM)
fix ElectricItemManager.getCharge — player / detail
#323 (May 20, 2013 8:53:56 PM)
fix recycler npe without a valid config — player / detail
#322 (May 20, 2013 6:28:11 PM)
improve electric item api, cleanup — player / detail
#321 (May 20, 2013 3:12:12 PM)
refine side assignment for outputting — player / detail
#320 (May 20, 2013 11:42:49 AM)
add some api to retrieve item energy/fuel values — player / detail
#319 (May 20, 2013 12:44:21 AM)
change output to bottom — player / detail
#318 (May 20, 2013 12:25:23 AM)
minor refactoring — player / detail
#316 (May 20, 2013 12:10:34 AM)
mapping update — player / detail
#315 (May 19, 2013 11:55:22 PM)
new inventory implementation, experimental! — player / detail
#314 (May 19, 2013 6:36:21 PM)
You saw nothing [2] — RichardG867 / detail
#313 (May 19, 2013 6:22:38 PM)
Fix nightvision goggles OOB — RichardG867 / detail
Fix pump behavior with stacked buckets — RichardG867 / detail
Fix energy-o-mat GUI — RichardG867 / detail
Fix dynamite entity rendering — RichardG867 / detail
You saw nothing — RichardG867 / detail
#312 (May 17, 2013 3:49:25 PM)
fix destroying foamed cables — player / detail
#311 (May 14, 2013 8:29:52 PM)
Electric boat sprite fix — RichardG867 / detail
#310 (May 14, 2013 1:47:54 PM)
scanner: scan only server-side — player / detail
fix explosion with only non-living entities in range — player / detail
generate an ic2 jar for addon devs, should be directly usable as a library in eclipse — player / detail
#309 (May 11, 2013 7:00:15 PM)
Fix API references — RichardG867 / detail
* Updated Iron Chests to

* Updated LiquidXP to 55.0.0

* Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2.

* Updated Logistics Pipes to

#436 (May 23, 2013 1:31:10 AM)
Kick out the TransactorFurnace as its deleted (Compatibility to BC 3.5.3+) (commit: 97ee4cf905ba0cb5f4cd62a5cb8e6908f778926b) — Benedikt Ziemons / detail
#435 (May 22, 2013 12:50:11 PM)
Add recipe for security station. (commit: 7af121ce510c278277df557cb8a1865ccdf470a7) — davboecki / detail
#434 (May 22, 2013 12:05:13 PM)
Added Liquid Extractor Pipe. (commit: 8f705100dc9fe2198f05e02f8b4186ac508cde65) — davboecki / detail
#433 (May 21, 2013 10:41:11 PM)
Added BetterStorage proxy and fixed CraftingSignCreator damage. (commit: ae3fa7dd38426c8a90076bd30dcb66e903222568) — davboecki / detail
#432 (May 21, 2013 1:47:12 PM)
Fix NeedsPower Action. (commit: fb94977c3194d65487eb3580b952dacfe04f4c64) — davboecki / detail
#431 (May 21, 2013 1:58:10 AM)
Fix BetterStorage SpecialInventoryHandler, fixed ThermalExpansion ModName and adjusted build.xml. (commit: 0fea8631f2be20d4e7b94f5a86ac5690b1f32433) — davboecki / detail
#430 (May 19, 2013 7:03:15 PM)
Added Sneaky Combination Upgrade. (commit: 9e32d8a2923209ab716636c576c99efb96edebd3) — davboecki / detail
Added recipe for Advanced Satellite Upgrade. (commit: 245dfe6dbe4d1aab430c09b98c54297d119c6f21) — davboecki / detail
#429 (May 19, 2013 3:55:10 PM)
Use Map instead of HashMap in ItemIdentifier.checkNBTbadness_recurse (commit: a2965e15006862b8983304dedf0d02ccbadefde5) — rallanpcl / detail
#428 (May 18, 2013 8:24:09 PM)
Add some more crash information. (commit: bcdd2e3799d56fbc75702529bb5a1042b8cd7003) — davboecki / detail
#427 (May 18, 2013 7:09:11 PM)
Cleanup. (commit: 881c34ed7fc1deae380e2200feb5765acadfa11e) — davboecki / detail
Fix Security station drop. (commit: d1f90de097f1b659ed3a5be49deddbd6d32a0fdc) — davboecki / detail
Allow the firewall pipe to pass power. (commit: 1f83666b88716c3698a7ae99d8403c8d25075b3d) — davboecki / detail
#426 (May 18, 2013 12:10:10 AM)
ReEnable Thermal Expansion proxy. (commit: 36fbdfb00d909646ee7e9a3cab5db0d888824077) — davboecki / detail
#425 (May 16, 2013 4:44:10 PM)
Update ForestryProxy and fixes some bugs related to Forestry interaction. (commit: a190b2a4cc2eb3cefae49167350a00f194daae87) — davboecki / detail
#424 (May 16, 2013 11:29:12 AM)
Fix RS485/LogisticsPipes-Dev#69 (commit: 137946ba61871d247b0d06bbe666756a6f16f359) — github / detail
#423 (May 10, 2013 2:33:44 PM)
Fix Orientation inside Pipe Connection check. (commit: 436b9cf7127f0cfddae94d909f15fd9ed19af78e) — davboecki / detail
#422 (May 9, 2013 3:25:45 PM)
Prevent pipes from being removed by other mods if not allowed inside the security station. (commit: c639eec52c744bd19c680cf0ec17bd6a5d65f0d6) — davboecki / detail
Implement support for new Minecraft vanilla ISidedInventory. (commit: a8d4463d6e75b0963fb572467b91abc6b19b8941) — davboecki / detail
#421 (May 8, 2013 2:24:49 PM)
Added access control to Security Station for CC Computer. (commit: 5d94989a27db827e2b125e2536f002e2149a2f61) — davboecki / detail
#420 (May 4, 2013 4:59:49 PM)
Update to MC 1.5.2. (commit: 3499d7777fd50dd88edb2909f5ba9ab3d357750f) — davboecki / detail
#419 (May 4, 2013 4:41:45 PM)
Cleanup texture management. (commit: 00f49b2b3a6ba0f0ab773f6857d0e994a649ede2) — davboecki / detail
Remove empty file and move class to correct packet. (commit: a3cbef52e9a19fe19cf025f1ed10295e4f5e0d67) — davboecki / detail
Texture fixes and Cleanup. (commit: e17ee2b2d38f02520caa74b7bc9a6a9d915eab40) — davboecki / detail
#418 (Apr 30, 2013 11:30:44 PM)
Improved HUD performance and added an API for the HUD. (commit: 8716010ab476be40e285d6e1f7d5d2d5d02961b3) — davboecki / detail
#417 (Apr 29, 2013 2:22:18 PM)
Fix comments. (commit: 48da53f59018c352c575ed7e5a0e8174867ca5db) — davboecki / detail
#416 (Apr 29, 2013 2:18:50 PM)
CleanUp and update of Forge and ThermalExpansion. (commit: 24a9c5422aa597d68091b5e13b7df37e4da9cee0) — davboecki / detail
#415 (Apr 29, 2013 1:42:49 PM)
Fix inHand configuration. (commit: 4fee8cc759ac289872c6e40605323b5b123662cb) — davboecki / detail
#414 (Apr 29, 2013 1:21:45 PM)
Fix LP startup infinite recursion. (commit: 36c9349f06190692fd1b4f80323fd317576a8e6d) — davboecki / detail
#413 (Apr 29, 2013 5:00:44 AM)
2nd half of previous commit (commit: 2cd4e22c8e281cbac594ef81c0fe5c036557b55b) — andy.t.roo / detail
#412 (Apr 29, 2013 3:21:49 AM)
Don't store coordinates. use get[X,Y,Z]() to retrieve them (commit: 3bae9addd4e445053046e3bd208e2fce20b51ab7) — andy.t.roo / detail
#411 (Apr 28, 2013 10:39:49 PM)
Fix HUD rendering in obfuscated environment. (commit: b2875a471b2acf74394e37ef2344a4417955f4fe) — davboecki / detail
#410 (Apr 28, 2013 9:16:49 PM)
Update/Revert to new BuildCraft version. (commit: bb1faeb2d7da26a931fc52238ad9fe7c6e1243ac) — davboecki / detail
#409 (Apr 28, 2013 3:15:49 PM)
Fix and cleanup Crafting sign renderer. (commit: 2bcbc1ea70132c229cea99d0fe3f6eedd724c90b) — davboecki / detail
#408 (Apr 28, 2013 2:36:49 PM)
Update to new BuildCraft and rework the LiquidContainer rendering. (commit: 58a11d751cccb2755c6e28c196488ed984803b53) — davboecki / detail
Update to newest BuildCraft version. (commit: a567754845c6d6270da5ea3b4a08efecc4818980) — davboecki / detail
#407 (Apr 27, 2013 4:41:50 PM)
Security Station (commit: 5efd227550b7ecfcc93dacef0d28b91e19feaf42) — tej1996 / detail
Liquid Containers (commit: 47caa3c284c665be809e3e0bd6a1052d12514f7e) — tej1996 / detail
Added option for extraction for analyser module (commit: 673f0f3a66ad40a8b5869220ff34c5237dae6af4) — tej1996 / detail
fix conflicts (commit: df4141cccff7de0697edf228fde4f723d8bcfa30) — tej1996 / detail

* Updated MFFS to

Fixed some security conflicts
Fixed wrong module tooltips
Fixed interdiction matrix unequal range
Version Bump to 3.0.2
Revert "Started working on the mobilizer"
Revert "Version Bump"
Fixed some camo render bugs and stablizer place bugs
Added conserve packet option
Updated UE
Fixed custom mode camo lag
Fixed some security bugs
Added ability to use quartz as fuel
Updated submodules
Updated submodule and build script
Fixed not accepting low BuildCraft energy
Reduced speed of field construction
Version Bump
Added tooltips to force field projector modules
Added config for interdiction creative interaction
Added external NBT saving for custom mode
Updated submodules
Fixed server side crash
Made remote require Fortron
Updated Basic Components
Fixed ID card being taken out while identifier is active
Fixed modules not consuming power in machines
Added ability for to camo entire custom mode
Added Fortron dissipation upon breakage
Integrated with Basic Components
Added speed module capability for stabilizer/disintegration
Updated submodules
Attempt to fix build script
Added disintegration animation
Added animation/fxs to stabilizer module
Added custom mode integration with stablizer module
MC Version Bump
Fixed Coercion Deriver generating Fortron from nothing
Added ability to close GUIs with "E"
Updated build.xml file
Updated to MC 1.5.1
Registering some BC materials into MFFS
Changed mod ID

* Updated Minecraft Forge to

Build 1.5.2-
 Add support for servers to register dimensions on client.
 In order to support multi-worlds such as MultiVerse, the server needs the
 ability to register dimensions on client or many forge mods such as IC2
 will not function correctly. This has been an issue for MCPC which
 provides both Forge and Bukkit support to players. By adding the
 DimensionRegisterPacket class, MCPC now has the ability to send the
 required packet to client to register a dimension with DimensionManager.
 LexManos: Cleanup Dimension Registration packet, generate takes no arguments, and added fix to world to prevent providers from overwriting the dimension ID.
 LexManos: Fix potential GL issue when atlas animations bind textures without informating RenderEngine.
Build 1.5.2-
 Introduced the framework for Forge's packet handler system. Heavily based off FMLPacket.
 Packet splitting and reconstruction is handled.
Build 1.5.2-
 Updated FML:
 MinecraftForge/FML@3bf50c4bbe82f0cc317dafcf2a569cb5210bc738 Fix server side derp with Forge network packet handler
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Fix type in biome list.
 LexManos: Fixed creative tab rendering with invalid color closes #588
Build 1.5.2-
 Add forge network handling support
 Updated FML:
 MinecraftForge/FML@4922e90d81d8b8b9374c4d04858a06c5bf03965c Separate network mod config from setup. Allows for Forge Packet Handler nicety
Build 1.5.2-
 mehvids: Add hitInfo field to MovingObjectPosition for when an int doesn't suffice
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Fix another NPE when Items are in Block range with custom renderers, Modders keep your items out of the block range! Closes #581
 LexManos: Fixed render count for stacks of blocks 40+ and distrabution of items based on scale. Closes #579
Build 1.5.2-
 cpw: Remember x & z passed to getTopSolidOrLiquidBlock and use it for foliage tests. Fixes #575
Build 1.5.2-
 cpw: Fix blending on the hotbar. Closes #574
Build 1.5.2-
 Updated FML:
 MinecraftForge/FML@23b070c7d02a8da44bf04c2f9ba2b485a44ad967 Alternative @SidedProxy setter for Scala.
 MinecraftForge/FML@2cca7aa759b4b6c3a128ce43bbd924e4762c43c2 Some more Scala @SidedProxy adjustments. Now properly supporting pure singletons, i.e. object C { @SidedProxy(...) var proxy: P = null } Removed fallback, as all such singletons are properly handled by the new code now, and class implementations fall back to the code also used for plain Java mods.
 MinecraftForge/FML@8517a824e5251c409e05999d42fc6d70497609f5 Merge declaration and initialization of a variable.
 MinecraftForge/FML@a3a920437f3ede6841ae2c449a38975b02b28088 Merge pull request #230 from fnuecke/master
 cpw: Add in a very simple stencil bit registry to try and arbitrate between mods wanting to use stencil bits in rendering
Build 1.5.2-
 Added oreQuartz
 Gives a default quartz Ore Dictionary (I know of at least 3 used by different mods that use Nether Quartz as an equivalent).
 gholdampf: updated
 mike.stengel: Created an ItemStack sensitive version of canHarvestBlock.
Build 1.5.2-
 Possible NPE if the liquid isn't in the LD
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Fix NPE when rendering EntityItems that are not blocks but int he block range.
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Prevent water from dropping snowballs.
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Fire EntityJoinWorled event for forced entities {Players and there mounts} as well, just ignore the cancelled value.
Build 1.5.2-
 MinecraftForge/FML@787c0c4a6af3af60928b3a90f383a305a17a4347 Don't spit error on LWJGL not supporting 4.3 just warning.
 Make custom item renderers attempt to use EQUIPPED type when running first person. For backwards compatiblity, will be removed in 1.6.
 And a small change to make the 1.6 check not print it's stack trace.
Build 1.5.2-
 purpleposeidon: Fix render bounding box of trapped double chests
 Make getStencilBits static
 Made getStencilBits static so it can be called.
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Move Partical rendering down in the order, after everything else. Should fix particals rendering behind water, digging process, and selection.
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Fixed NPE in rendering dragged items.
Build 1.5.2-
 Attempt to allocate a 8-bit stencil buffer when creating Minecraft's display context. If that throws an error it will revert back to it's default values.
 Also contains a method for modders to rereive how many bits the context was created with. Closes #552
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: EntityPlayer sensitive version of Item.isValidArmor, deprecated older version. Closes #551
 LexManos: Changed to just plane entity for flexability.
 LexManos: New RenderPlayer and RenderLiving events. Closes #493
Build 1.5.2-
 pahimar: Update forge_at.cfg
Build 1.5.2-
 mitchpetrie29: Separate EQUIPPED and EQUIPPED_FIRST_PERSON Item Render Types
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Capture and fire the PlaySoundAtEntity event for The client entity. Minecraft does some odd bypasses for no good reason. Thanks iPixile for reporting this.
Build 1.5.2-
 Updated FML:
 MinecraftForge/FML@99bb50d8f8d27217ba58a41c802a504213e99461 Improved Entity Spawn Error
 MinecraftForge/FML@c0cca7f41d5b080e39dd8d3d6cfc329295c822e6 Merge pull request #227 from CovertJaguar/patch-1
 MinecraftForge/FML@49111e9c5cffab49ec35f965801c3f0496f6def6 Add version detection to astyle and print error if it doesnt detect version 2.0+
 Also fixed astyle's config for max-instatement-indent that sometimes caused crashes with certian versions of astyle.
Build 1.5.2-
 Update to 1.5.2 PR.
 MinecraftForge/FML@f0bba74a4748935ef3a715ae2f45feb75cc20376 Update for minecraft 1.5.2
 MinecraftForge/FML@62fdbad74c2507d147ecab56f56029135d88c6f5 Update MCP's md5 for the fixed srg files.
 Updated FML:
 MinecraftForge/FML@00f00b17bf0da262e6fe3e327ca2deedf7146305 Fix scalac detection to actually use the located command instead of defaulting to 'scalac'
 LexManos: Fixed hardcoding of MC version in debug text.
 LexManos: Bump version number for 1.5.2
Build 1.5.2-
 LexManos: Bump version number for 1.5.2

* Updated MineFactory Reloaded to 2.6.0B1-827

* Updated Moduar Powersuits to 0.7.0-525

* Updated Mystcraft to (Unofficial)

* Updated NetherOres to 2.1.4B1-70

#70 (May 17, 2013 6:12:51 PM)
Update russian localization to match unloc change (commit: e3760b4c82a3e1202d5aaa82665b5e4b9c2a2e1e) — powercrystals / detail
#69 (May 17, 2013 6:07:07 PM)
Russian translation+ (commit: 96f72c36c09a2f94c1ca44630de3eb76735c8c08) — verybigbro / detail
Update (commit: 7672ea7d5ce43956d40e94d86725651607b9b107) — verybigbro / detail
Update en_US.lang (commit: df5a320859a7a239b4e8bfb76339b00a54d88bc4) — verybigbro / detail
#68 (May 17, 2013 3:32:07 PM)
isRegisteredMacerator no longer always false (commit: c00b7cfebb8185529b23fd95425d1ae668804430) — emy / detail
Change Ferrous -> Nickel except in localized names (commit: 291d1a2732f777f19ca16da908192309d4ee520e) — emy / detail
#67 (May 16, 2013 10:40:29 PM)
Add vanilla ores to MFR Laser drill (commit: d0814fb98b362316ddcf6955b2dd948059304bf5) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
#66 (May 16, 2013 5:36:18 PM)
Make adding new ores easier (commit: 054eb5ea73a75bebce08653ac19eddd02d6bbbb9) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
Add German translation for Osmium (commit: 923da1d8eeaaa8a20a781d39a50bd652f84a8872) — mr.wraith.06 / detail
#65 (May 16, 2013 3:41:58 PM)
Create de_DE.lang (commit: 039fdeabf1d103e9bac4c05bce08b5401febaf92) — rejack / detail
Extend German Language (commit: f391c4d3be7ae1c8adebf38b311f594a0c521f61) — rejack / detail
Update de_DE.lang (commit: 808c13aac18e4293751f0c440ac6e91087954f7b) — rejack / detail
#64 (May 15, 2013 2:30:27 PM)
Added Osmium to ore names list (commit: 2716740b1176c075913965ce84cddc3310a221a1) — emy / detail
Prevent array index out of bounds on ore names (commit: 85807767a96677aee0c27ae6060d4ac61b841cd0) — emy / detail
#63 (May 10, 2013 9:21:48 PM)
Update Nether Ores to new Forge version (commit: 60190f819209fa512e077db2ba5f94ea40a1875f) — emy / detail
Nether Ores don't explode if mined with silk touch (commit: aea4b5ab4d0d3a7629c4c2e53a1493d4bef63ef8) — emy / detail
#62 (May 9, 2013 5:03:13 PM)
Osmium should have its own meta (commit: 992042de0b89a5010d3cce869f3fdb29d66bde52) — emy / detail
#61 (Apr 26, 2013 2:37:43 AM)
Update version marker (commit: 19d9d7ad1137e46aefbf92501676f9485af123d4) — powercrystals / detail

* Updated NotEnoughItems to

* Updated Nuclear Control to 1.5.1d

* Updated OmniTools to
-Updated new to CoFHCore framework and supporting APIs.
-Bugfix: OmniWrench will properly fix disabled TE engines again.

* Updated Optifine to 1.5.2_HD_U_D3

OptiFine 1.5.2_HD_U_D3
Fixed particles rendering behind entities when forge is installed
Compatible with Forge #707
OptiFine 1.5.2_HD_U_D2
Updated to 1.5.2

* Updated Power Crystal’s Core to 1.1.6-108

#108 (May 20, 2013 9:40:37 PM)
Update version marker (commit: cc4c733eef8e546283aaadd4598a675de7861343) — powercrystals / detail
#107 (May 20, 2013 9:32:58 PM)
Promoting to 1.1.6 (commit: 36ac29ceaea9c940bdc6371f93d84014353f39f6) — powercrystals / detail
#106 (May 19, 2013 6:07:05 PM)
Import cleanup (commit: 0265bb57ca38b2bd5336e32db3dd9c597d95c422) — emy / detail
Revert "Removed IAirDropTarget" (commit: 428dada5140f7a64161c0436600b01a4e1fa0970) — emy / detail
IAirDropTarget is back, for compat with older MFR (commit: c8e7710acd88f140c6eb1f32a96486145a3ae217) — emy / detail
#105 (May 19, 2013 2:52:42 PM)
Revert "Container fix: off by one" (commit: b53148ec0cb8df155c8b1fd0d30936f4392ab653) — emy / detail
Revert "Skyboy's single-use container fix (more or less)" (commit: ed89ee155d8bdcbfb282dce74c4854a4661f1b8f) — emy / detail
#104 (May 19, 2013 1:22:33 PM)
Container fix: off by one (commit: 4adf3658fccee04f1494427e3335fd9e7141c61a) — emy / detail
#103 (May 19, 2013 1:11:25 PM)
Skyboy's single-use container fix (more or less) (commit: 42aaeadf2f406dc64933d29d28c32fb61fc56fd2) — emy / detail
#102 (May 18, 2013 4:18:25 PM)
findPipes/findChests use LinkedHashMaps (commit: 5b0e104717281678c46755ac5404717b56950c8c) — emy / detail
#101 (May 13, 2013 3:46:50 PM)
Fixed (commit: 85d57449aa36d8b2cac4044397deda71080bac41) — emy / detail
#100 (May 13, 2013 3:44:21 PM)
Removed IAirDropTarget (commit: 70094591a170fc58cf989b809cdf72e2e78425ad) — emy / detail
#99 (May 11, 2013 1:05:38 PM)
Revert "AT sets EntityGhast.targetedEntity to public" (commit: 2021e61653c8c60f8d785aa73db4d3c9db32f7c2) — emy / detail
#98 (May 11, 2013 2:57:55 AM)
AT sets EntityGhast.targetedEntity to public (commit: c8cc186109b80dc194dfdf5e123c4d58124a8961) — emy / detail
#97 (May 7, 2013 9:13:48 PM)
Fix dupe bug when dropping into tesseracts (commit: 165fbc8ef191abfe6e78f1e582ded79cdc816aa9) — powercrystals / detail
#96 (May 3, 2013 7:06:54 PM)
Promoting to 1.5.2 (commit: 594c7647d0d8155d4dec7f9f197e895b98769db9) — powercrystals / detail
#95 (May 3, 2013 7:00:27 PM)
Update loader's MCVersion attribute (commit: fa99333dfe8ea750d8c3efde15e80354e0b0fdf1) — powercrystals / detail
#94 (May 3, 2013 6:35:39 PM)
Should actually build in 1.5.2 now (commit: 0774b4627b2bb4147a4b0ea20151bc8f775084de) — powercrystals / detail
#93 (May 3, 2013 5:47:41 PM)
Fix build script (commit: fd536172558041948896de8f2c8e80b49bf3e94d) — powercrystals / detail
#92 (May 3, 2013 5:43:40 PM)
1.5.2 update (commit: 26ce8b8460e3b7e20649b232972d082ea8d98932) — powercrystals / detail
#91 (Apr 24, 2013 1:17:50 AM)
Update version marker (commit: 399780e9203eb2868bc07802890090f594b1094e) — powercrystals / detail

* Updated Railcraft to

NEW: Added Slab variants of many blocks. Used one new block ID. Special Feature: Can stack different types.
NEW: Added four new variants of each Brick Theme. Each Theme now uses one Block Id, old Bricks moved from Cube Id to new Ids. Conversion should be mostly seamless.
NEW: Added Abyssal Stone (Black) and all five brick variants plus slabs and stairs. Abyssal Stone generates in large Geodes beneath the oceans. Cook it in a Furnace to get Abyssal Blocks.
INFO: Geodes have a greater than average chance of having Diamonds, Emerald or Lapis Ore inside.
NEW: Added Quarried Stone (White) and all five brick variants plus slabs and stairs. Quarried Stone generates in large surface deposit in Forest Biomes. Cook it in a Furnace to get Quarried Blocks.
NEW: Added Frost Bound Brick (Blue), all five brick variants plus slabs and stairs. Combine 8 Ice with 1 Lapis to get 8 Frost Bound Blocks.
NEW: Added Blood Stained Brick (Red), all five brick variants plus slabs and stairs. Combine Smooth Sandstone with Rotten Flesh or Raw Beef to get Blood Stained Blocks.
NEW: Added Bleached Bone Brick (Yellowed), all five brick variants plus slabs and stairs. Combine Bricks and Bone Meal to get Bleached Bone Blocks.
NEW: Added Coal Coke Blocks. Yes, they can be used as Fuel.
NEW: Added HasWork Trigger and Pause Action to Loaders/Unloaders.
NEW: Added "Partial" Redstone mode to Item Loaders. This mode is similar to Immediate, except it will not send Empty carts.
CHANGE: Redesigned World Gen section of 'railcraft.cfg'. Added ability to specify new Biomes to spawn some features in. If you are using non-standard settings, please double check your configs.
CHANGE: All Loaders/Unloaders now use Hoppers in the recipe instead of Dispensers.
CHANGE: Painted Tank blocks can now be harvested with Silk Touch.
CHANGE: Switch Motors/Levers now switch all adjacent Switch Tracks instead of just the first it finds.
CHANGE: Moved Ore blocks to Railcraft Creative Tab.
CHANGE: Increased Iron Tank blast resistance: 15 -> 20
CHANGE: Increased Steel Tank blast resistance: 15 -> 25
FIX: Its no longer possible for Locomotives to keep running after running out of fuel.
FIX: Train Dispenser no longer crashes with a Stack Overflow.
FIX: Fixed Stairs pick block.
FIX: Painted Tank blocks now render correctly on the ground.
FIX: Crafting Managers now correctly match metadata.
FIX: Fixed possible crash in the Liquid Renderer due to random Forge changes.
FIX: Railcraft now extracts its sound files to the resources folder and loads them from there, may fix issues some people have with sounds.
FIX: Tank Cart inventory code is less bizarre and crashy.
FIX: Disabling Steel Ingots no longer allows you to craft Steel Nuggets from Iron Ingots.
FIX: Disabling Steel Ingots no longer allows you to craft Steel Nuggets into Iron Ingots. It will instead attempt to find a different Steel Ingot in the Ore Dictionary.
FIX: Item Unloaders will no longer crash on carts that don't implement IInventory.
API: Minor modification to TrackSpec to make it compatible with ID Resolver.

* Updated Rei’s Minimap to 3.3_06

Fixed: Lighting bug fixes

* Updated Steve’s Carts to 2.0.0.a117

Alpha 117
Fixed a bug where the Track Operator broke Steve's Arcade on a server making the module disappear.
Alpha 116
Added the 'Creeper Sweeper' mini game.
Alpha 115
Named the Tetris game 'Mob Stacker'
Added the 'Ghast Invaders' mini game for the Steve's Arcade.
Alpha 114
The feature that crashed a112 and was removed in a113 has now been re-added and is working, the feature disables the cart's noise when you're playing a mini-game in the Steve's Arcade.
Alpha 113
Fixed a crash issue and a rendering bug for the Steve's Arcade.
Alpha 112
Added the Steve's Arcade with the 'Track Operator' and 'Tetris' games.

* Updated Thaumcraft to 3.0.5c

- more fixes for golem related crashes
- added russian to localization
- wand of equal trade now displays the number of blocks of the targeted type you have available.
- Fix for a few more golem related crashes
- Fix for certain mod crops/plants not being correctly harvested by straw golems
- Arcane bore won't ignore unbreakable blocks and allow you to dig blocks beyond them anymore
- Fixed harness dupe exploit
- Some general bug and crash fixes 
- Fixed monster spawning in non-vanilla biomes
- Fixed language support
- Cinnibar should once again spawn... oops. You might want to run regen for cinnibar if the world was created using MC 1.5 or later.
- Prevent moving of harness while it's gui is open
- Fix for possible harness gui crash
- Harness recipe fixed to require the correct crystals
- Fix for thaumometer and discoveries displaying incorrectly in survival mode... for reals this time
- Frost shards should no longer collide with the player clientside (was a purely visual bug)
- Other minor bug fixes
- Update to 1.5.2
- Golem visor should no longer cause a crash
- Items like the thaumometer should render properly again (blame Forge for that one)
- New stuff? New stuff!

* Updated Thaumic Bees to 1.4.7a

Update for Forestry
Added the Bee Collector's Jar.
Created an alternate recipe for the Temporal Frame that is always active.
Adjusted TC3 alternate recipe for the Temporal Frame.
Fixed an issue with the "Pick Block" function on the Greatwood & Silverwood planks. Should also stop NEI from providing incorrect block info on them.
Fixed the Node flower growing flowers.
Adding Apatite bees.

* Updated Thermal Expansion
-Bugfix: Buckets should no longer force remove chests, signs, etc.
-Bugfix: Cyclic Assembler liquid connections now work properly.
-Bugfix: MFR Ore Table has been fixed.
-Changed: World Generation is now handled with the new CoFHWorld module. Ores must be tweaked in World.cfg.
-Added: Ore compatibility with MFR's laser.
-Bugfix: Fixed a long standing issue with Liquiducts which was never actually reported.
-Bugfix: Liquiducts will no longer accept 0-quantity liquidstacks.
-Bugfix: Machine Energy scaling works properly again.
-Bugfix: Redstone Energy Cell should get along better with AE networks.
-Changed: Bucket Handling has been altered to be more compatible with alternative methods.
-Changed: Illuminator render has been altered to hopefully clip less with certain video card configurations.
-Changed: Redstone Energy Conduit render has been optimized for lower strain on the client. (It was already low, however.)
-Changed: Sided conduit hitboxes have been removed - a different Conduit framework is on the way.
-Changed: Updated to new BC pipe API. The BC plugin pipes should work again.

* Updated Tinkers’ Construct to
- Fixed a crash bug where sound names were too long
- Added new sound effects for the tool station and frying pan
- Changed rapiers to be in line with longswords on power
- Renamed Axe to Hatchet
- Added endstone and obsidian ingot bricks
- Obsidian ingots are re-meltable
- Fixed a bug where it rained books
- Disabled clear water and void fog removal
- Fixed a cross-mod bug that prevented better dungeons from doing everything
- Added lava abilities to bucket-placed liquid metals
- Fixed a cross-mod bug that caused non-IC2 electric armor to poof
- Removed sprint-attack ability from rapiers
- Fixed a bug with smeltery and oreberry bushes not updating the inventory properly

* Updated TubeStuff to 55.0.1

* Block breakers' fake players have a valid position instead of (0,0,0) - might fix Axe of the Stream.
* Fixed block breaker item rendering.
* Items dropped by block breakers are less weird.
* Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2.
* Updated ACT2 NEI integration.
* You can't insert things into the output of an ACT2 any more.

* Updated Twilight Forest to 1.18.0

Version 1.18.0 :
Rewrote naga segment code, improving the animation
Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2 codebase, MCP 7.51 and Forge
Fixed an issue where the game will generate twilight forest chunks until it can set a valid spawn point, regardless of whether this is useful behavior
Register our biomes with the Forge biome dictionary
Made fiery aura enchantment ID configurable
Experiments with wearable boss trophies
Ore magnet now works on nether quartz ore and theoretically other nether ores
Re-animated magic tree leaves
Version 1.17.2:
Added block and chain goblin
Some efforts to reduce client-side lag
Make WorldProviderTwilightForest inherit from WorldProviderSurface
Disable firefly relight checks
Stop Forge biome foliage color event from firing
Small birds fly when startled
Fixed my monster spawn eggs to support naming mobs in the same way as vanilla eggs
Added goblin knight
Added helmet crab
Portal code refactor/rewrite
Fixed portal blocks not breaking completely if one block is broken
Allow other entities to pass through the portals
Worked on some new plants
Moss patch
Implemented new plant clumping technology
Fixed some bugs in the ore meter
Refactored stalactite generation in the hollow hills
Fixed an out of bounds error on sapling icons
Breaking the carminite builder blocks starts the bridge blocks collapsing
Carminite reactor effect should destroy fewer “unbreakable” blocks
Added maze wafer graphic
Added experiment 115, a food item similar to the maze wafer
Replaced maze wafers in the dark tower chests with experiment 115s
Added moss to fallen hollow log generation
Gave each of the twilight forest tree logs their own “cut” side texture
Added small fallen logs

* Updated Universal Electricity Basic Components to

Fixed multiblock packet bug
Version Bump
Fixed BlockMulti break NPE


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