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+ Added DamageIndicators

~ Disabled Coal Chunk compression, use implosion compressor!

~ Disabled Hecate spawning

~ Fixed MFFS item ID conflict (ID 11137)

~ Re-enabled Greg-Tech UE support

~ Reduced Cookie Creepers drop from 25 to 10

~ Reduced Dark Creeper explosion radius to 6

~ Reduced Earth Creeper explosion radius to 4

~ Increased Psychic Creeper explosion radius to 10

~ Increased Psychic Creeper explosion power from 8 to 20

~ Reduced Energy Tesseract loss to 10%

* Updated Applied Energistics to rv10-m

Version rv10.m - Released Tuesday, May 7th 2013 8.28PM -05:00

Fixed more ISided insanity ( mechanism inventory + Import Bus Fix )
Fixed Strange Terminal Behavior with crafting and extraction.
Fuzzy Bus Fix for encoded pattens ( ignore NBT! ).
Changed API For IStorageCell
Fixed crash with MAC and Syncronization ( and the sync too hopefully )
Fixed a bug where "Stored Items: 1" would appear on damaged items in inventory, not ME Slot
Fixed a Render Glitch for StorageMonitors.
Fixed a crash when downgrading ( from rv11 )
Shrunk Storage bus by a fraction, so it won't cause strange visual artifacts on facades.
Fixed bug with One Way Network Connections ( storage bus + interface )
Version rv10.l - Released Sunday, May 5th 2013 2.29AM -05:00

Added Better NEI Support ( Shift + ? ) for Crafting Terminal.
Fixed Bug with Fuzzy Export Bus
Fixed some issues with REALLY slow crafting..
Added Special Comparison Registry
Facades are now solid.
Adjusted handlers to use new SpecialComp Registry and have more specific handling in general.
Added Special Handler For Forestry Genetics ( Bees / Trees )
Fixed issue with ISided ( Now stay fixed! )
Added Basic Rednet Compatibility. ( correct connections with cables )
Fixed Crafting Monitor Job Canceling.
Better Mystcraft book removal solution.
Removed NEI Crash.
Fixed Crash in rare case where ISided Blocks return null. ( probably )

* Updated Greg-Tech to 3.04e

Warning: This is based on a development build of IC2.
Fixed Description Packets of MetaTileEntities being sent twice.
Decreased amount of useless Client Updates
Added Cauldron to the recycling Recipes.
Warning: This is based on a development build of IC2.
Updated the reserved MetaTile-ID List.
Added the missing hook for Icon Registration to my MetaTileEntity API.
Finally got around making an own Packet Handler for Main Data like ID and Covers.
Added Implosion Compressor Recipe for Coal Chunks, however the old Compressor Recipe is still there, so you have to disable it yourself, using the incredibly complex Dynamic Config, which noobody understands.
Warning: This is based on a development build of IC2.
Fixed Playerdetector Cast (damn copypasting)
Used srg-names to compile it
Should be compatible with 1.5.2 now, if not then I don't care. #BlameMojang

* Downgraded ICBM to

* Updated Minecraft Forge to

Build 1.5.2-
	LexManos: Fixed hardcoding of MC version in debug text.
Build 1.5.2-
	Updated FML:
	MinecraftForge/FML@00f00b17bf0da262e6fe3e327ca2deedf7146305 Fix scalac detection to actually use the located command instead of defaulting to 'scalac'

* Updated Nuclear Control to 1.5.1c

* Updated Steve’s Carts to 2.0.0a110

Alpha 110
Removed the Twigs and Logs, the wood cutters' drop chances now affect all drops, this means 100% wood from hardened and 125% wood from galgadorian for instance.
Wood Cutters can now clear the way of random leaf block blocking it on a rail slope.
Farmers and Wood Cutters can now plant things on soils introduced by mods.
Added the Tree:Exotic upgrade which allows Wood Cutters to work with a handful of modded trees.
Added the Planter Range Extender which allows the Wood Cutters to plant trees with bigger bases, for instance the 2x2 jungle trees.
Alpha 109
Buffed the durability of the enchantments.
Fixed a bug where Assembler Upgrades didn't attach properly in other dimensions.

* Updated Tinker’s Construct to
- Fixed a bug where oreberry generation ate end portals
- Fixed a bug where wither skeletons would not drop necrotic bones
- Fixed a bug where the smeltery would not update when its structure changed
- Fixed a bug where right-click placing with tools would place on the player
- Removed repair limit
- Fixed a bug where tools used far too much durability
- Disabled inventory tabs
- Reworked how repairs happen
- More modifiers reduces the efficiency of repairs
- Each repair degrades the tool a little, requiring more materials to repair
- Moved clear water and overworld void fog removal to client-only
- Added visual feedback to auto-smelt
- Changed default key for armor gui to O
- Added the ability to remove overworld void fog (configurable)
- Added clear water (configurable)
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