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CubCraft 2.0.0

# No longer “Beta”

– Removed BetterStorage

– Removed Damage Indicators

* Updated Applied Energistics to rv10.k

Version rv10.k - Released Friday, May 3rd 2013 3.28AM -05:00
Fixed a crash caused by EventBus
Fixed crash when using terminal on server.
Fixed Mystcraft Books ( REDUX! )
Added Compressor Recipes for IC2 for Quartz Dusts.
Version rv10.j - Released Friday, May 3rd 2013 12.20AM -05:00
Fixed an issue with possible NBT Corruption in AE Blocks during chunk unloading
Updated IC2 API.
Fixed crash when Using UE Energy.
Added full support for BetterStorage Storage Crates.
Fixed rendering issue with covered cable, and connections.
Crafting Monitor now correctly shows crafting status.
Fixed an issue with Mystcraft books now being extractable.
Version rv10.i - Released Tuesday, April 30th 2013 1.51AM -05:00
Crafting now uses the correct IRecipe Method
Fixed Display of Crafting Monitor when large numbers are used.
AE Tiles now properly unload / reload without causing dead tiles.
Fixed Rendering Glitch with Cable Animation
Selection and Bounding Boxes for Cables and Buses now appear correctly.
Cable Animations and Storage monitors now have a maximum render distance.
Fixed a bug where Crafting Mining Turtles would result in Regular turtles.
Fixed a bug where Crafting TE Energy Cubes would be impossible.
Added Forge Requirement to match version it was built with. ( prevents weird missing function errors )
Fixed bug where MAC gui would close when switching pages.
Fixed bug where Interface would not update patterns.
Fixed Sleeping mode on Export buses to sleep shorter, and to not hang.
Logistics Pipes Requestables and Craftables now appear properly in the terminal.
Storage Monitors no longer render effects.
Fixed a bug where 1.4.7 -> 1.5.1 world conversion would result in interfaces pointing south rather then in automatic mode ( default )
Fixed a bug where interfaces could cause Drives to not update their drive properly.

* Updated CoFH Core to
-Bugfix: The option to allow ops to set other players' capes now works correctly.
-Bugfix: Minor issue with a slot used by Thermal Expansion.
-Nothing special here, just backend improvements and additions.
-Textures: There are new ones.

* Updated ExtraBees to 1.6-pre6

Fixed server crash
Tweaked how piping items into machines works
Stopped machines requesting too much power
Removed indexer duplication bug
Changed some machines so pipes only extract finished product
Fixed liquids displaying in tanks
More GUI tweaks
Some shift clicking tweaks
There are a few fixes, including hive spawning and GUI tweaks

* Updated Extra Utilities to 0.2

+ Added: Blackout curtains
+ Added: Colored Wood planks
+ Added: Cursed Earh
+ Added: Trash can
+ Added: Division Sigil
+ Added: Healing axe
+ Added Helper: Recipe: Peaceful Nether star
+ Added Helper: Recipe: Fast obsidian mining
– Changed: Replaced Foliage Axe with Healing axe
– Changed: Peaceful Table now requires a sword to be placed in an adjacent chest
– Changed: Explosion from unstable ingot no longer destroys blocks (but still damages nearby entities and items)
– Changed: Creative/Console spawned unstable ingots will not explode.
– Changed: Nerfed Erosion shovel, now only destroys one block at a time (still destroys sand/gravel above mined blocks)
– Changed: Recipes for Colored Bricks/Wood and Golden Lasso
– Cosmetic change: Creative tabs automatically sorts blocks and items into respective alphabetical orders
– Cosmetic change: Peaceful tables have a new model
– Cosmetic change: Adjacent one-way pipes that are both instructed not to feed into each other will not visually connect
– Cosmetic change: ‘Primed’ Unstable ingots now have basic visual effect to show how much time is remaining.

* Updated Forestry to


- Changed: Slight boost to output on clockwork engines.
- Changed: Biofuel is now ethanol.
- Changed: Ethanol burns at 4 MJ/t in a combustion engine for 60.000 ticks. (Biofuel was 5 MJ/t for 40.000 ticks.)
- Changed: Bio Generator produces 32 EU/t for 4000 ticks per bucket of ethanol. (Biofuel was 32 EU/t for 2000 ticks.)
- Changed: Honey is now worth 2 MJ/t in a biogas engine at 10.000 ticks. (1 MJ/t for 10.000 ticks previously.)
- Bugfix: Fixed still consuming filled cans when running out of empty cans.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crashbug in the treealyzer when a tree with different amounts of tolerances on primary and secondary allele had been bred.
- Added: Sapling rate and yield to sapling tooltips. Extended tooltips on bees and saplings now hidden unless shift is pressed.
- Added: Papayas and dates can now be squeezed for fruit juice and/or mulch.
- Bugfix: Vanilla hoppers will now sort liquid cans through farm hatches.
- Bugfix: Biofuel now replaced by whatever the liquid dictionary returns.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash when placing alveary hygroregulators.
- Bugfix: Fixed registration of analyzer recipes.
- Bugfix: Fixed mahoe having an incorrect sappiness allele.
- Bugfix: Fixed treealyzer not rating sapling rate, yield and maturity correctly.
- Added: 5 new bee species.
- Added: 8 new tree species.
- Added: Bee house as a low level alternative to the apiary.
- Added: Clockwork engine. Wind it up for early game energy.
- Added: Vanilla hopper support to all machines and engines.
- Changed: Trunk size on trees can now be inherited. That 3x3 cherry tree is now possible!
- Changed: Internal changes to several machines to improve performance and some interaction with other mods.
- Changed: Raintank is now an unpowered machine.
- Changed: Bottler now uses the liquid dictionary to dynamically populate its recipe list.
- Changed: Seed oil output has been rebalanced, reducing it further on easily obtainable seeds.
- Changed: Several changes to the default traits of several tree species.
- Changed: Sapling yield in the fermenter has changed. The amount of biomass produced from a single sapling is now determined by the sappiness trait on it. Saplings without genetic information are treated as though they have lowest sappiness.
- Changed: Adapted to new vanilla bonemeal behaviour for saplings.
- Changed: Added squeezable lemons and plums. (Sprites for both by Xizzzy.)
- Changed: Apple juice is now fruit juice.
- Changed: Increased the guaranteed drop from apatite by 1. Reduced the minimum world height required for apatite to spawn to 56.
- Changed: Reduced power requirements for farms a bit.
- Changed: Reduced fertilizer requirements on some of the more basic farms, including arboretum.
- Changed: Changed humus degradation behaviour. Now only degrades over time instead of on-growth of a tree.
- Changed: Drastically increased the potential generations artificial princesses ("swarmer princesses") can reproduce before genetic fatigue sets in.
- Changed: All work and no play makes the queen a dull girl: Forcing a queen to produce way too fast or trying too hard to mutate her may result in undesireable consequences. (Note: Only applies to outside factors, not to factors inherent in the queen's genetic makeup.)
- Changed: Minor improvements to treealyzer and to sapling tooltips.
- Localization: Updates to PR and CN/TW by redroserade and craftyeverywhere.

* Updated Greg-Tech to 3.04b

Fixed Texture relevant Updates being only fired every 10 Ticks.
Fixed Pump causing Block Updates when pumping Liquids.
Fixed some other minor Bugs.
Added a few more Basic Logic Modes for Bitwise Operators.
Added Books to Creative Inventory
Fixed a bunch of Sync Issues. Kane, you need to test it again for me. Sonictron in particular. Also test if the Covers are visible.
Fixed a few unrecognized OreDictionary Tags.
Added Comparator Recipe, which is working with any kind of Quartz.
Added Liquid filling Functionality for the Autocrafting Table.
Fixed Liquids.
Added Recipes for RC Crushed Obsidian made from Thaumcraft Totems, and made the Pulverizer output crushed Obsidian (only 10% Dust instead of 25% of the normal Rock Crusher).
Fixed a crapton of Bugs. Including those truncation Errors of Minecrafts Block Event Packets, what caused the Machine Extra Data to not being sent (wrong Facings etc.).
Fixed Universal Macerator Recipes, which were accidently registered with 0% Secondary Output (0 was meaning "switch to default Rate" what is 10%).
Universal Macerator now also works if neither TE nor RC are installed.
Very likely "fixed" GUI Crash when clicking on an unloaded Machine, by try/catching ALL THE vanilla Container Functions. I didn't encounter any unloaded machine on the Server so I wasnt able to test it myself.

* Updated ICBM to

Updated MFFS API
Added IAATarget interface
Fixed AA turret render size
Updated to MC 1.5.1
Fixed wool not using all colors
Improved AA model
Fixed sulfur gen replacing lava
Updated submodule
Increased size of rocket launcher on shoulder
Comply_cat_Ed texture upload
Updated submodule

* Updated Industrialcraft2 to 1.115.308-lf

#308 (May 4, 2013 3:15:38 PM)
 Use missing texture to render a null texture in RenderBlockCable — player / detail
#307 (Apr 30, 2013 10:32:04 PM)
 Add safeguard for cables to diagnose a crash — RichardG867 / detail
#306 (Apr 30, 2013 10:26:15 PM)
 Fix tin can mapping derp — RichardG867 / detail
 Don't register 30k/60k coolant cells, exploit worthy — RichardG867 / detail
 Fix miners not recognizing the proper metadata wildcard — RichardG867 / detail
#305 (Apr 29, 2013 3:21:27 AM)
 Change reactor output to float. See how it works out. — RichardG867 / detail
 Fix crop syncing — RichardG867 / detail

* Updated Inventory Tweaks to 1.54b

[05.01.2013] 1.54 (1.5/1.5.1/1.5.2)
 Fixed an error with shortcuts while the inventory screen was shifted (ex. by potion/beacon effects).
 Compatibiltiy for Galacticraft’s enhanced inventory screen.
 API enhancements. (ItemTree information can be accessed via API)
 Improved shortcut behavior with extract-only slots.
 Various behind-the-scenes enhancements.

* Updated Iron Chests to

* Updated LiquidXP to 54.0.2

Liquid displays properly in BC tanks (and should display properly and not crash in RC tanks). Blame cpw for making a retarded API.

* Updated MFFS to

Added ability to camouflage Fortron beam
Fixed some deriver bugs
Updated submodule
Added IC2 energy production support
Fixed cylinder hologram
Added caching for getInteriorPoints
Fixed isInField for Cylinder
Fixed sphere sponge module
Added cylinder mode
Updated IC2 API
Texture improvements
Added Galacticraft oxygen seal compatiblity

* Updated Minecraft Forge to

Build 1.5.1-
	LexManos: Bump version to 7.7.2 so I can make a release.
Build 1.5.1-
	tobias: Fixed ListenerListInst not being rebuild after unregistering a listener, causing calls to unregistered event listeners.
	tobias: Replaced derpy tabs with spaces
Build 1.5.1-
	-Add vanilla Ores to the Ore Dictionary. No recipe replacement required.
	-Add NBT-sensitive getMaxDamage() for ItemStack.
	Signed-off-by: King Lemming
Build 1.5.1-
	LexManos: Attempted a fix for the changelog generation, should print all builds back to 1 now.

* Updated MineFactory Reloaded to 2.5.4-665

Fixed a Liquicrafter exploit that would let you get free stuff
Unifier restores MFR/Forestry biofuel interchangability that Forestry removed
Updated TConstruct compat to TConstruct 1.3dev.32 (will no longer work with TConstruct <= 1.3.1)
Pink Slimes are grindable
Added dimension blacklist for worldgen features
Added connection blacklist for RedNet cables
Enchantment Router has new "match levels" option (defaults on)
Fixed bugged whitestone recipe (output size too small)
Spyglass displays block ID and metadata
Item Collector connects to pipes
Added: Enchantment Router
Changed: DSU filtering logic now uses the output slot if storage is empty, and it no longer holds items in the first slots (not necessary anymore in 1.5.1)
Fixed: A whole bunch of Natura stuff
Fixed: Blank record being uncraftable
Fixed: Spyglass crash on certain mod blocks
Fixed: RedNet cable hitbox behaving weirdly
Fixed: Packets not being properly transmitted after a player crosses dimensions (most notable on the PRC)
Fixed: RedNet now links more reliably to redstone dust (thanks Maiden for getting me a reproducible case for this one!)
Fixed: DSU doesn't drop with NBT if it's broken while empty (so it can be stacked)
Fixed: Chickens can be bred with all the seeds they can in vanilla
Fixed: Breeder issues
Fixed: MPS gauntlet rotating MFR machines regardless of if the Omnitool module was active or even installed (you need to update MPS too for this to get fixed!)

* Updated Modular Powersuits to 0.6.0-444

#444 (Apr 29, 2013 6:24:09 PM)
max energy now limits current energy (commit: 196d37e2049d5fa008953179849209c8be1b90a1) — MachineMuse / detail

#443 (Apr 29, 2013 6:14:52 PM)
added possibility to use extra mouse buttons to bind to modules (commit: 2b367083aad07fcf3786b66bf829836ba3b13cd1) — MachineMuse / detail

#442 (Apr 29, 2013 6:02:53 PM)
fix for infinite loop on tier (commit: 39b435ae389bd4d6ccaea48d5eed37471662e37a) — MachineMuse / detail

#441 (Apr 29, 2013 5:23:44 PM)
Changed to a URL-based loader to allow for jarred modelspecs (commit: 9fb20a256c0cf24543a5e351f96b25a691a0024a) — MachineMuse / detail

#440 (Apr 29, 2013 5:17:55 PM)
modelspec.xml file wasn’t added to git for some reason -.- (commit: d41e13aa0f690a130715867148bc1c6209e28594) — MachineMuse / detail

#439 (Apr 29, 2013 5:14:48 PM)
xml parsing is go! 1 hardcoded file for now…but it should give you an idea of what the format should be (commit: 7053cbde8b4ef9256065df40a4cbf1cafc735207) — MachineMuse / detail

#438 (Apr 29, 2013 4:43:16 PM)
Complete model system rewrite, works perfectly >:3 now just need a gui for it (commit: 6861f7e8827fb9bdf36110eea792f65ae2841275) — MachineMuse / detail

#437 (Apr 29, 2013 6:22:20 AM)
fix for shears module dropping leaves when no energy (commit: dcc57b2e7c36b38e31a00b11e634dab21b0ce047) — MachineMuse / detail

#436 (Apr 28, 2013 9:53:33 PM)
added new modelformatexception for obj loader (commit: 736d93b86029c5d5fa7d4b76269a7af88c1c117a) — MachineMuse / detail
more model refactoring to unify rendering (commit: a2834c3f3eeef49271d105da7bab673d5dd53a84) — MachineMuse / detail

#435 (Apr 28, 2013 8:28:31 PM)
more mussing about with model loading, nothing usable yet (commit: 57b66488d9670317c18c9cd33d35a692a4d6f0a9) — MachineMuse / detail

#434 (Apr 28, 2013 8:05:22 PM)
Update (commit: 639c5bdec8f7c6cdf0b14471e6679e7f7355bec1) — claire / detail

#433 (Apr 28, 2013 5:53:14 PM)
fixed model attachment points (commit: a0da0e3de1e5b9d654b2877c4b6f763f04b7b695) — MachineMuse / detail

#432 (Apr 28, 2013 5:07:03 PM)
More scaladerps DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS YOU IDIOTS (commit: 39999e3d51acb88c1a6c56405f971ab757be7a1f) — MachineMuse / detail

#431 (Apr 28, 2013 11:33:45 AM)
Refactored electricity again and made ‘on fire’ damage not add heat when you are already overheating (commit: 2fd195fadccdc3f6535b6f879dd45377e5833b4e) — MachineMuse / detail

#430 (Apr 28, 2013 7:16:04 AM)
made forge version dependency explicit (commit: 67208f27ad06a97831b1acf093c7f1bc409d0a2a) — MachineMuse / detail

#429 (Apr 28, 2013 7:13:16 AM)
another gregtech recipe fix (commit: 3a67eb4006eaf70e29e146d79ee455de0ef907ce) — MachineMuse / detail

#428 (Apr 28, 2013 3:20:07 AM)
made Lux Capacitors not tick (commit: fcd501e5ffa3a83d96969d27cc35b9a3db448649) — MachineMuse / detail

* Updated NEI Plugins to

Show Assembly Table recipes and Combustion Engine fuels and coolants.
Show Rolling Machine, Rock Crusher, Coke Oven and Blast Furnace recipes. Also can show Steam Boiler info.
Show Smeltery and Liquid Casting recipes.
Show Sludge Boiler recipes.

* Updated OmniTools to

-Added: OmniWrench will now rotate entities it strikes. (Combat hilarity.)
-Bugfix: OmniWrench will no longer rotate levers improperly.

* Updated Railcraft to

INFO: Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1
WARNING: Any BatBox, MFE, or MFSU Carts not in item form will disappear from your world when updating!
NEW: Added Reinforced Crowbar made from Steel.
NEW: Added Stairs for various blocks. Used another Block ID.
NEW: Added Quartz, Iron, Gold, and Diamond walls. Used another Block ID.
NEW: Added Smoker, a smoke emitting block, can be disabled via redstone.
NEW: Added Void Chest, anything put in this chest is deleted.
NEW: Added Admin Anchor, an uncraftable Anchor that never uses fuel (for server admins).
NEW: Added "All" mode to the Item Loader/Unloader. This mode is similar to Transfer, but will move any number of items matching the filter.
NEW: Converted Item Loader/Unloader "Wait" button into Redstone Mode controller with three modes: "Immediate", "Complete", and "Manual".
NOTE: Immediate: Same as if "Wait" was false. Sends cart as on the first tick that no items are moved.
NOTE: Complete: Same as if "Wait" was true. Holds cart until the current operation is 100% complete. Even if there are no items being moved currently.
NOTE: Manual: Never sends a Redstone Signal to the Track, you must activate it externally. Or via the "Send Cart" gate action.
NEW: Added Steel Tanks, with 32 Bucket capacity per block.
NEW: Iron and Steel Tanks can now be painted.
NEW: Added HasWork Gate Trigger and Pause Gate Action to the Steam Oven.
NEW: Added Signal Aspect Trigger to various things.
NEW: Added Analog variable power output state to the Item and Tank Detectors.
NEW: Blast Furnace will now pull fuel from adjacent chests.
NEW: Added a reverse setting to the Locomotive speed settings. Not currently settable via Tracks (is that even needed?).
CHANGE: Wooded Rails are now crafted at the work bench. No Rolling Machine required. Shapeless Recipe: Tie + Iron = 6 Rails.
CHANGE: Creosote Oil fuel value in Boilers increased by 50%. 3200 -> 4800
CHANGE: Tank Cart default capacity increased to 32 buckets.
CHANGE: Chest Carts can no longer move any liquid container with max stack size greater than 1. Config option.
CHANGE: Texture files reworked for new texture system.
CHANGE: Increased Anchor-Sentinel pairing distance, can now load 25 chunks total. Fuel usage adjusted accordingly.
CHANGE: Adjusted Activator Rail name/recipe to match the other Tracks.
CHANGE: Steam Locomotive Water Tank capacity increased to 6 buckets.
CHANGE: Doubled the output of the Iron Tank recipes.
CHANGE: Iron Tank blocks now produce 4 Steel Nuggets in the Blast Furnace instead of a full Ingot to match the new reduced Iron cost.
CHANGE: Moved all Aesthetic blocks to Railcraft Creative Tab.
CHANGE: Tuner, Surveyor, and Mag Glass moved to Railcraft Creative Tab.
CHANGE: Removed IC2/BC Wrench rotation support from all blocks, added Forge Rotation API support.
CHANGE: Removed IC2 Painter API support, added Forge Recolour API support.
CHANGE: Removed Legacy update code that was added back in the 5.x versions.
FIX: Fixed possible condition under which the Anchor Cart would load chunks in the wrong order and possibly get stuck.
FIX: Fixed another infinite loop in the Anchor Cart inventory code.
FIX: Pick Item now works in all RC GUIs.
API: Added IMC for adding new Sulfur Biomes, syntax = "sulfur-biome:biomeID".
API: Added TagList, a collection of ItemStack tags.
API: Massive changes including a namespace change.
API: Removed ItemRegistry in favor of FML's built-in ItemStack Registry in GameRegistry.

* Updated Recipe Remover to 0.3

Version 0.3:
- Fixes server side not removing recipes
Thanks cublikefoot (on IRC) for reporting!

* Updated Steve’s Carts to 2.0.0.a108

Alpha 108
Tweaked and fixed some bugs with how the Crafter crafts items.
Now the Milker won't place milk buckets in the empty bucket slots and there's also a bucket transfer option in the Cargo Manager.
Alpha 107
Added the Milker.
Added the Crafter.
Alpha 106
Fixed a bug in one of the Galgadorian Farmer recipes.
Alpha 105
Added the Galgadorian Hull.
Added the Galgadorian Farmer and renamed the Farmer to Basic Farmer.
Added the Lawn mower.
Added the Enchanter.
Added the Ore Extractor.
Added storage blocks for Reinforced Metal, Galgadorian Metal and Enhanced Galgadorian Metal
Enabled durability for drills and buffed the Basic Farmer's durability a bit. Drills have a very high durability.
Fixed a bug with transfering items to the Cart Assembler through an upgrade without inventory.

* Updated Thermal Expansion to
-Added: Dispensers can now make use of the Redstone, Glowstone, and Ender buckets.
-Added: Conduits and Liquiducts now have some additional mouseover boxes. This will be important in the future.
-Bugfix: Assembler will no longer eat Minium Stones.
-Bugfix: Fixed an unexpected issue with the Assembler.
-Bugfix: Change to a slot in CoFHCore which necessitated an update here as well. Fixes an Assembler GUI issue in SMP.
-API: Please update your APIs. Note the addition of the IChargeableItem interface.
-Added: New Block: Cyclic Assembler. Use this to craft things automatically.
-Added: New Block: Energetic Infuser. use this to charge compatible items. (Redstone Energy Cell and MPS for now.)
-Added: New Item: Schematic. (3x Paper, 1x Lapis)
-Added: New Item: Invar Armor. It's better than Iron.
-Bugfix: Crescent Hammer will no longer rotate levers improperly.
-Bugfix: Igneous Extruder and Glacial Precipitator now correctly allow extraction from their output slot.
-Changed: Magma Crucible has been tweaked, some recipes have been altered.
-Changed: Pulverizer Recipes have been altered a bit.
-Changed: Redstone Energy Conduit capacitance has doubled.
-Changed: The color of invar has changed a bit.
-Textures: Energy Cell and Tesseract Textures have changed - they render from standard 16x16 icons now.
-Textures: There are new ones.

* Updated Tinkers’ Construct to
 - Fixed crashy metallurgy auto-smelt harvest
 - Ghasts always drop a tear
 - Added a right-click ability to tools. Right-click places a block in the slot next to the tool
 - Added bricks made from various materials.
 - Added Brownstone
 - Added a Silk Touch modifier
 - Added Daggers
 - Added Chisels
 - Added Armor Gui (Not much to see here)
- Adjusted Village Generation
- Adjusted Nitro Creepers to better fit in the Nether
- Disabled Vanilla Bow nerf
- Added extra feather drops to chickens
- Updated to the new IC2 API
- Fixed an exploit involving Liquiducts and Casting Tables/Basins
- Fixed a bug where baby cows would drop leather
- Fixed a few bugs with auto-smelt and invalid input
- Fixed a bug where the smeltery would lock up with rapid block updates

* Updated Universal Electricity Basic Components to

Changes to IModifier
Deprecated Connection Handlers
Fixed producing electricity when none requested
Initialize tab when Basic Components is initialized. Fixes NPE when not loaded properly or loading is disabled.
Remove final modifier to fix last commit.
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