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BronyMedia FAQ

Q: What is Brony Media?

A: Brony Media is a network of music channels working to promote the content that the MLP: FIM community produces.

Q: Why is this FAQ here?

A: We’re still working on the official site, so we’re using one of our founder’s website until that is finished.

Q: Who is allowed to join?

A: If you are invited by a scouter, consider that an opportunity to join. We don’t “sign” artists, we instead sign individual songs, so if you send us a message with a song you’d potentially like to release with us, and it passes our screening tests, then we’ll contact you about submitting it!

Q: When will you upload videos?

A: We’re going to try to upload a video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Q: Will the videos be cool?

A: Yep! The visuals look awesome. Our videos will also serve as a platform for artists to get critique on their music, when uploaded through us. We want to help improve these artist’s work!

Q: How are the albums going to work?

A: Every 20 songs released, we’ll release a compilation album containing those 20 songs. It will be released on Bandcamp and Each album released by Brony Media will be “name-your-price”, with any proceeds made going back to the artists.

Q: Will there be a download for my track?

A: This depends on if you allow us to do so. Normally, we allow people to download each song for free on, but you may also provide your own download link (be that paid or not) if you want it to be downloaded elsewhere.

Q: How do the payments work with the albums?

A: Brony Media takes no profit from the sales of albums, the proceeds of the album go directly back to the artists after a $100 minimum is met. Because there are 20 tracks in the album, each track gets 5% of the proceeds, so each artist gets 5%. If an artist submits multiple tracks to be released in one album, they would get 5% more for every track released through Brony Media. If an artist were to sign 5 tracks to Brony Media, for release in a single album, they would effectively get 25% of the proceeds for that album. If your song was a collab or something similar, that would be your job to further handle the money after Brony Media sends it to you.

Q: What rights will we maintain with our music?

A: It’s your decision if you want to release a specific song through us. If you make a song and decide that you do not want it released through us, then you can release it however you please. If you sign a song to us, we are granted full commercial usage of the track and can use it in any way we please. This does not prevent you from doing the same. You may still use your song for whatever purposes you please. This question will be entertained further in the release form you’ll sign for any track you release to us.

Q: Are “Teasers” fine?

A: Yes, you can post teasers to an upcoming track that you’ll be releasing with us, just not the whole track. You’ll see in the contract, that you’ll be unable to upload the track anywhere else until it has been published on a Brony Media channel.

Q: Do we maintain an “Artistic License”, or, can we make what we want, when we want?

A: Yes, we have no say in what you make. That is completely up to you, although we only release EDM-type music at the moment. You can make your music when you want, how you want.

Q: What kind of music can we submit?

A: We mostly take unreleased tracks, however, we may also take tracks that are already released. When you’re ready to release a track, just tell us that you’d like to fill in a slot on the Release Schedule. Be aware that if the track is a new track, you shouldn’t upload it elsewhere until it is published on BronyMedia. Once you tell us you’d like to release through us, we’ll send you the form you need to fill out for your track.

Q: Will there be apparel for sale?

A: Yes, we will be setting up an apparel shop! Artists can submit designs to us and we can place them onto t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, aprons, totes, towels, backpacks, hats, iPhone cases, mugs, umbrellas, and even underpants! The artists will get 50% of the proceeds from the shirts, with the rest paying for the shirts themselves.

Q: Wow, this is awesome! How can I get started?

A: First, you’ll need to fill out this Basic Artist Information Form, also make sure that you add “BronyMedia” on Skype (if you can), as stated in the invitation, if you received one. We’ll answer any more questions you have from there.

Q: Cool! How do I get my track released through Brony Media?

A: Take a look at the Release Schedule. If you’re looking to fill a slot for a new track release, just tell us over Skype, email, or YouTube! We’ll give you a release form for the track and then it’ll be released! Be aware that the track will need to be provided in ‘.wav’ format and will also need to pass a screening to determine its quality, before we can release it.

Q: Where can I find Brony Media?

Q: What does the music release form look like?

A: The release form is filled out via Google Forms. Take a look at it here.

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