So I recently got my hands on this nifty little tarot deck – thanks S&S/Simon Element for sending a copy over – and figured I do a quick little impressions post.

Anime Tarot is basically as it sounds – a combo tarot deck with an anime theme, and it does a pretty good job at this. It comes packaged in a beautiful little box and includes a book explaining the cards and their various meanings. The cards themselves have some absolutely wonderful art, especially for the major arcana (the named cards). I was a bit disappointed to find the art with the minor arcana to not be quite up to level of the former cards, but still not bad.

Anime Tarot (2)

The book describing them really goes into detail and is incredibly helpful as someone that is not too experienced with tarot, especially given that it seems to be written for such an audience and comes with some nice formatting and clean presentation.

Overall a nice little package and a fairly cool gift to give to those that may be into more spiritual stuff, but also have a soft spot for anime. My sister is exactly that and I’ll be gifting it to her the next time I visit.