The final Pixel Remaster has dropped and I may have missed out on the fifth one, but let’s take a quick look at the sixth one – if you haven’t already, do take a look at my coverage of the first four.

So, continuing the trend, this is yet again the best-looking Pixel Remaster yet. It maintains that same distinct style, but 6 is a bit unique in that some battle animations are recreated from the original game instead of kept unified from the previous Pixel Remasters. That and I feel like the background art and textures are just more detailed. Maybe because the original was the most recent of the bunch, but good stuff regardless and again, I’m a big fan of the approach that Square Enix has taken with the art in these six games.

That said, this release also continues the same problem from the previous Pixel Remasters – perhaps the one downside to the entire collection being streamlined. The battle speed option is still too slow, the font still looks a bit iffy, and the game still has this weird micro-tearing issue when the camera moves around. I don’t think it is as noticeable as the previous ones, but it’s still not entirely smooth.

Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster (2)

And there are other changes too – the rearranged soundtrack is good, the clean and easy to navigate UI, and some other minor ones specific to FF6 – like the opening credits being removed from one of the game’s first cutscenes (I guess to give a more cinematic effect). Not all of these changes land (I didn’t like the removal of character portraits from dialogue, for example), but again, the streamlining of these games together as a package does a lot in modernizing the experience while maintaining the retro visuals and I am here for it

As for the game itself – this is yet another Final Fantasy that I have not played the original of, but thus far it has been pretty good. It has a bit more story to it than the previous ones and that story is actually interesting and is balanced well with the gameplay (incorporating hints as to where to go in the dialogue instead of you randomly hunting around, for example). The combat, exploration, world design – all of that is also good and par for the course from the series.

Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster (1)

Honestly though, there’s just something about these older Final Fantasy games that really click with me, and 6 is an excellent entry to close out the collection with. If you liked any of the prior releases, this is an easy recommendation, or perhaps even this one on its own – it seems to be the favorite amongst a lot of Final Fantasy fans, especially among the 2D games. Whatever the case – great game, great collection, would love to see the same for Dragon Quest some day.

Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster retails for $18 USD on Steam.

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