Something weird is going on with the English release of Persona 5 Scramble – or I should say, the supposed English release. This is because the English release has not actually been officially announced in any capacity. The game has already been out in Japan for almost an entire year and it appears the only info we are getting on a potential English release is coming from leaks, financial reports, and pretty much anything BUT an official announcement.

Just a few months ago, Koei Tecmo had explicitly listed an American and European release of the game in their Quarter 1 financial report for fiscal year 2020 – which I discussed in a video released several months ago.

Well, a little while after that financial report was made available, Koei Tecmo went back and retracted any mention of the Western release from it. The rest of the report remains up, but now the only mention of Persona 5 Scramble comes from its recent Asian localization released back in June. Of course, this led to speculation. Was the localization delayed? Was it outright canceled? We were kinda stuck in limbo for a bit.

That is until a couple days ago, when a number of Asian retailers started creating listings for an English release of the game on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Aside from the fact that an English version now seems to be alive again, these retailers also gave us a juicy bit of info in the form of its potential release date. Several of them just listed a generic “2021” release date, but two – Toy or Game and Qisahn (probably not pronouncing that one right) – listed a specific release date of February 23rd, 2021. This would put it almost a year from its original Japanese release date – February 20th, 2020.

So that sounds great and all – especially given that that is only a couple months into the new year – but it comes with one caveat. That being that the listings are for a Region 3 English release – Southeast Asia. This is not the Western version that was listed previously in the financial report, but a different release specific for the Southeast Asia region. It is still going to be in English (as is the case with a lot of Southeast Asian releases) – but fans in the West will have to import it if this ends up being the only English version released.

Fortunately, if Persona 5 Royal is anything to go by, then this release will hopefully coincide with a full Western release as well – as that was exactly what happened with Royal – a simultaneous Region 3 and Western release. Regardless, these listings and all the stuff we learned from financial reports still do not equate to an actual announcement, so we’ll have to wait and see if any of this is actually true. At this point, I am honestly expecting an announcement during The Game Awards, which are being held on December 10th. That’s the same place that Joker was originally announced for Smash, so it wouldn’t be odd to see the series make another surprise appearance there.