For those unaware, Capcom was the target of a ransomware attack earlier this month. This is the type of attack where hackers gain access to data and encrypt it or otherwise block access to it until a ransom is paid. Unfortunately, the hackers were successful here – taking over several Capcom file and email servers and demanding $11 million for their return.

The data compromised includes personal information of Capcom employees, financial data and sales reports, personal information of customers, and confidential company information. They’ve already released a statement clarifying that no credit card data is at risk, but I feel bad for their employees who have potentially had their bank statements and passport info stolen.

That last part though – the confidential company information – contained some news that Capcom was likely going to reveal over the next year, some of which has already been leaked online.

To start with, the leak contains details about Resident Evil Village. We now know that it will be a current-gen release and launching in April – with a demo available prior to its release. I honestly expected the game to launch later in the year given it was slapped with the “2021” release year, so that’s good to know.

On top of that though is a new Resident Evil game codenamed “Project Highway” or “Village Online”. This is supposed to be a multiplayer battle royale Resident Evil game set for launch in September 2021. Capcom may be a bit late to the battle royale party here, but with the Resident Evil name, it might actually pick up a playerbase. I’m more so wondering how exactly that kind of battle royale will work – I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The final bit of Resident Evil info was news that Resident Evil 4 was going to be released for Oculus VR. Not quite the full remake that I would like to see, but I remember hearing good thing about Resident Evil 7 VR, so maybe this will be cool too.

The most interesting news, at least for me, is that two untranslated Ace Attorney games are finally going to make their way to the West. Both Dai Gyakuten Saiban and Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 (or The Great Ace Attorney in English) are going to be localized in English, revealed in April, and released in July of 2021. It’s even going to have an English dub that was recorded in the UK, perfectly fitting for its English setting.

I had listed the first game as one of my top 5 fan-translated visual novels that needed an official release, but I honestly was not expecting one anytime soon, so this is definitely some exciting news. The two games are also going to see a box set release in Japan bundled with the original Ace Attorney trilogy. A shame that the box set isn’t coming West, but at least there’s importing.

Now there’s also a bit of Monster Hunter news – and good news for those that wishing to play it on PC. Both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be receiving a PC release. Rise is slated for October 2021 and Stories 2 in June 2021 – a dual release on Switch and PC. Switch demos for Rise will be available in January and March and Stories 2 is set to include singleplayer, online co-op, and PVP modes. Stories 2 will also see some paid DLC expansions, cosmetic microtransactions, free post-launch co-op quests, and amiibo support.

Given the success of Monster Hunter: World on PC, I can’t say these two releases are that surprising, but it’s nice to know that I can hold off on the Switch versions and just play them on PC instead – where the fps likely won’t be as bad as it’s been in the trailers we’ve seen thus far. Hopefully if Stories 2 does well we can get a re-release of the original on PC, as its still currently only available on 3DS and mobile.

Aside from all of that, three other new games were leaked, but we don’t really have any info on them. The first one is codenamed “GUILLOTINE” and is launching on Switch in February and on other platforms in May. Given that codename, I’m expecting something a bit violent – maybe Resident Evil related? The second project is named “Reiwa”, which has no platforms listed but is set for launch in May. For those that don’t know, this is the same name given to the new Japanese calendar era that started in May 2019 – when the emperor’s son, Naruhito, ascended the throne. So, I’m thinking this is either going to be something related to Japan and its history or some sort of “next gen” or unique game to mark the new era.

The third project is a multiplayer shooter titled “SHIELD” and it is noted as being “geared towards streamers”. I can’t say I like the idea of that – and the market is flooded enough – but I’ll have to wait and see how that goes.

There was also some minor stuff revealed in this leak, like the fact that Stadia paid Capcom $10M for Resident Evil 7 and 8 and Sony paid $5M for Resident Evil 7 VR timed DLC and demo exclusivity. I honestly wonder if Stadia has even made up that money yet, but it’s Google so that’s probably not an issue. Aside from that, the source code for Devil May Cry 2 and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles was also leaked, but I don’t think we’re going to be seeing anything about those two – at least for some time.