It is that time of the year where I try to predict this year’s Oscar winners. I may not agree with all of these potential winners, but this is how I see the show going. I have listed every category and given a short opinion on each if I had any.

Ready Player One
  • Best Visual Effects: Ready Player One

Out of all the nominees, Ready Player One was easily the most visually appealing. The amount of time and money that went into this movie’s effects is really just staggering, enough so that I would honestly be surprised if any other movie won over it here.

  • Best Film Editing: The Favourite

Looking at the nominees for film editing, nothing really stood out to me other than The Favourite. The movie’s editing was definitely bizarre, but it managed to convey a decent story in spite of this. If anything, that just goes to show how good the film’s editing is.

  • Best Costume Design: Black Panther

This one was a tough choice for me. On one hand, The Favourite and Mary Poppins Returns definitely have a shot at winning, but Black Panther actually had some decent costume design. In fact, I think that the Academy is going choose Black Panther over the others just to give it a nod (as it will likely not win any other categories). I really would not mind, as the costume design was good enough to warrant it.

  • Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Mary Queen of Scots

If there is anything that Mary Queen of Scots is known for, it would be its costume, makeup, and hairstyling. While I do not think it will win the costume design, it definitely is the frontrunner for makeup and hairstyling. It won the same award at the Hollywood Film Awards, so it at least has that going for it.

Tomasz Kot and Joanna Kulig in Cold War
Cold War
  • Best Cinematography: Cold War

While I really did not like Cold War as a movie, I can at least appreciate its cinematography. Considering that Roma is likely to win other categories that Cold War is also nominated in, I expect the academy to at least give it this one.

  • Best Production Design: First Man

This one is a complete shot in the dark, as all of the nominees were pretty good when it came to production design, but First Man had some really good production design later on in the movie. I quite liked the direction they took when they actually landed on the moon, showing it for what it is: desolate and completely silent.

  • Best Sound MixingFirst Man

This is another tossup, but I think that First Man will likely win here. Sound is an important element to the movie’s presentation, especially so later on. The mixing itself is pretty well-done (and definitely better than some of the other nominees), so hopefully Academy acknowledges this.

  • Best Sound Editing: A Quiet Place

It is usually customary for the winner of Best Sound Mixing to also get Best Sound Editing, but A Quiet Place was actually not nominated for the former despite having some great overall sound design. As such, I at least expect it to be given the honors here. Considering just how important sound is in the movie, it would not be too much of a surprise.

A Star Is Born
  • Best Original Song: “Shallow” from A Star Is Born

Considering that A Star is Born is all about the music, I fully expect it to take this category, especially so given the powerful performances by the two singers. I’m still a little upset that Suspirium did not make it (where “All the Stars” did), so hopefully the Academy can redeem themselves here.

  • Best Original Score: If Beale Street Could Talk

AnnihilationA Quiet Place, and First Man definitely got snubbed here, but at least they kept Beale Street. The score in Beale Street is not only a good listen on its own, but also fits the tone of the movie to a tee, so I would be rather upset if it did not take this category (although Isle of Dogs is a close second).

  • Best Animated Short Film: Bao

Bao is produced by Pixar, that is pretty much all you need to know about this category to determine its winner. The Academy has a strong bias towards Pixar works and the other animated shorts were not all that exciting, so I would honestly be surprised if Bao did not win.

  • Best Live Action Short Film: Fauve

I still have not seen a couple of these, but I have seen enough to know that Fauve is different from any short film I have ever seen. Not only does it tackle a tough topic, but it does so in a way that perfectly captures it through the eyes of a child. Given how the short ends, I can see some having issues with it, but hopefully that does not detract audiences from its message.

A Night at The Garden
  • Best Documentary – Short Subject: A Night at The Garden

A Night at The Garden is definitely the most unique of the bunch. It is composed entirely of archival footage from a moment in American history that many do not know about. It is for this reason that I expect it to win, as not only was it well-made, but it shines light on something that more people should know about.

  • Best Documentary – Feature: RBG

Honestly surprised that Won’t You Be My Neighbor? did not make it in, but at least the other nominees were decent. Of those, I think RBG has the best shot at winning. It was cleverly made and highlights an important figure in the judicial system, whom many may even view as a hero.

  • Best Foreign Language Film: Roma

The biggest snub of the show has to be Burning not getting nominated for this category. I guess the Academy just has something against Korean cinema. Regardless, Roma is a shoe-in for the win. It has already won so many awards and would cause quite the uproar if it at least did not take this category.

  • Best Animated Feature Film: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Despite the Academy’s bias for Pixar films, I honestly think that we will have a non-Pixar film win this year. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has already won big at the Annie Awards, even in categories for which Incredibles 2 was also nominated in. As much as I want Mirai to win, I would definitely be satisfied with Into the Spider-Verse taking this one.

If Beale Street Could Talk
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: If Beale Street Could Talk

On top of If Beale Street Could Talk being a beautiful film, it was also pretty well-written. I may not have read the source material, but I can definitely see it taking the Adapted Screenplay Award. However, BlacKkKlansman is definitely a close second and I would not be surprised to see that one win instead.

  • Best Original Screenplay: First Reformed

First Reformed may have been snubbed across the board, but at least it is here for its original screenplay. If anything, I expect the Academy to redeem themselves by giving it this category, but there is also The Favourite and Roma to consider here as well, so this one is also quite the tossup.

  • Best Supporting Actress: Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk)

I had some trouble picking this one out, as all of the nominees are pretty good. However, I feel like Regina King will likely take this one. Not only was her performance excellent, but she has also been receiving awards for that performance across the board.

  • Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali (Green Book)

Although Green Book has been receiving some negative press, it is hard to deny that Mahershala Ali did a good job in his role. His performance was powerful enough that I would argue that the movie has two protagonists, not just the one. Sam Elliott is also a close second, but given the awards Mahershala Ali has already received, its more likely that he will win.

The Favourite
  • Best Actress: Olivia Colman (The Favourite)

Again, this is another actress that has already received numerous accolades for her role here. Fortunately, these accolades are well-deserved, as she does a fantastic job portraying a pitiful, broken queen, enough so to actually make me feel bad for her despite all of the terrible things she did. If that isn’t a job well done, then I don’t know what is.

  • Best Actor: Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody)

I really did not like Bohemian Rhapsody that much, but even I can see that Rami Malek is a shoe-in for Best Actor. He managed to both convey the energy that Freddie Mercury did while on-stage while also being respectful of Mercury’s private affairs during such scenes. It obviously worked out, as the movie did really well upon release, so I fully expect him to take this category.

  • Best Director: Alfonso Cuarón (Roma)

Roma is definitely going to be the big winner this year, so Alfonso Cuarón getting Best Director is pretty much a given. It also helps that he has already received a mountain of awards for this directing. While I was not the biggest fan of the movie, I can at least appreciate the good directing it had.

  • Best Picture: Roma

The Best Picture nominees this year are rather underwhelming (and even outright insulting with the inclusion of Black PantherVice, and Bohemian Rhapsody), but out of all of them, Roma is likely to secure the win. Again, the movie has already received plenty of awards and even has the most nominations of any movie for this year’s Oscars, so it would not be a surprise to see it win. Cannot say that I like the movie that much, but I would at least be happy to see foreign cinema recognized with such a high honor.