2018 was a pretty good year for PC gaming, with several fun and unique games having come out in the past year. However, 2019 is now upon us and it is time to look to the future for the platform. As such, to go along with my TOP 10 PC Games of 2018, I wanted to discuss the 10 PC games I am most looking forward to this year.

Do note that this list is in no particular order, I just ordered the games by their release dates if they had one. In making this list, I used the wiki on the PCGameReleases subreddit as my main reference.

Jump Force

When Jump Force was first revealed at E3 back in 2018, it was easily one of the most exciting announcements at the show. I still remember just how hyped my friends and I were after viewing the trailer, especially when Light and Ryuk were revealed at the end. Now several months later we are now only one month from release and the game is still looking clean, especially with all of the new character additions. Granted, this is likely going to be a game that I only ever play for an hour or so at a time, but I think that is fine for a fighting game like this.

Even so, I am disappointed by some glaring omissions from the game’s roster. The complete lack of representation for JoJo, Gintama, Bo-bobo, Assassination Classroom, Kinnikuman, and Toriko is a bit disappointing to see. The game still has a month until release, but I would be surprised if they added any new characters at this point.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Normally, I am not one to get into a new Total War game, but Three Kingdoms may just be the game to change that. Not only does the gameplay look fun, but its themed around one of my favorite time periods: China’s Three Kingdoms period. After the disappointment that was Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia back in 2018, I really hope that Three Kingdoms is able to redeem the franchise for me. It has been quite some time since I have really gotten into a strategy game, so I am hoping that I can finally fill the void.

One Piece: World Seeker

Although I may be a big One Piece fan, I have actually not played a One Piece video game. I have owned a couple of them for years, but the gameplay never really seemed all that exciting. As such, I am really interested to see if World Seeker can change that. The game drops the fighting and hack and slash formats of its predecessors and instead opts for an open-world action approach, something that I feel will really fit the One Piece universe.

Even so, I really hope that it does not end up being one of those open-but-barren kind of games. As long as the game actually fills its open-world with content, it should be fine.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is pretty much a given for me. Not only is the story setup interesting, but the game is being developed by a lot of the same people that worked on the Danganronpa games, one of my all-time favorite visual novel series. The game is actually already out in Japan and the critical reception there has been good, so my expectations have already been set pretty high. The 3D character models will definitely take some getting used to, but I have faith that the studio can deliver a good story.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

While I may not be the biggest fan of the Dark Souls series, I am still really looking forward to playing Sekiro. The game seems to remedy a lot of the issues I have with the Souls series, but at the same time keeps the elements that I did like. The combat looks just as impactful, the aesthetic is fantastic, and the game seems to be a lot more action and movement-oriented, much more so than a Souls game. I was even excited when they announced that the game would allow the player to pause it, a stupid-simple feature that has been missing from recent FromSoftware games.

The gameplay released so far does look pretty good, so I have high hopes for this one.

Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World

Although I have yet to really got into the Atelier series, I am quite excited for its newest spin-off coming out in just a few months. This new game combines two of my favorite genres: JRPG and city builder. On top of that, the game maintains the same colorful setting and high-quality character designs that the series is known for and that I have loved since I was first introduced to it through its anime adaptation four years ago.

Hopefully all of these elements are able to blend well, we shall find out when the game releases this March.

Aokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-

In 2018, NekoNyan solidified itself as one of the big players in the English visual novel industry, releasing two quality titles and announcing several others for 2019. One of those just happened to be Aokana, a visual novel that has seen a lot of praise in Japan and has been one of my most-desired VN translations since its anime adaptation aired three years ago.

Granted, I was not the biggest fan of that anime, but that was more so due to the rushed and cheap adaptation rather than the source itself. In fact, the anime even dropped the romance element from its source entirely, instead focusing just on the sport aspect. As such, I am really looking forward to seeing how the visual novel shapes up.

Code Vein

I am actually a little bit concerned for Code Vein. On one hand, the gameplay trailers and such that have been coming out over the past year make it look like a lot of fun. On the other hand, the game is constantly being compared to Dark Souls and I feel like this is going to lead to a lot of disappointment from players when it finally comes out.

Sure, the game does look like a cross between Dark SoulsGod Eater, and maybe even Tokyo Ghoul, but I really hope that its just able to distinguish itself from those and become its own thing. This may not be what most are looking for, but I am definitely interested in seeing how this one plays out.

The Outer Worlds

Fallout: New Vegas is one of my all-time favorite video games, one of the few I have given a 10/10. In fact, it was even one of the last video games I ever pre-ordered. As such, I was beyond excited when Obsidian announced that they would be making a new first-person RPG, especially one from some of the key designers behind the original Fallout.

Although I did like Fallout 4, it just never had that appeal that New Vegas had, so I am hoping that The Outer Worlds is able to fill that void. From the gameplay released so far, it definitely looks like it may do just that.

Senren * Banka

Here we have another upcoming visual novel from NekoNyan, but this time it is for Yuzusoft’s Senren * Banka. It was just a couple months ago that I played my first Yuzusoft title, Sabbat of the Witch, and I was really impressed with the quality. Not only was the artwork good, but the game had a ton of configuration options that really made it feel like a proper, modern visual novel.

If Senren * Banka is able to keep up this trend and have a interesting story at the same time, then it will definitely be one of the better visual novels coming out this year. Although it is not a pure love story like Sabbat of the Witch, I am excited to see just what Yuzusoft has in store for us.

I had a lot of trouble making this list, as there were far more than 10 games I was interested in releasing this year. However, we are at the start of the year and there are likely to be several surprises ahead, so I am looking forward to seeing what the year has in store for the platform beyond just these 10.