Transcription of my Channel Update 2019 YouTube video.

It is time for another channel update, this time to cover the changes I will be making for 2019! 2018 has been pretty good for the channel and some of my videos have gotten a bit of traction, but there is still definitely room for improvement. In this update, I will be detailing just a few of the changes I will be making. Feedback is open, so leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

The first change I will be making concerns the ACTUAL Review series. I will be changing up the introduction I usually give at the beginning, removing the “without being influenced by” bit. Although review copies really do not influence my perspective on a game, there is no way that I will be able to convince everyone otherwise and even I can see that saying that and then following it up with “I was provided a review copy” can be pretty hypocritical. By making this change, hopefully I won’t get as many angry comments stating that “I’ve been bribed” by receiving these review copies. In the future, I would love to be able to buy every game I review to eliminate this possible influence, but that is currently not possible, hence this change.

The next change I will be making is with the ACTUAL Impressions series. I know I just changed this one around recently, but I was not entirely satisfied with the name, so I will be changing it to simply “Impressions”. Not only does this differentiate the series from my other videos, but it gets across what it is without having to open the video. Additionally, I will be using this series for any sponsored games I receive for the foreseeable future. I am not opposed to accepting sponsored games, just on the condition that I can speak my mind freely. I will not accept such games if I am required to cover them in a positive fashion. If I dislike the game, I will say so, regardless of if I am being payed or not.

This next change concerns the types of games I will reviewing. In the past, I have covered a few nukige visual novels, but that is something I will be avoiding going forward. I honestly do not care for VNs that prioritize their erotic content over their stories, it is not what I like the genre for. I will still cover VNs with H-scenes, just not those that make them their priority.

The biggest change I will be making this coming year is the additional content I will be producing. On top of my game review stuff, I am going to start branching out and making some other videos that I feel would fit the channel well and be fun to make at the same time. This will include list-type videos, my thoughts on certain aspects of the industry, and other cool features. Some of the examples I have planned for the coming month(s) include:

  • cub’s TOP 10 Games of 2018
  • cub’s TOP 10 Anime of 2018
  • The introduction of my new “Bargain Bin” series
  • My TOP 5 Upcoming Visual Novels

On top of that, I will also be making a new YouTube channel trailer that better reflects the content I produce now, as the current one is many years old.

Thanks for watching and please do leave feedback if you have any. I’ve also included a link to my Discord server in the description for those interested in joining. It’s still rather small, but I look forward to seeing any new faces!