So it has been some time since I have last done an update for my YouTube channel. In fact, the last update I published was on January 25th, 2015 and that one was not even a video update, just a post on my website. The last video update I published was on Christmas day 2011.

Anyways, I will jump straight to the point here. I will be restructuring the content I upload to my YouTube channel. The main change being that I will no longer be uploading so many let’s play series. The Masters of Anima series that finished publishing yesterday will probably be the last of its kind. In the future, if I do upload a let’s play series, I will be keeping it on the shorter side (about 20 minutes per episode) rather than the hour-long episodes I have been uploading. This is how I used to do my episode uploads. I will be keeping the let’s play format for a few select games and will probably only be doing one at any given time.

This will lead to less uploads overall, with a focus on quality over quantity. I am aiming for a video every other day, but I do not want to set a schedule in stone, so I will probably just upload as I please, but will avoid more than one video per day. All of this is so that I can focus more on reviews and other content, rather than just uploading the footage of every game I play.

I will continue the ACTUAL Game Review series as it is now because I think it is fine in its current state. I may expand to covering other mediums as well, possibly starting with anime and manga. My website actually already has a few film reviews, but I do not know if I want to do that in a video format. We shall see, but for now I will just stick with the ACTUAL Game Review series. I have one such review coming out tomorrow, so look forward to that.

I also want to start some sort of first impressions series. Currently, my first impressions are limited to small posts on my website, with a link to the footage I recorded of that game for my YouTube channel (usually just a single video) included in that post. I did this recently with Oracle of Forgotten Testament and The Raven Remastered. For this first impressions series, I like the idea of including multiple games in one video, maybe three or four. This gives me an opportunity to play and discuss a lot of the games I am currently receiving from publishers, but lack the time to do a full review for. This will also give me an opportunity to feature early access games, as I currently do not review them for my ACTUAL Game Review series.

In addition to reviews, I am planning a few other series that I think will be a lot of fun. One such series coming out within the next several days is the “Shenanigans” series. This series will feature my friends and I messing around in a given game, but edited down to the best parts, rather than just uploading the whole of each session. I did something similar with my recent Golf With Your Friends video, so check that out if you want an idea of what that will be about. The League of Legends series I have been uploading will now be edited down into smaller “Shenanigans” episodes and I will have one of those coming out within the next week as well.

Another series I plan on starting is some sort of retrospective series in which I review games from generations back. I do not have a name for the series (so suggestions are welcome), but I do have a couple games in mind to kick it off. Outside of that, I will definitely have a few more different series, but I will reveal those later on.

Oh yeah, and I will also be doing Spore Season 3 soon. It has been four years since season 2 so look forward to that!

I am looking forward to see how these changes work out and hope that you will bear with me while I get things going.