I was interested in this game due to its status as a Touhou fan game. There are a few of those now on Steam and I wanted to see if this one stood out from the crowd.

The gameplay itself is fine, just boiling down to what one would expect from an RPGMaker game: top-down movement with turn-based combat. Unfortunately, the game suffers from not offering anything more than that. Outside of its label as a Touhou fan game, it really is just an average RPGMaker game.

However, the game suffers even more from its comical sprite work and absolutely abysmal English localization. The sprites the player sees when in combat are so bad that I want to believe they were made that way on purpose. I hope that is what the devs were going for, but even then, the game tells a semi-serious story, so the sprites really do not fit in. Then there is the English localization, easily one of the worst I have seen. Normally, a typo or two is fine, but when it is every other line, it gets a bit annoying. Coupled with the relatively average RPGMaker experience and I honestly cannot recommend this game, even to Touhou fans.

You can buy Oracle of Forgotten Testament here on Steam.

I was provided a free review copy of the game. Read more about how I do my game reviews here.