I had actually planned to review this title after playing through the entire thing, but my experience was cut short due to what I believe to be a bug.

I got stuck during one of the later sequences in episode 1 and was unable to progress. I had thought it was due to me not knowing where to look, but upon looking at a number of walkthroughs and gameplay videos, I now believe that I run into a game-breaking bug. There is a scene where the player is supposed to retrieve an extracted bullet from this doctor, but I never got the dialogue in which he gives the bullet over, despite it appearing in every gameplay video and walkthrough I looked at. I spent a great deal of time looking to see if I had missed something, but eventually gave up. As this is a point and click game that relies heavily on its story, I avoided reviewing it due to not experiencing the story in its entirety. That and I am still only 90% sure that the issue I encountered is a bug. I could just be missing something, but that chance is slim…

Outside of that issue, I was a bit disappointed in this “remaster”. For a remaster, the game still looks dated, especially the animations. I imagine that the devs just upped the graphical quality and left the animations as they were, because the quality difference between the two is very noticeable. The graphics and music were also okay, but nothing special. I had just expected a bit more from a supposed “remaster”.

Cannot say I recommend the game, mostly due to the game-breaking issue I ran into, but even then, the game is just average at that point.

You can buy The Raven Remastered here on Steam.

I was provided a free review copy of the game. Read more about how I do my game reviews here.