Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince is a neat little puzzle game that basically has the player controlling two characters at once, trying to get both to the end of their respective puzzle. Sometimes these puzzles are even linked, like the character on the left hitting a switch to open up a path for the character on the right (or vice-versa).

The idea behind the game is so simple, but was quite a bit of fun to play around with. The game is more of a memory game than anything, as each puzzle just requires memorization of what to input in order to get the characters where they need to be. The bulk of the gameplay comes down to trial and error. The pattern is basically: move this way, then check to see which direction to go next, once figured out (through trial and error), memorize the path up until that tile and move onto the next.

Some players may not be huge fans of that formula, but I thought it was enjoyable. I cannot see myself playing this game in large chunks, but rather in small pieces, quite like a mobile game. If that sounds like your thing, then check it out.

You can buy Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince here on Steam.

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