This is one of the more relaxing games I have played as of late. Tracks – The Train Set Game does not have any goals, it simply aims to provide a platform for the player to create wooden train sets. That is it, that is what the game sets out to do, nothing else. That is not a bad thing either.

Sometimes, one will just want to unwind and play an easygoing game, something to relax to. Stardew Valley is an example of such a game. Tracks – The Train Set Game takes this concept to the max, removing any sort of objectives and just providing the tools necessary to build wooden train sets. The player has the ability to place several different types of tracks, accessories (such as speed boosts or signs), and even larger decor like building. I built a little city for my wooden train set with a number of stations scattered throughout. I had a wedding station in a beautiful park, a business station in an area with multi-level buildings, and a roller coaster station with several speed boosts. It was a lot of fun just building these various areas.

While I cannot see myself playing this for more than maybe an hour at a time, I will most likely come back to this in the future when I just want to unwind, to build wooden train sets, and to listen to some nice piano background music.