It is time to say goodbye to the K-O-Meter. It was good while it lasted, but I felt that the scale was rather small, not allowing a lot of room to set games apart. With this new scale, I hope to remedy that!

The K-O-Meter was an “out of 5” scale, but the new scoring is out of 20 if you include the half-ratings. Check it out below:

Score: 10/10Score: 9.5/10Score: 9/10Score: 8.5/10Score: 8/10Score: 7.5/10Score: 7/10Score: 6.5/10Score: 6/10Score: 5.5/10Score: 5/10Score: 4.5/10Score: 4/10Score: 3.5/10Score: 3/10Score: 2.5/10Score: 2/10Score: 1.5/10Score: 1/10Score: 0.5/10

I have replaced the K-O-Meter in recent reviews, but will leave it intact for the older ones.