I somehow find myself writing this up on a Wednesday.

I just redid my YouTube channel‘s avatar and channel art, and I have a few more things I’d like to implement. I’m going to be “revamping” the channel, you could say.

  • Removing the outro (it doesn’t serve any purpose anyways)
  • Upping my audio quality by way of a microphone mount (WIP)
  • Actually doing some editing to the videos in question, specifically jump cuts for boring segments.
  • Revamping the Cub Plays series
  • Changing my video title template
  • Playing a wider variety of games
  • Condensing CS:GO videos into a single game per video

I also got some other stuff going this past week.


  • Deranked to MG in CS:GO.
  • Just about conquered every girl in HuniePop.


  • Caught up to the Blue Spring Ride manga. Gave it a 10/10 because I’m a sucker for Shoujo.
  • Started watching To Love-Ru, which I’m already enjoying quite a bit.
  • Started watching Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. It’s an alright series, nothing too spectacular. Although I’ve heard that the second season is the best.
  • Finished the first season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and I have a couple episodes left of the first season of Stardust Crusaders. The series manages to remain good throughout, which is always good.
  • Started watching Steins;Gate. I’ve finally caved and started one of r/anime’s favorite shows.
  • Finished watching Corpse Party. It was just a few OVAs, and although they weren’t entirely enjoyable, I still gave them a 6/10.
  • Nisekoi, the manga. Just as good as the anime it seems.

Maybe I’ll do something productive with my channel this week, who knows?