To sum it up, Croixleur Sigma is basically a moe hack and slash game featuring endless hack and slash action.

From what I’ve played, the game seems incredibly repetitive, only to be played in short bursts, to maintain the fun factor. Everything else, gameplay-wise that is, is rather solid. You’re tasked with beating up all the baddies on screen, in an arena-like setting. I found the “endless” mode to be the most enjoyable, as it pits you against an endless onslaught of enemies. However, in endless mode, I usually ended up running in circles with a huge pack of enemies following close behind, never really getting too far. Oh, and the game’s camera? Probably one of the most adjustable/maneuverable cameras I’ve seen in a game, ever.

Replayability? Sure, the game’s got that, although for a game like this to be played for longer than 20-30 minutes in a single sitting… I’d rather not. Oh, and if you’re not used to hearing Japanese voices over and over, then you better get used to it, this is a Japanese game after all.