Tango Fiesta is a decent top-down shooter, best played with friends. It’s still in early access and it shows.

At the time of this writing the game is currently on it’s ninth patch. There’s still some issues that need to be smoothed out. For one, it took me quite a bit of time to get the multiplayer working, a solid ten minutes tinkering around before a friend and I could actually play.

The other issue that I noticed was how enemy’s drops can land in walls, some becoming unobtainable, which is rather annoying, but there’s so many drops on screen that it doesn’t even matter at times. Also, the “number of enemies left” count at the top of the screen is inaccurate when in multiplayer. The host’s is accurate, whereas the other connected players are not seeing the right number (I was seeing 4 and he was seeing 38).

Aside from its technical flaws, the game is fairly enjoyable, which should only get better over time (again, early access). It’s certainly not a game that sticks with you, but it’s fun for a day or two.