Despite my love for turn-based strategy games, I just couldn’t get into Warlock II. I never played the original (although, it’s been sitting in my Steam library for years), so I wasn’t able to compare the two.

I quickly understood the game’s concepts and went on to start rampaging the world and my rivals in my very first game. In terms of how quickly the game can be picked up, Warlock II does a great job. I did find the game to be rather easy in this regard, playing on normal, even as a beginner, didn’t really provide that much of a challenge. While I’m not saying that it wasn’t difficult, I just expected more of a challenge from the game’s AI. Warlock II is a decent game, I’m sure, but I just can’t seem to get into it like other strategy games.

Maybe it’s the fantasy theme? Whatever the reason, I’ll go back to playing Civilization.