ReignMaker, a city-building strategy game mixed with match-3 tower defense combat. It’s quite the combo of genres, and surprisingly, it works out rather well. I had a great time with the game, much more than I had expected, considering I went into it expecting another casual puzzle game ported from mobile.

Great graphics, cheerful music, the game’s got its basics down. The gameplay itself is solid. There’s a light city building / resource management system, which is then mixed with a match-3 tower defense system. Resources can be gathered from buildings slowly over time, but taking part in the match-3 “battles” is a quicker way (well, the only way) of getting somewhere.

The battles are great, as is the city building element of the game. It doesn’t get too repetitive, as the battles are often mixed up in certain ways, like splitting the grid in half, forming two different match-3 grids. Sometimes it will form an awkward shape, which was also quite cool.

Overall, ReignMaker is a solid game. There’s plenty to do in terms of achievements and challenges and I can say that I recommend the title.