Believe it or not, I used to actually be a fan of motocross sports. That said, I expected to enjoy this title, but it failed to impress. There’s simply too many flaws for it to be enjoyable (mostly technical, however).

Don’t get me wrong, the game has several good points, and the gameplay itself is rather fun, it just has far too many technical flaws. For one, the game’s Vsync is broken. I have a 60Hz monitor, but the game chose to run at 30fps instead. I noticed that others had this problem and ended up disabling this Vsync, which led to framerates of ~200 and some very nice screen tearing. I did solve this by using AMD’s control panel, but I shouldn’t have had to take that extra step.

The game also had several sound issues. A lot of sounds weren’t even implemented (really noticeable when your bike goes airborne) and the bikes sounds that were implemented just didn’t sound right. I know what these bikes sound like and this just isn’t it. Oh, and the game’s online service? Broken. Tried three times over three days to play with a friend of mine and it couldn’t hold a session for more than a minute. Very disappointing. At least the singleplayer is good?

Other than that, the game actually has some nice gameplay. The feedback and all is great and the bikes are easy to control (if you know how to). The game could have been much better had its flaws been fixed prior to release, however.