A unique language-learning experience. Although it can’t teach an entire language, it does allow the opportunity to pick up a few words from any of the available languages.

I selected Japanese upon opening the game, as I’m interested in learning the language, and I can say, I had a great time with the game. Don’t expect to learn the language from the game, but instead, a couple hundred words and their pronunciations (given time). And yes, I’m still terrible at pronouncing Japanese words, even with this game as a guide.

Basically, you’re placed into an apartment with various objects scattered around. You can click on anything, anything, and the word for said object will be displayed and pronounced for you. It’s a pretty cool experience, being able to click on the obscurest of objects (try “ketchup”).

There’s also a few minigames to aid in the memorization of sets of words. After hearing a word, you have the opportunity to add it to a personal dictionary of sorts, which can then be used to initiate minigames. One of these games being a “time attack”-ish mode, in which you’re tasked with finding and clicking on objects in sets of ten from your personal dictionary.

Overall, Influent is a solid, educational game. It does a great job of teaching some basic words from whatever language is selected and has some pretty nifty minigames.