I’ve played about 100 indie games within the past month. By far, Running With Rifles is the best one. It’s the only game out of the group that I actually played for fun afterwards, which I don’t really do often.

It’s a top-down shooter blended with some RPG elements, a large map, and hundreds of other soldiers. The game places you in control of a single soldier, not any better or worse than any of the other soldiers (well, this depends on rank, which is earned through XP). You’re then tasked with taking over all of the other points on the map (in the form of trenches, camps, and bases), while simultaneously defending your own from the opposing team.

Although the gameplay concept seems simple, it’s actually rather addicting. There’s so many other soldiers that it’s kinda hard to find yourself alone on the map (unless if you take the long route to the enemy base, which I did several times). I only played in singleplayer, so I’ve yet to experience the multiplayer aspect of the game, which I’m assuming would be a blast, especially with friends.

The leveling system comes into play when you try to select a weapon at the armory. You’ll only have access to a select amount of weapons and, as you gain XP for killing other soldiers, you’ll unlock these other weapons. I’m still working towards getting enough to get a sniper (of which the name escapes me).

Highly recommended game, and considering that it’s still in early access, there’s got to be a lot more coming. Can’t wait to see where the game goes in the future.