A relaxing kart racer with toy cars, who wouldn’t want that?

The game is already running smoothly, even in its early access state, and I’ve yet to encounter any game-breaking bugs. The gameplay is as expected from a kart racer, or, in this case, toy car racer. Be the first to cross the finish line after that last lap and make use of items and obstacles along the way to either benefit you or put your enemies at a disadvantage. I found the game to be surprisingly easy. I’ve yet to lose a race, or maybe I’m just too good for the game?

Super Toy Cars has some pretty neat graphics, on top of a nice soundtrack. There are a variety of cars and tracks to choose from, a nice addition (and still more to come, as the game is in early access). The game even has a track editor, which is awesome!

There are a few minor bugs that I’ve run into, however. One being that collisions with other vehicles and objects are wonky and don’t seem to work as expected. This is really noticeable with the tubes that can be driven through. You’re easily clipped into them, which is quite annoying.

Other than that, Super Toy Cars is a pretty solid game and earns my recommendation.