Super Motherload certainly nails the progression aspect of its gameplay. Progressing in the game is very satisfying and the game itself is very fun.

The addition of local co-op was fantastic. Being able to dig twice as fast and all. This is only local, however. Online multiplayer, especially in this day and age, is a must. If you’re going to include local, online should be included as well. Although I do appreciate the addition of local co-op (very few games seem to have it these days), it’s unacceptable to ship a game with only that.

The gameplay itself is very good, mostly due to the immense amount of focus placed on your progression through the game. It became rather addicting, wanting to upgrade that little cart with everything available, and that’s a good thing. Aside from the game’s progression, the gameplay is very simple. Just dig in the ground for ores and other goodies (like fossils!) to get money and upgrade your cart with that money. You’re also able to purchase explosives and other fun tools to help you dig further.

Overall, Super Motherload is a fantastic game. With its great sense of progression, simple gameplay, and charming graphics, it definitely earns my recommendation.