Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is a cute turn-based RPG. The art is fantastic, especially for a game of this genre.

The gameplay is simple, similar to what one would expect from a game of the genre. You’ve got the exploring aspect and the turn-based combat aspect, both of which are reminiscent of classic RPG flash games (Dragon Fable anyone?). It’s nothing too special, but it’s fun enough to not warrant a complaint from me.

The game’s music was fantastic. I really enjoyed it and look forward to getting a copy of the soundtrack for future listening. Oh, and the artstyle, which was also very well done. Just like any other RPG, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 comes packed with a massive (and somewhat complex) skill system. It may have taken a while to get used to it, but it’s certainly one of the game’s positives.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is a great game, earning my recommendation. The artstyle may turn a few people away, but the game itself is fantastic (and besides, that artstyle should be selling more than it already is, right?).