Melody’s Escape is a fantastic rhythm game. Although it may be really difficult, it sure is a blast to play.

The game makes use of your own music, so I found myself playing through various songs from my library (which, by the way, is massive and still growing, currently at 1,600+ albums) and trying to keep up with the prompts being thrown at me while playing. I did a terrible job at this, but I had fun whilst doing so.

Basically, the game scans your music and creates a series of prompts for you to follow while playing. Because I was playing with a Xbox 360 controller, these prompts included any of the four different colored buttons and the different directions of the analog stick. I was surprised how well the gameplay matched the music, which was very noticeable in the pacing of the gameplay when the song slowed down/sped up, kinda like AudioSurf.

Melody’s Escape earns my recommendation, definitely. Can’t wait to see what comes to it, being an early access game and all.