Procyon is your average shoot ’em up game. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but the game does have a great artstyle going for it.

On top of the game’s fantastic artwork, there’s great music and sound effects. The gameplay doesn’t deviate at all from its genre, so it’s rather easy to pick up. I found the gameplay moderately difficult, although this is coming from someone who is inexperienced in the genre to begin with. The controls are smooth and I had a blast flying through the game’s levels, even if my fun was usually put to an end at the hands of some massive boss (which are rather difficult to defeat).

My only issue with Procyon is its lack of online multiplayer. It has local multiplayer, but no online? What is this, 2005? EDIT: I was told that online multiplayer was worked on for a long time (4 months), but it ended up breaking the gameplay in many ways, one being that homing attacks became impossible, so it was taken out of the final release.

Other than that, Procyon is a solid shoot ’em up game. Nothing too special, but it does a good enough job to earn a recommendation from me.