Although it is clearly apparent that OMG Zombies! is a mobile port, it still maintains its fun factor and actually fits well with the mouse.

I don’t know why I found myself enjoying the game so much. That may be due to the immense feeling of satisfaction felt after landing a perfect shot and seeing dozens of zombies crumbling to the ground. Yeah, that was great.

Essentially, you’re tasked with timing shots against a crowd of zombies and hoping that the death of each zombie plays a role in killing the next. This can cause massive chain reactions, killing several zombies in the process. That’s why the game is so addicting. Constantly retrying in order to land that perfect shot. However, when a level is started, the zombies are in random positions that change everytime the level is started. That’d have to be the game’s major fault. I found myself reloading levels just to get different zombie positions. Luck plays a large role in your final score.

An addicting zombie game with high replayability (Left 4 Dead anyone?). I do recommend the game, it is a lot of fun.