I may not be a fan of NASCAR, but I can say that NASCAR ’14 is a very enjoyable game.

I’ve owned a few NASCAR games prior to this one, but NASCAR ’14 is the first one I actually took seriously (okay, maybe not completely). I was able to pick up on how NASCAR actually works (yes, I’m a noob) just by playing this game. I, for one, preferred to disable flags, as I found myself running into things often (mostly other drivers, heh), but I also ran into the occasional wall or two, being the noob driver that I am.

I spent the majority of my time with NASCAR ’14 in its multiplayer mode, which I played with a friend. It was disappointing to find out that AI racers could not be included in these multiplayer matches. We were the only two racers. The multiplayer could be greatly improved had AI been included, in order to fill up any empty slot. We spent a great deal of time trying to figure out if that was possible, but came up with nothing.

Graphics? Amazing. Aside from the occasional frame rate drops, the game is solid, although when these frame rate drops do occur, they can be quite annoying. As for controls, I’d have to say that you’ll want to have either a controller or an actual wheel to use with the game prior to purchasing the game itself. Using keyboard and mouse with a racing game is very difficult to begin with, which is why I stuck with an Xbox 360 controller during my time with the game.

I do recommend the game, it is very fun, but if you have difficulty finding enjoyment in driving around an oval multiple times, than shoot for another racing game. NASCAR ’14 is a solid title with very fluid handling and simple controls, but don’t expect to master the game easily. If you’ve never played a NASCAR game before it’ll take a while to master the art of oval driving.