Dusty Revenge: Co-Op Edition is a platformer with its fair share of technical flaws, rendering the game almost unplayable actually.

The game is plagued with slow loading times. It’s a platformer, why is there a need for loading screens over two seconds? On top of that, the game suffers from random crashes and a very unstable FPS. Sometimes my FPS will be perfect, locked at 60fps, the way I want it, but it will often drop to 15 (yes, 15!) and sometimes even lower. Oh, and there’s noticeable input lag. The game is just a buggy mess.

It’s very difficult to get any sort of enjoyable experience out of a game with this many problems, but the game does at least have a few redeeming factors, like the actual gameplay, which was surprisingly decent, taking into consideration the game’s various flaws. The gameplay, for the most part, consists of barebones platform shooting and fighting, nothing too spectacular, but nothing too easy either. The game’s fighting mechanics are quite cool, despite its flaws.

I may not be able to recommend the game, but it’s not a complete train wreck.