A rhythm game composed of various minigames, not really an enjoyable experience, but it does have a certain degree of appeal, although minute.

The mechanics are simple, but can get annoying, especially considering the time it takes to recharge each of the abilities, which is only made worse by the controls used to complete said recharge. The minigames themselves may be good for some laid-back fun, but don’t really hold up that status when played for more than thirty minutes. After that, it’s more of a chore to complete, coupled with the fact that the game already suffers from snail-paced progression.

BeatBlasters III certainly has some appeal, more towards the younger crowd than that of the older, which may be why I just couldn’t let myself continue to play the game in the first place. Although, I have no problem with games like Mario Party, so I didn’t expect to have much of a problem with this title. Put plainly, the game is boring.

Of the game’s strengths include its graphics and music (well, it is a rhythm game, after all). The style is pretty cool and the music fits the game well, as it should. Overall, I can’t say I recommend the game, but it does have its appeal, if you can find it.