A pretty generic rogue-like platformer, didn’t really have a good time playing it. The game just got boring rather quickly, much to my surprise, as I love games like Rogue Legacy and Risk of Rain, so I had expected myself to have a great time with 99 Levels to Hell.

Even with this, the game still has its pros, like the music and graphics, which are pretty top-notch for a title of the genre. The setting is a bit unique as well for the genre, with multiple levels of hell to be traversed. It is, however, quite difficult to progress, and the progression itself is rather slow, but still possible.

It took less than thirty minutes for the game to lose its appeal. The floors kept repeating the same patterns and I felt like I was just grinding my way through the various floors and enemies, just to reach a boss. I can’t say the game is really bad, it does have some good aspects to it, but I just can’t bring myself to keep playing a game that feels like it was made in Flash.

There are far better games to choose from out there. Take Rogue Legacy, for example. If you’re really in the mood for a change of setting (and pace, mind you), then give 99 Levels to Hell a try.